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  1. No, sorry. Sold the car in 2014, this was probably the worst car I ever had, left it unrepaired (catalytic converters crashed through the entire exhaust system) with a dealer who paid top money, moved on to Porsche.
  2. Sure, done Red Bull and Anneau du Rhin, next is Boxberg in June. Car is perfect much more fun for me than my Elise. Corsa tires are ace!
  3. Nice car, fantastic presence! AM builds the best looking cars, period. I will stick to the Evora for another year. Will get the exhaust mod and black interior and a baffled oil pan Ina. Few days, which will hopefully keep me exited enough throughout the year. What frustrates me is the latest letter from Hethel which was not about a new fantastic car but about another oil line recall (3rd or so), this time SC to motor. Also think about a replacement in the future, V8 probably the way to go as long as such engines are available. Baby McLaren, AM, but the new Corvette Z06 are on the cards. Price is probably in favour of the Vette.
  4. Also got a letter, have send my garage an email...
  5. C7 here getting more and more interesting. C7 Z06 will probably the car I really want to try...
  6. Only reason they go with dual-clutch is that they have surplus capacity in the Kassel plant. For most applications - but not high revving sport car engines - a standard auto is the better application.
  7. Here is my old Elise: Like my Evora more though: Or professional shooting: Elise was my own choice, but Evora was a spontaneous buy of a dealer demo (half of the miles been put on myself).
  8. Need to google, you get LS type tires much cheaper online than through Lotus dealerships.
  9. Lovely colour! Reminds me on my old polar blue Elise.
  10. Get some, original size, Michelin, Conti, Pirelli, all good. Enjoy the car all year round.
  11. 2nd Lotus, but they need to grow the line up if they want to keep me, fancy something like a modern Esprit...
  12. MP4 12C, British and mid-engine layout. Big step though.... I got myself already registered with the local McLaren dealership - very friendly team - for information on their P13 project. Till then will get my Evora optimised. GT-R is what a colleague has, very big, very quick, not sure about sexiness. F type is plain boring, AM V8 much cooler.
  13. I've seen it in flesh on the IAA. Matchbox size. Much smaller than an Evora and looks childish even compared to an Elise.
  14. 355 are so cheap nowadays, I know a few people considering to add one to the portfolio and keep the other cars. Running costs are massive though,probably the reason why they are so cheap.
  15. Sven76

    Evora Buyers Guide

    The issues list is too short... but I'm too tired to update now. Last dealer visit for warranty stuff was a full A4 sheet laundry list of niggles...
  16. Put a Lotus badge on the front, then it's perfect
  17. Love the sound, but fear it might be too loud with valve open. Many tracks have massive restrictions, like Bilster Berg (track day companies only allow standard exhausts for most cars except Fezzas - they are too loud and need silenced sport exhausts), so being loud will exclude you from track days. Still, for street driving I would want sport mode and sound.
  18. Lovely car, although you probably need to bribe the guys at the toll booth to keep the streets clear for you for a few minutes
  19. Hm, report back please. Mine is now with the garage for a thorough inspection (plus a sheet of Din A4 paper full with warranty claims) after a track day (warranty stuff not track related).
  20. Sewing machine is probably the supercharger? Mine got louder over time - or I listen more to it.
  21. Overdoing the flag theme... lovely colour underneath, seems to be CG.
  22. No, have checked with my garage, no quick fix. Also forgot to buy the stickers, worked ok for 2 weeks, no flashing from others.
  23. TADTS. My garage had mine for some harness install and I was to pick it up 1 day ahead of a two week holiday with the Evora. They called 30 minutes before I was leaving the office to pick up they called to tell me that it does not fire up. Turned out to be the inertia switch as they had it put on the lifting ramp and that triggered the switch.
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