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  1. OK, have worked on the tour over the weekend with SWMBO and our friends. Appreciate any feedback on the route / roads selected:

    • Arrive at Newcastle harbour on 21 May in the morning, drive straight to Loch Lomond, arrive noon / early afternoon, hang around a bit, play a round of golf (Carrick Golf), start getting used to Whisky
    • Next day, Loch Lomond to Isle of Arran, take the ferry midday, stroll around Isle of Arran, stay over night on the Island
    • Third day, Isle of Arran to Oban, early ferry. Which road, A83 or A816? From Google maps, A816 looks more interesting, but found some people saying that the twisties on the A816 are wrongly cambered  :question:  and A83 is much better. Any advise? Visit Oban Whisky distillery to finish the day
    • Stay a day in Oban, do some dry suit diving (make sure not too much Whisky the day before) 
    • Continue trip to Fort William. Some hiking there
    • Daytrip Loch Ness. Short hikes. Overnight in Oban?
    • Oban - Ullapool along the coast, drive on to Inverness area (potentially Dornoch?). Quite long at c. 200-240 miles...
    • Speyside (greater area...) stay two nights. Visit another distillery. Play golf!
    • Speyside to Edinburgh, drive over the Firth of Forth bridge. Stay two nights in Edinburgh
    • Last day, Edinburgh - Newcastle, board the ferry back to the Continent


    So guys, talk me in or out:

    • Wonder whether we should stay one more day in the Speyside area and shorten Edinburgh to one day only? My preference is to shorten Edinburgh, one day will probably be enough to get a feel for the city and we have visited so many large cities in our life... Any thoughts, I know, its up to personal preference but I need to plan for three others and want to come up with a balanced view. 
    • Are all roads chosen fine for the Evora and Cayman with little rubber but big rims?
    • Anything along this route which is a must see and we haven't mentioned it? I believe I am OK when it comes to Golf courses, have memorised them along the route  :happy dance:
    • Do we do it in the right order? Good idea to do Loch Ness as daytrip?
    • What's about the long trip up to Ullapool, worth it (would go along the shoreline, A82 and A835, not straight)?

    Realised that we won't be in country for the Breakfast Meet on 2 June, that's actually the day we will be back in Amsterdam   :cry:  However, we owe everybody who contributed here a pint / whisky / coke / coffee, so if you are located anywhere close (say 30-40 miles) our route, let us know and we drop by! :wine: 



    Another question: Is it OK to sticker up the car? We thought about some nice stickers with start numbers ("1" for the Evora, "2" for the Cayman) and a line such as "Scotland Tour '13" plus names of driver / co-driver ralley-style (with country flags, will be a nice Dutch, Italian, German mix). Is this legal? Some countries are anal when it comes to things which could look like a race, we certainly don't want to do a Cannonball thing through Scotland. 


    All your feedback greatly appreciated, help me to get this trip over the finish line, once the route is finalised I'll start to book hotels and B&Bs.




  2. Throw away those crappy Yokos. I run Michelin Pilot Alpin 3 the second season in 225 front / 255 rear on OEM tires. No prob to keep the car straight, did 1,000km runs on wet streets and had even to pull a stunt on the Autobahn >200km/h when an idiot came from right lane to left at much lower speed without reason and without looking... car completely stable despite the evasive double lane change.

    ESP working fine and very good. Sport mode is fun mode with drift angles but still safety net engaged. Never felt unsafe in the car and don't mind taking it out into the snow, even did holiday trips to the Alps.

    Have the Michelin PA3 also on my Opel / Vauxhall Insignia 4x4 Turbo, the tire is fantastic, gives you awesome traction.

  3. I used AirAsia on my Cambodian adventure. They were OK no major disasters or complaints.

    But ! I'm 5'4" and less than 70 kilos, leg room is not an issue for me, but Tony sure got some extra seating into those Airbus's and it's more cramped than I have previously experienced.

    So the real question is would I use them again, answer, I'd need to be saving a good few hundred dollars to even consider it.

    Cheap yes, value for money, the jury's still out.

    Air Aia is ace. But other than RyanAir you can easily add extra luggage. Bangkok - Phuket - Singapore, 2 pax, 2 luggage with 25kg and 30kg, golfbags with 30kg, seats in 1st row with extra legspace... €400 all in, including insurance, taxes, fees. You can't even book such a package with the European low cost carriers, they will try to fuck with you and get your last penny. Exception is Air Berlin, but they don't know themselves whether they are quality or low cost carrier, that's why they struggle economically.

  4. Simple rule is from October to Easter, you won't go wrong with this. I notice that my Corsas is summer start getting slippery in single digit degree Celsius on damp roads, smaller Michelin PA3 going much stronger in such conditions.

    Alternative is don't use your car when it gets icy or start snowing. It is impressive what level of traction you can build with winter tires (plus 4x4 on my DD), people on summer tires should get out of the way :)

  5. Hey guys, happy new year!

    Want to do the Scotland trip in May. Idea is to drive from Germany to Amsterdam on a Wednesday evening, board the ferry to Newcastle next day. Stay in Scotland for a bit longer than a week, boarding the ferry to mainland Sunday a week later.

    Idea on route is from Newcastle to Oban through Glasgow. Worth stopping in Glasgow or shall we go straight to Oban and don't waist time? Worth going to the Isle of Mull?

    From Oban to Fort William. Next stop Ullapool, probably better to drive along the coast and not go through Inverness? Worth going further north to Thurso or will 9/10 days be too short?

    Inverness on the list and then Speyside / Dufftown / Grantown on Spey.

    Last station Edinburgh. Then back to Newcastle and board the ferry.

    So, questions are: What are the most scenic routes? We might be two cars, my best man and his wife might join us with their Boxster. So we will appreciate nice B roads, but it won't get too wild. Do we do the route in the right direction or is counter-clockwise better?

    Which golf courses do you recommend alongside the road? Which whisky distilleries? Any hotels which are a must? What are the touristic attractions / landmarks we should visit?

    Many thanks


  6. You guys have a tainted memory. Porsche was almost dead in the early 90s, build quality wasn't good at all, drive was shit and every 4-pot M3 killed the standard 911. From the they turned the company within 5-10 years. It's not 50 years you need, but a strong team as Porsche had around Wiedeking.

  7. My dealer in Germany has them, pretty sure he will ship. €2,899 for the OEM classic rims plus Yoko W Drive. You will get other (better) tires such as the Michelin PA3 in original (summer) sizes for the same money. Check out, rims are displayed on the start page but price includes tires.

    Ah, and £1,200 sounds to be good to be true, the tires alone are c. £900-1,000. If you get them for that price, dont ask, order!

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