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  1. Well, that is my project, not Rob's For me, the idea is indeed to attach something stronger than the thin cross beam to the hoop. MotoConcept's JJ is checking over winter what is doable. First we thought about attaching a harness bar to the main roll hoop (B pillar), but it would need to be very high to match the harness holes in the Recaros, which would effectively block the read space for luggage. Have already checked with Recaro and Schroth, attaching the harness to the floor of the luggage space behind the seats is outside safety parameters. So using the read panel appears to be the most sensitive option.
  2. Yep, from what I understand everything is already there, have had a look under the carpets of a 2+0 because we think about installing a harness bar on my car. Worth check with a mech on what parts you need. However, please note that such conversion might be illegal in the jurisdiction you are, understand in Germany it would require a lot of paperwork...
  3. Ferodo DS2500 worked well on the Elise and I consider swapping to DS2500 in the future. You easily overheat the standard pads and then they squeal, quite expensive replacement. And you have not tried hard enough, center caps still there Seriously, woudl strongly recommend to take them out prior to tracking the car, I lost all four center caps - they kind of melted, due to the hot rim - and they are > €100.-
  4. +1, swapped mine to winter tires after c 6,500 miles and they still have 4.5mm front to 5mm back left, which should be good for another 3,000 miles. First year included one trackday and some kilometers in the alps.
  5. Like it, SWMBO likes it, perfect!
  6. I would believe that this rim's diameter is more than 20 inch, right? Trying SuperSports some people might be tempted to do, and maybe the only tire which is on the same level as the standard P ZERO, but doubt that it would be better than the Corsa.
  7. Is that the continental divide in Colorado at 2:25? fantastic road, unfortunately I did this with a Chevy Suburban
  8. Nice car. Are you also on one of the German forums (yellow or black one)? Going to drive through the winter? Just swapped the Pirelli Corsas against Michelin Pilot Alpin on standard rims, they drive OK, although the standard size is quite narrow compared to the Corsas...
  9. Get it now. Wintertime is when you store your Elise but continue to drive the Evora. Tomorrow I will collect mine from the garage with newly fitted winter tires
  10. Yes, I have checked other prices in the past. Same level, even for Indies, but in Germany we don't have so many garages servicing Lotus. The one I use offers customers some discount and is pricing is fine, service outstanding. Would be willing to pay up for the service I get there, different from what I have experienced in the past with some mass market brands... Servicing the car is not a commodity in my view, hence final decision for me - others might well view this differently - is not only price related.
  11. Sven76

    Winter's here...

    Realised just this morning that the Evora beeps when the temperature goes below 4° Celsius. Will get winter tires installed on Monday. The last two years, snow started in November!
  12. Well, not true for all garages but with the one I bring my car to, I am quite happy.
  13. Mine is not yet a year old, hence I can't comment on cost, but I believe it is not worth shopping around. Some loyalty gets rewarded in my experience...
  14. Lotus produced 350k cars a year? Wow, where are those cars? Ad don't think a lot of bankers / trader will buy Lotus, most of them buy Porsche when they are after a sportscar...
  15. 3 years old, wow. At least everyone is now warned of putting Maxxis on the car...
  16. Nope, but your mech should be able to tell you. I am curious whether they will have a new software when I bring my car in the garage in two weeks. Currently running on the D version (Evora S), still some room for improvement although significantly better than C before.
  17. 15-20.000km is fine, isn't it, even for a hatch which is driven "normally".... and maybe your son had applied a more spirited driving style (the Civic is quite a fun car...) or your daughter always curbed it. With that milage, every dealership will turn down any request for warranty. Spend some 300-400 and you will get some decent tires. If three years on the car, the tires might have been on storage for another 4-5 years. Strange enough, German courts decided that tires can be called brand-new even if they have been produced 5 years ago. Since I heard that, I check every tire I buy and insist when ordering on tires not older than 12 months. Tire quality starts to deteriorate after 4 years or so. Not sure about the quality of Maxxis. They are not ultra-cheap as Nankang, Sunny or Linglong (no joke, that's the name...), but still much cheaper than "proper" brands. I most recently had some Chinese tires on a rental car, the most scary drive ever in the wet, spinning tires in 3rd gear, and I was far away from spirited driving with an 100HP S-Max Diesel and 7 people in the car...
  18. They look like from the nineties.... And why would you want to go to the company which sold the tires to you? With 3mm or less wear they are due for replacement, which means you have driven them for quite a few miles, right? Or have you bought them used?
  19. That's cool. Got already a quote from my local tyre shop of € 1,600,- for four tires, need to check what the Lotus garage will quite and the Corsa are close to the end of their useful life
  20. Corsa are marked LS when new on the Evora, will you get the same compound in the aftermarket? Happy to save money, but not if that ruins the drive.
  21. Sven76

    MY12 Evora

    Asked my dealership about them - car going into service in 2 weeks and will get some guarantee issues solved (about 10...) plus some other improvements. The mechanic recommended to wait until he had the chance to drive a MY12 himself to see whether the gearchange is significantly better or not. So will stick to the existing cables for the winter season and might replace them next spring...
  22. If rears are wearing out, get the same tyre as replacement, or swap all 4. Driving a high-performance sports car and then saving some bucks for tires is something I struggle to get my head around. @JAWS: Some German guy put his Nangkang / Langling / Dingdong / whatever Chinese budget tires on ebay, hilarious description, he suggested to use them for making fire, donate them to the zoo for the ape house (although apes could fall off because the tire has no grip), everything but using them on a car...
  23. Sven76


    Well, not really, you will need to visit the gas station much earlier. But hey, if conditions permit, I am also going fast with the car. But whenever I see cars coming closer (actually I come closer...) on the other lane, I slow down, most people cannot judge the speed difference and I don't want to risk an accident at 200km/h +
  24. Real world performance on a twisty B-road is almost identical, an we had dealership organized runs where I was sitting in my S behind a NA and it never felt that the NA is slower. It is on track and Autobahn where you will feel the difference.
  25. Sven76

    MY12 Evora

    CG all the way But admit that the Sienna Brown looks good, but the red calipers are a no go, in particular with this colour. Hope to find some time next week to go to the IAA to see them in flesh...
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