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  1. Wilbers suspension can be purchased through MotoConcept, JRZ through KomoTec. Check out their homepages. I'm quite happy with standard suspension...
  2. Yeah, enough people on summer tires and / or limited skills...
  3. Signed up for the dealer presentation. Really like the sound, the sport exhaust on the S is just mad. SWMBO asked whether that's defect...
  4. Right direction! I don't have the wind nose above 240kph, every Evora is special...
  5. Woza, would you mind sharing the plotting of the design? Really like it and thought that black on carbon-grey might look good...
  6. CAI on the S... reading on LotusTalk this appears to be not the best idea. But back to KomoTec: new headers, 200 cell cat, K&N airfilter and tune, that's it,
  7. Love the British flag design for the side. Where do you get that from? Easy install?
  8. Nope, live in Frankfurt respectively very very close by. Park the car in my garage, but no issue parking the car outside, at the train station, at the airport. You just get you satnav robbed frequently. Premium cars don't get vandalised here, maybe it is because the social structure is different here compared to Berlin (yeah yeah Berlin is sooooo hip ...), maybe it is because a Porsche is as common as the odd Golf... at least it feels like. And there is a reason why I would consider moving South from here, but not North.
  9. Recaro Sportster CS, really the best seat one can get. Love it.
  10. In which ghetto do you live or is such behaviour (towards the Nissan which is a nice car) standard in the UK? Have never noticed such weird stuff in Germany, not in the Lotus, not in a Porker, not seen for any Fezza or Lambo. Ok, would not park the car over night in some places, but that's it. Of some idiot would throw stuff against my car and the following discussion would be pretty short...
  11. You did everything right. Colour is lovely, even wifey likes it. Black calipers are the way to go, I hate the red ones. Suedetex is something I would love to get on mine, the only thing I would change (except headers at some time...).
  12. Are you building a new one? Is the based on an original 211 or on your Exige. Actually, what happened to the Exige, lst track after your accident with the Porker. It was such a mad car (in a positive way)
  13. If you live by the mantra that you learn something new every every day, this is one of those days...
  14. I thought the earlier ones has it as option?
  15. You did the right thing! I'm also considering other cars, but a run with other Lotus always helps to stay focused.
  16. Apparently they thought the "garden hose" would stop vibrations... Mine will go to the dealer tomorrow.
  17. I've plenty of time, this will be summer '13 activity
  18. Good driving and scenic landscape, golf courses are second priority, otherwise trouble with SWMBO...
  19. Hi Brian, all Think Newcastle is the way to go. Will bring own clubs, that's the good thing about the Evora, easily carried 2 set of clubs plus other stuff. Not overly keen on movie scenes, Skyfall was just giving me some Inspiration and my wife quite liked the idea (until I told her that we need to take the Evora...) and have to play golf. She is fine with both and also plays golf, it is just the quantum which makes the difference). Prefer links over parkland, parkland I have plenty over here (although I don't say no to a good parkland). Think one week is all I can do, would think of 3-4 golf courses (wifey 2-3, for the others I get up early, don't mind teeing off at 6-7), don't mind moving from hotel to hotel... Cheers Sven
  20. Hi Guys! Have been in Skyfall yesterday and that inspired me to do a Scotland trip next year with the Evora. Talk me in - or out - for a week trip coming from Mainland Europe. 1 week enough - I will be a bit short of holidays? Where to go, would not mind playing a few nice golf courses. Good hotels and food also appreciated. Thanks Sven
  21. +1 Just a stupid place they've installed it. I'm on my second.... And I run the car 95% with A/C on.
  22. The standard Evora Y-spoke tire isn't too expensive. Get Michelin Pilot Alpin 3 in 225 front 255 back (standard size), rather than the smaller and more expensive Yokos. Michelin is anyway the far superior winter tire over Yoko. I had them last season and a lot of snow driving, the hold up very well. Good in wet condition as well and ok-ish on dry roads - they are too narrow and soft to be able to cope with 400NM.
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