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  1. Nordscheife you can run at a profit for sure, they screwed it up because of F1, the GrandPrix course, the hotels, entertainment park, roller-coaster etc. Well, that shit happens if you let the government with its bunch of ex teachers run a company.
  2. 7/10, and that as a foreigner who had Ds in English at school... Admit that 1 was a guess... still happy. Wifey ended up with 7 as well (fair enough, she studied inter alia English language)
  3. Going in one week time and so exited. Anybody wanna joins us or meet up for a beer? Archie, will drop you an email separately!
  4. Something wrong here, mine starts up after 2-3 weeks...
  5. What exhaust are you using. Sure it's not the OEM set up, right?
  6. Perfect, we're on the same ferry, so I can get it there. Wonder that you have done both sides, would have thought that for a RHD you do the left side only (and LHD vice versa).
  7. Brian, how have you figured out the position? And have you been on the Newcastle - Amsterdam ferry?
  8. 2+0 has no Isofix. The ECE approval states that you must use original seat belt screw threads and must not add new ones. If you want to get it road level in Germany, you need to stick to it, but guess Isofix would also be save. The E point (see Schroth manual - it is the outer lap belt screw) is also cleared by Schroth, seat is strong enough, I have that even in writing...
  9. Finally, my garage got the Schroth harness installed I want so desperately. It is a Schroth Rallye 3 ASM. So technically not 4 point but just 3 point, but it is a fixed harness attaching you properly to the seat. Works very good, I notice no difference to the Schroth Profi III ASM I used to have in my Elise. Lap belt close to pelvis, shoulder belts very good and comfortable despite being 1 inch narrower than the Profi III belt. Also has ASM to avoid submarining in case of a crash. Getting it installed was a long long story. Initially considered harness bar (would be a first, fairly expensive as no off the shelf solution avaialble) and even a full club-sport style roll cage (even more expensive) in order to use the Schroth Profi II/III ASM. Then thought about the Rallye 3 which needs only one anchor point. Which points you can install the harness are explained in the manual on the Schroth Homepage For a 2+2, very easy, you can use the original anchor points for the rear seatbelts. C is the most logical one - and the one finally used for my install. For a 2+0, Lotus has installed a different roll bar without anchor points / screw threads. So you need to order a new one if you want to stay legal and in line with the ECE approval. All in all, I am very satisfied. The harness works as expected and I look forward to the next trackday, but even on a B road it is very helpful and supports your connection with the car.
  10. Any idea how to do this on the Evora? Handbook stays silent, dealer no idea and the standard stickers put onto the lights don't work with the Evora design I guess. Coming to Scotland in 2 weeks and don't want to upset oncoming traffic.
  11. Like Nürburgring GP, much better than Hockenheim.
  12. Congrats. Lovely color, very similar to the polar blues used to have on the Elise. So basically the full fledged KomoTec programme. All on my wish list, except for the Nitron. Although I can't believe the price you show in the description...
  13. Sven76

    Up your S

    SE L O C.... Some silly thing I never got....
  14. Sounds reasonable to me. Need to find an indie trim shop with good attitude....
  15. Yes, newer EU models come without the 3rd cat.
  16. Looks great, although I myself wouldn't go with red, but the idea is ace. Can you give us an idea of cost involved. I thought about a black headliner and was shocked by the €1,500 Loyus quoted on this (parts plus work), wanted to cross check with an indie.
  17. 6679, also struggles with some of the British cars.
  18. Hey Charlie, we have a run going tomorrow, meeting at noon at the Applauskurve from Oberursel to Feldberg. Some nice guys with Opel Spiders organised it and I will join with the Evora. Applauskurve is the 180 degree turn with the 50km/h limit and the small red bumps after Oberursel towards Feldberg, there is a parki g space in the infield of the curve. Wanna join? Cheers Sven
  19. Guys, big thank you, this wouldn't be the same trip without your help. Route: 18.05.13 Frankfurt - Amsterdam 21.05.13 Newcastle - Loch Lomond 22.05.13 Loch Lomond - Isle of Arran 23.05.13 Isle of Arran - Oban 25.05.13 Oban - Fort William 27.05.13 Fort William - Inverness 28.05.13 Inverness - Elgin 30.05.13 Elgin - Edinburgh 01.06.13 Edinburgh - Newcastle 02.06.13 Amsterdam - Frankfurt Stickers also ordered, Evora going with the start number 124 and Scotland 2013 slogan, the Boxster with 987 and the same slogan. Includes some scenic drives including the EVO featured one from Grantown-on-Spey to Blairgowrie. 1500 miles from point-to-point, so probably closer to 2000 all in. Will also include a good mix of golf and Whiskey, in no particular order. Please let me know should one of you be near our route and maybe you want to join us for a few miles and / or a beer (on me for all the contributors to the trip) or a round of golf. Again, many thanks Sven
  20. Stage 2 is intercooler? Any news? KomoTec works with MotoConcept together to get this done, but understand that development is going veeeery slowly
  21. How do you take snapshots of the iPhone / iPad screen?
  22. Going Amsterdam - Newcastle in May with the ferry and Evora, was told that I will be fine, the put me on the lower deck and have extra ramps they can add to lower the angle in case I have problems. Also checked that only me will drive the car!
  23. Returned today from a business trip to Germany and sun is shining, Evora will get an outing tomorrow. Today I was just too tired to drive seriously.
  24. I used to drive both Elise and Boxster in the past. Boxster was easy to go to work to, wearing a suit, coming to office fresh. Elise you always felt a bit crumpled. Boxster was ex-wifey's and went together with her, Elise was mine and a weekend car only. Upgraded Elise to Evora and that's now having daily driver comfort, I take that car to office, sometimes even clients (as long as I can park around the corner), wouldn't have done this with the Elise. Just my personal decision, others might think differently.
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