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  1. My 330xi originally came with Type 98 wheels...


    ...and run-flats. Given the roads within a 15-minute radius of here (something's always under construction), I went through five tires (sidewall bubbles) and three wheels, so even though the design wheels are stronger than the classics, I'd rather not have to replace one of those as opposed to a classic, or the bespoke 19/20 tires.

    I promise, the ride with either option will be much smoother than in your Beemer. Used to own a 325i with 16 inch rims and runflats (plus M-sport suspension), the ride was horrible...

  2. tech pack w/ backup camera (Sven, I was feeling lazy), 19"/10" diamond cut design wheels for track with another set of classic silver wheels for road, and black calipers (couldn't get with the red ones).


    You get the new Pioneer head-unit, which is good (i have the cheaper Pioneer unit, works well), so now the tech pack is indeed an option to consider. Why not suing the 19/20 diamond cut on the streets, they are still comfy. I have the classic silver wheels for winter use. And right you are, the red calipers look too posh (and copy-paste Porsche...).

  3. I see that Lotus is running a 18/18 set of wheels on the GT4 car, is there anyone here who can get any better information about these wheels? width and offset maybe? It sure would make running slicks a bit easier on the budget compared to the 18/19 wheels that came with the car.

    Have you asked your garage for price quote on the standard rims? They cost c. €1,300 only in Germany, which I view as relatively cheap for OEM rims. Yes, aftermarket might be slightly cheaper, but I opted for the OEM stuff as winter tire to keep the optic Lotus-like

  4. Sven, you shouldn't be able to select 'Sport' while on the throttle, I'd have that looked into.

    Yeah, car will be with the dealer in October for fitting winter tires and resolved half a dozen guarantee issues (no big things, the first dozen already solved, plus the recalls they did to the car prior to taking delivery) again, maybe it's because of the latest map (D map now on the car, maybe they now have an E). It is not worrying me, it's a Lotus, those cars sometimes (all times) do strange things...

  5. Thinking about semi-slick was silly !

    Afterwoods came the Evora S with the PZero Corsa.

    So, Is it only a commercial advise or simply the truth ??

    My view is that for trackday use, the PZero Corsa System is doing perfectly well. They hold really really well and I don't miss the semis I had on my Elise.

    Can#t comment on the other tire options. However, for winter tires I will try Michelin, recommended Yokos are too small IMHO for 400NM torque and Pirelli Sottozero II are not available with c. 5 tires shops I checked, just one could deliver it at twice the costs compared to Michelins.

  6. B&C prices appear to be off reality. Just ordered the standard rims (for winter tires...) for 10% less than quoted by B&C and could have ordered both the forged or the turbine for GBP 1750.- equivalent (EUR 1999.-). Was a kind of special sale but understand dealers got the wheel sets quite cheap directly from Lotus. Was tempted to take the forged sport rims but finally thought that this is overdone for winter tires in combination with all-year driving on then salty roads...

  7. I may have missed it, but I don't think that "brochure" says the back-up camera is part pf the tech pack. Really needs something standard because you can't see jack out the back.

    Save the money for the tech pack, I have parking sensors and a nav-head-unit retrofitted for 1/3 of the price of the tech pack. Parking sensors were c. €500.-.

  8. Hi all

    Joined the Forums yesterday, so far I have been active on SELOC and LotusTalk as well as the two German Lotus forums. Owned an Elise R for 4 years and swapped that this year for an Evora S, since then forum activity moved away from SELOC and on of the German forums to LotusTalk. Found that LotusForums is quite active when it comes to Evoras hence I joined.

    Will post some pics in a few days.

    So long


  9. Ride is not too harsh. Much better than the Elise I had and even better than the 3-series Beemer with sport suspension and standard 16 inch run-flats. SWMBO finds the Evora with the 19/20 inch rims quite comfy, so other than saving some bucks absolutely no reason for the smaller wheels, but just my 2 cents.

    On miles, I am now at c. 4,500 miles and believe I will add another 2,000-3,000 miles. That's rather good, keeping in mind that I had taken the car on track and done some driving in the Alps. Try to avoid 1st gear full throttle action, done that one at an wide intersection in back-country, quite fun but that will eat tires rapidly..

    However, have already bought an 18/19 inch set with Michelin Pilot Alpin for the winter, but that's a different story...

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