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  1. We did a roadtrip recently through Scotland. Me an SWMBO in the Evora, friends in a Cayman. Pictures taken from the Evora vs. Cayman probably 5:1. Ad they only took so many pictures of the Cayman because we stickered both cars up.
  2. Well, haven't driven the GT86 (gets good reviews though) but the MX5 is a fun drive. I'm not taking performance - your Elan is more performance and fun, well, finally it's a Lotus - but the joy you have driving these cars. That's my point. That's why is prefer a Subaru WRX Sti over a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X with dual clutch.
  3. I believe sport cars are about having fun, at least for the true petrol heads. Toyota / Subaru are guiding the way with the GT86 / BRZ, same for the MX5. Not overly high powered but still fun to drive cars. Nothing wrong with lots of power though...
  4. The Balboni example is a good one, as it got configured to Balboni's preferences. I prefer a stick shift, too. Auto can do everything better than I can do, but less fun. Colleague owns a 650hp supercharged Corvette Z06 and a 550hp 2013 Nissan GT-R. While the Nissan is easier to drive, in the Corvette you have to think about what you do next to avoid killing yourself. Work out for yourself what is more fun to drive. I personally would prefer a decent E30 M3 over any E9x M3 with dual-clutch tranny (always was a BMW guy, so I picked this one).
  5. Fantastic write up! But promise you, your next Lotus will give you the same joy. Even going from my loved Elise R to the heavy Evora S, I am not missing anything. The suspension is so good that you will see the same excitement on B roads and in the hills than you experienced with the Elise.
  6. Sorry for ruining the party, but have you guys ever driven one of those ... eerrrrr .... Insignias? I do, have a 2.0T 4x4 as company car. Most shit car I've ever owned, worse than the French one I once had. Good reason why Opel is loss making. Ok, OP will take care of the engine, which helps a lot, my 2.0T has a big turbo lag and guzzles more gas than my Evora. Interior of the Insignia isn't too bad, at least with the Recaros. Assume it will get rear wheel drive, which might fix one of the worst things about the Insignia, the way it drives. The Insignia is super heavy, speed you car car
  7. Too all wishing for the Exige V6 ESP, have you ever pushed the Evora on track with sports mode engaged? That gives you a lot of flexibility, not sure what strategy a race mode could apply to result in a more fun / efficient real life experience.
  8. I think they started to claim 278km/h, now it's at 287km/h. I believe the first is more realistic...
  9. So it gets you another 10-15km/h on the speedo, which isn't top bad. Still, main reason to get a KT kit is probably that its revs better.
  10. +1 Simply a licensing deal, they lend their name and get money in return, not a bad thing if the bike is of decent quality and does not harm the Lotus reputation.
  11. Any change in top speed? Had mine on the Autobahn today (early morning so completely empty, 15C air temperature and dry) and got up to 290 km/h. 5th gear first gear change light blinking, so maybe somebody can work out the real speed, it felt fast anyway. Shifting to 6th isn't changing speed, but believe the KomoTec kit would get it over 300. I'm definitely interested but moving houses came into my way this year. Also tell us about the sound, assume it has improved with the new headers.
  12. Quick answer: Yes, and it's cheap. Sound is good, but cars smells of petrol. But it not be the most future proof option if you want to mod your car further. The 3rd cat ist not the main cat, as you probably know. The main cats sit in a ridiculous space in the headers. Removing them with new headers and replacing the 3rd cat with a proper 200 cell sports cat will give you sound and some more power. If you are just after sound, get rid of the 3rd cat.
  13. 1) Evora S - tick the box, already in the garage 2) Elan new 3) Elan old 4) Lotus Omega 5) 7
  14. Would rather get rid of the main cats, get a proper manifold (KomoTec or 2bular) and a 200 cell cat. You gain some power, cars revs better and sound improves.
  15. Hi all! Again many thanks for all the hints and help we have received ahead and even during our Scotland roadtrip. Here the cars for the trip, standard Cayman with Tiptronic and Evora S: Admit that I got the stickers wrong, 124 is the racing special Lotus presented on Evora basis, the Evora is type 122 but very few know and I couldn't find it on the web (though it is in the COC...). Some statistics: 3409km / 2118 miles, MPG between 22.5 and 30.3. Except the trip from Isle of Arran to Oban (which was actually the best driving road and consequentially resulted in 24.7 MPG) a
  16. Pfftt, 12C it is. See one regularly in the city. Lovely car. Comment on Evora is spot on, although I cannot compare to the McLaren, but it absolute terms the Evora is absolutely stunning in the chassis department. 2 weeks of rough Scottish roads and you can go so quick despite all bumps and potholes.
  17. Well, I'm married, so don't recognise the female attention so much. And yes, it get's some attention, but the attention levels in Scotland have been completely different.
  18. And judging by the reactions you get when driving the Evora through streets (UK - in Germany it gets less attraction) it is certainly deemed a supercar by the general public. For me it is a perfect car, but supercars are nowadays is the 500hp plus region, mid engined, trick differentials etc. still, the Wvora is probably the most fun / best value for money one can get below the unaffordable (for me) supercar region.
  19. Archie, many thanks from all four of us for your and your wife's great hospitality. It is fantastic to meet nice people on our trip. Herko has some good pics of you two, will make sure you get them upon our return back to Germany. As you said, the roads from Balmoral going south are also a lot of fun, and not too much traffic, we really enjoyed it. Now two days Edinburgh and then back home. We love this part of the UK, stunning landscape, friendly people, great food and drinks (whisky, salmon, trouts beef,... just name it). Although the part of Germany we live is quite boring compared to
  20. Evora S strongly recommended fuel is Super+, 95 octane requires you to use half throttle only according to the manual. We went from Fort William to Eilean Donan (which we already visited yesterday), then Loch Carron, A896 Pass of the Cattle to Shieldaig where we had coffee and cake in a lovely Cafe (bought also some local Silver jewellery for the girls), then indeed Loch Maree / Gairloch, quick stint to Ullapool (not worth it) and now ended up in a first class guesthouse in Inverness (Guesthouse Alexander), at the river. Everybody loved it, stunning landscape. Visited the Inverewe gardens, o
  21. Hi Euan Was a pleasant surprise to meet another Lotus driver. Other than organised runs, it was the first time for me to see another Evora on the road, too. ESSO and BP are indeed the safe bets, we fill up whenever we see one. Glad that both are represented in Fort William. Tomorrow is probably the longest drive, to Ullapool and finally Inverness, all along / closer to the coastline, not through Loch Ness. We watch out for speed cameras, but generally are behaving well... Sven
  22. Since Tuesday in Scotland and its ace. Weather is wonderful, food fantastic, most hotels quite good or at least ok and nice (and cheap) golf courses (Shiskine is stunning). Roads are interesting, some are absolutely awesome (northern part of Isle of Arran, Isle of Arran to Oban, Mallaig to Fort William). Good mix, many scenic roads. Have been in the Loch Lomond area, then Isle of Arran, Oban, Isle of Skye and now Fort William. Ferries are ok. Would never put another damper than OEM into the Evora, it is low enough anyway to cause a lot of trouble. Twice I blocked unloading the ferry beca
  23. Wifi everywhere (even on the ferry), so PM, Forum and email always contactable. Edinburgh we are going to stay a bit outside of city centre, need to check, everything locked away in the car downstairs... Will PM or write here.
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