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  1. Good opportunity for another sponsorship deal, just as Lotus are wanting to raise their public profile again, nationally and internationally...
  2. True, but I think it will be the Battista which people will primarily compare it with - just on name alone. I suppose we'll see group tests with all three! The Sun claims a Lotus insider has told them the Type 130 will top Pininfarina's 1,900 horses, while Evo claim Lotus are aiming to keep the weight below 1,000kg. Could be interesting! The Tesla Roadster is starting at $200,000. It will be interesting to see how close in performance it is to the Battista, Rimac 2 and Type 130. I wouldn't count on it necessarily matching any of them for aero, handling etc. but it has the potential to be a real fly in the ointment! Actually, I can't especially see any standout aero on the Rimac or Pininfarina so that may well be how the Type 130 truly distinguishes itself. Looking forward to the London reveal...
  3. Well, this is the competition...
  4. Weight-wise, the Rimac (why do I keep wanting to say 'Immac!?!) C 2 and Pininfarina Battista are coming in at around 1950kg so you'd hope Lotus would be aiming to lop a decent chunk off of that figure in order to be lightest in class - 1750-1850kg perhaps?
  5. I have to admit, the description paints a drool-worthy picture of a car! I quite like the Auto Express render but the car seems considerably more extreme, perhaps similar to the aforementioned render but with a bit more AM Valkyrie about it? The forward, jet fighter-like 'dome' and 'the two huge air channels that effectively tunnel beneath the rear bodywork and which will have elements of the taillights around the exits (details from Pistonheads) sound amazing! The Pistonheads report also notes that the two channels (venturi tunnels) 'will incorporate light elements to better show them off in the dark, and there will also be a transparent cover which will show off the top of the battery pack and also the pushrod cranks for the rear suspension'. Bedroom poster/desktop photo appeal aside (as near as most of us will get to one) there are undoubtedly cues here for the future Lotus models. The showing off of mechanical elements ordinarily kept out of sight seems pretty reminiscent of the exposed gear shifter mechanism, for instance - a feature seemingly well appreciated by most fans - and makes you wonder whether this will be a design feature of upcoming models. There's something undeniably cool about having so much confidence in the engineering that you want to world to see it. Lotus have increasingly noted their expertise with aerodynamics over the past few years and aerodynamic features are all over the hypercar - again, potentially a direction we'll see much more of in the new models. REALLY looking forward to seeing the 'real thing' this summer, regardless of the fact that it's a halo model out of the reach of most mere mortals, because I think we'll learn a great deal about the directions taken for those next models at realistic price points.
  6. Great video on the Lotus site - you can make out the hypercar shape much more clearly for a start! Great to see the website looking this slick and professional!
  7. Surely not the hypercar - it's got Evora written all over the front! Evora 500 with a completely new, class-appropriate interior, integrated ICE, digital dials etc. … dual clutch, paddle shift? Perhaps a surprise move down in price - hyper lightweight, cool new minimalist interior and up against the Alpine A110? It's great to see all the talk of potential giving way to some actual product, even if it is a stop-gap model. There should be plenty of pointers about what to expect/look forward to in the next generation... If I wake up for a pee in the middle of the night, now, I'm going to have to take my phone with me to see what they're releasing!
  8. It's not the hypercar then: that one will likely only be 'driven' by motoring journalists!
  9. Stunning car - outstanding colour! Many congratulations!
  10. It 'could' be a concept car - gauge reactions to new styling cues etc. I wouldn't be surprised to see the interim model. It all kind of depends on when exactly it is going to be out - 2020 or 2021. If it's the former then you could absolutely see it being shown one year before; if it's the latter, it would be unusual to be showing it two years before release. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the hypercar: it's very obviously a halo model, intended to say, 'Look at what we're now capable of delivering!' If a halo's job is to look shiny, incredible and draw the attention, then you would imagine that Geely would quite like to be giving such a car a debut on their home turf. It would be a confident statement of intent. At Geneva, the hypercars completely dominated the press. Looking at Aston Martin's stand, you'd be forgiven for assuming they were packing in GTs to go head-to-head with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and McLaren at the dynamic top end of the market. The Koenigsegg Jesko and Pininfarina Battista were all over every Geneva article and YouTube vid. I'm sure Geely would like to be capturing international column inches, and video report minutes, about the Shanghai show in a similar manner. Likewise, every other manufacturer was exceptionally keen to show their forays into, and commitment towards, electric drivetrains... It could be some exciting upgrades for the current range; they have some way to go before the all-new models on the new platform arrive. It's not as if Lotus's competitors will be standing still for the next 3 years! I doubt they'll want sales significantly dipping in that time so it can't 'all' be down to the interim model. Regardless, if they release a date wreathed in swirling smoke, sparking excitement and anticipation, and then just give an overview of the 5-year plan, I think that would be more than a little disappointing...
  11. I think we all desperately want it to be a look at the new (interim) model but we're scared to commit ourselves to saying that out loud for fear of being slapped back down by some less interesting announcement!
  12. Their hypercar will be out of almost everyone's range. I wonder what it will have in common with (and how it will differentiate itself against) this... To be honest, if Lotus's hypercar 'is' coming, it will be a halo car designed to show Lotus's potential, not in any way an indicator of prices to come or be marketed as a product that 99.9999% of current Lotus owners might be interested in. What 'may' well be of interest, however, is what technologies, features and ideas might drip down to forthcoming future models...
  13. Good grief, everyone's at it!
  14. New body on the Evora platform, newly engineered doors and sills, improved luggage space, good infotainment, an interior that looks reasonable good at the side of the competition, but still decently powerful with Lotus handling, enough of a car to at least match the opposition dynamically - I can't see that at £60,000 unless Lotus are willing to swallow at least a £20-30,000 loss on each car for the sake of reputation building and great press etc. Say a £4-6 million loss on 2,000 cars. Not out of the question, I suppose, when £billions are involved overall. Porsche annually spend over $20 million on U.S. advertising alone. Has anyone officially actually stated the Evora platform/an Evora-sized car? A rebodied Elise/Exige alternative (but perhaps on an adapted Evora chassis?) with access/egress on a par with the Boxster, A110, new Z4 etc., 10-12" wider interior, at least double the current luggage space (Exige=112l; A110=196l; Boxster=275l), stylish, well appointed interior (good infotainment) with digital dash etc., enough sound deadening and a 'comfort mode' for longer journeys would surely tempt many to dip into their wallets... I completely realise that this is literally burn-at-the-stake level heresy for many Elise/Exige enthusiasts, who may well say, 'Might as well get a bloody Boxster then!' but if the overall intention is to open the eyes of buyers who previously fancied a Lotus but could not live with the compromises, I expect there have been a great many more of them put off by the Elise/Exige than by the Evora, where the interior contrast is considerably less obvious when viewed alongside the opposition! In offering an Elise/Exige that could easily be a daily driver, the market appeal would be huge: it could be your only car instead of considering forking out £50-90,000 for a second car! The sheer volume of Z4s, Boxsters, TTs, F-Types etc. on the road shows how big the potential market is. Regardless of what's coming down the road in 2022-25, this interim car has a massive amount riding on it: it is going to be a huge statement of intent; anything less than it being one of the best cars Lotus has ever offered is going to fall short.
  15. I think that was for the US market. The same model should be out earlier in the UK...
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