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  1. Also got a call, will be done together with half a dozen other g'tee things (one would have thought everything is sorted 18 months it but it's not) and swapping P Zero Corsas against Michelin Pilat Alpin 3 for the cold season.

  2. I moved from an Elise to the Evora, so I can confirm that th Evora is practical.

    On the clients, it depends a bit on the business you are in, agree that some might get the wrong impression. But an Evora is certainly not a car for the super rich but more for the enthusiasts. And you can always play the car down a bit, it has a Toyota engine and gearbox...

    I'm beginning to warm to the practicality side of the Evora, I still miss the rawness and out and out fun factor of the Elise, but something tells me once the bad weather really kicks in the stay I may just rethink my position.

    Yep, in particular as the Evora will give you more trust on slippery / wet roads, where I always felt that the Elise is a bitch!

  3. Leaving aside the +2 discussion, I can only recommend the Evora over a 911. Used mine for 1 year as daily driver, behaves well in wi ter and still OK for client visits. You can play it down a bit, sympathy is there and you don't get that with a 911. Get it, live is too short, or get something sensible plus a used Elise as fu toy for the weekend (what I did in the past, but wanted to get away from 3 cars for 2 people).

  4. Interesting thread, I'm seriously considering flipping a Morgan Roadster (3.0L V6) for an Evora but the poor mpg of the S is a downer and the N/A has no real world performance advantage over the Mog....

    MPG isn't too bad low to mid 20ies for spirited driving, well, super spirited will get it further down, but is isn't bad at all. My crappy Opel / Vauxhall Insognia 2.0T 4x4 is in the high tens... and no fun.

  5. Car is brand new. So new, in fact, that I showed up at the dealer today to take away the Design Diamond-Cut Wheels for storage--which I only intend to use for track days--while they add Stealth Grey Classics and finish prepping the car for pickup tomorrow.

    Hm, I like the Diamond Cut a lot and drive it day in and out, Corsa tires are also good on the road (although damn expensive...). Tires on the Classic rims are too narrow for my liking, I have them in winter with standard sizes and that's OKish. However, whenever you go on track, with whatever rim, make sure you take the centre caps out! Or the fall off, been there, done that...

  6. 2) It is theoretically possible to drive everywhere in 2nd gear - this avoids having to do the tricky 2nd-to-3rd and 3rd-to-2nd changes [edit: you have an MY12 car so this may not apply] and out of town means you are generally within the official speed limits unless the red shift lights are showing

    And for older ones, get the shift cables replaced, that improved the shift experience massively!

  7. Gearbox improves a lot with new cables (some get them on guarantee...), mine is now wonderful and was a pain before. S over N/A, no big difference if any on B roads, but big difference on the Autobahn and track. Also very torquey. And IPS - for technical reasons -is rev-limited 400 revs below the S gearbox's limit. +2 is useless unless you have young kids. I'm glad I've a 2+0, very usable for luggage.

    Just my 2 cents....


  8. The warranty isn't void if used on track, only in timed events and racing.

    True, got warranty claims recognised after the track day! And there could have been an argument for the garage to deny the claim. Comes down to your dealer / garage, and how they manage the request to Lotus.

  9. I've tracked mine once so far and already booked two more trackdays for this year.

    Only issue have been the brakes. Fluid got too hot, but that was something I noticed just as few days thereafter, and many other cars needed there fluid to be replaced right one the track. Pads squeal like hell after the day, the surface glazed. Still no after market pads available over here. Front discs look wavy, but still work well, no need to replace them yet.

    However, worth nothing that Red Bull Ring is heavy on the brakes and some other even more track focused cars ruined their brakes that day. Three times braking down from >200/220kph down to <60/80kph per lap.

    Centre caps fly away, so make sure that you take them out prior to tracking the car. That is because the rims get hot and press the cap out, it virtually melts away and even if you find it it won't fit any longer.

    Tires are excellent, extremely close to my Kumho V700 on my old Elise. Fair enough, I have the Corsas, which are worth every penny. 20-30 minute stints no problem. Needed to lower the pressure by c. 0.3-0.4 bar.

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