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  1. Warranty runs 2 years. Track issues I've experienced are brake fluid get hot (as for most cars, even 911GT2/3), pads squeak and must be replaced, discs look ugly, centre caps fly away. So nothing serious.
  2. 3mm tread at least and better / newer tire goes on the rear axle. That is what every professional driver and most good tireshop (but there are only few around) will tell you and not loosing the grip in the read axle is indeed important for stability. Irrespective of whether the car is front-, rear- or all-wheel-drive. You can argue about which tire does more on the brakes or while cornering, but that is not the issue: if you loose grip at the rear axle due to aqua-planing, you will start loosing control completely! For the same reasons cars per-ABS era had limiters for the brake power of the r
  3. Can you describe the difference pre and post upgrade. Really interested and undecided whether to invest in Stage 1 or wait for Stage 2.
  4. You'll do! I love my Evora even more, because it adds everyday usability and works in the wet and winter!
  5. Newer models still have Lot's Of Trouble, but almost never serious. Built quality is hilarious, but dealer can sort out most of the issues. Drivetrain from Toyota is very reliable.
  6. Well, money would be the argument that they just replaced the third cat... However, it is not really worth exploring that route if you want to install other headers (which means you loose the two main cats), so I will stick with the 3rd cat for the time being, and install new headers plus sports cat at a later stage. Loosing the main cats should also help to give the car a more serious sound.
  7. Lucky you, I'm in the same age bucket, insurance in Germany for an Evora can easily be north 2000€. Also test-drove quite a few cars, GF liked the Subi WRX Sti most, despite (or maybe because??) the chavvy design.
  8. The only thing to get the MY12S tone you need to do is to replace the 3rd cat with a straight pipe, you can get such pipe from Lotus. Understand from my dealer that everything else can stay at it is, the other changes done from MY11 to MY12 don't influence the sound.
  9. The only thing I would consider are the vents for the front brakes.
  10. 1st pic looks good, all other just show how fugly the Mansory stuff is, absolutely chav... just my 2 cents...
  11. Sven76


    More Evora in the snow pics: Went to the Alps for doing that, was so much fun...! Hm, links to the the playground gallery not working? Silly.... Is there something I have missed? Links to the S E L O C Gallery are not working, and if you spell out the word, the reply does not get accepted??
  12. Good write up, in particular for people not so familiar with winter tires. Evora works great, I've installed Michelin Pilot Alpin 3 in 225 front, 255 back, so the smaller OEM sizes. Work exceptionally well, but given the torque of the S, I would not want to go any smaller. Don't the back tires spin all time with the WDrives?
  13. Isn't the front socket between the seats under the armrest? Have not seen one in the back, but have a 2+0
  14. Never take skiers with me, rent them subject to snow and slope conditions. Own ski shoes, 2 gearbags, 1 trolley, skiing clothes plus GF, all fits easy into the Evora. Pics with snow performance to follow.
  15. +1 Those seats were part of the reason for choosing my company car, which has almost the same seat as the Evora.
  16. Anubis, no worries, car performs well. But it really hurt when I had to park the car outside during my ski holidays and needed to start it at below -10 degrees celcius. Garage is the way to go, or aux / park heating (no joke, one fellow Evora driver already installed a park heating system).
  17. Must be you, my SWMBO is not complaining. But the chair is cool!!
  18. Foil or sprayed matte colour? Interesting garage... Diablo in the back?
  19. I hope I can tell you later this year?..
  20. No, but two well-known German companies have joined forces to add a intercooler to the S, plus remap, take out pre-cat, replace main-cat with sport cat, headers and air-filter, the S is expected to be at 420hp. Have already seen the test car they use with housing for the intercooler. Rear visibility will get bad - intercooler below the S/C - but who cares.
  21. The same crap going on in Germany. SWMBO entered a car park at a rail station. Often they are free to promote "park&ride", but more and more the German railway leases them out to dodgy firm. They put extremely small signs in dark places" ticket machines in places you'd never expect them and once you have left the car park, their staff run around to ticket everyone. Very debatable under German law, most times the went to court they lost, but many people try to avoid the hassle and pay.
  22. Parts are below EUR 50.-, install would cost another 1-2 hours of work according to my garage.
  23. Perfect. Have changed the Corsas - which were getting critical in cold / damp conditions - to Michelin Alpin 3 winter tires. They work great, unfortunately it is too warm right now in Germany. Hope to test them properly in Austria, had the Evora once on snow and it was great fun. Interesting the news I heard from my dealership: * they have done a park heating for a client in his Evora * cruise control built from spare parts is significantly less than the Lotus quoted GBP500, been there, done that * actuator for tiltable mirror is always in the car, you just need to install switch + wires
  24. Sven76

    Evora S MPG

    Best I ever got was 26.1mpg (imperial, 21.8 for the US). 20-24 is pretty standard, worst was 6... but that was definitely not normal street driving...
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