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  1. Bee

    Lotus Emira

    Def the Evija! I'd love to see elements like the floating dash and centre binnacle make their way in to the Emira (and future models, too) though!
  2. It seems likely for the 300bhp version to clock in at around £55k as it will be head-to-head with the Cayman S at the same price point and power. Anything much above that, and it will need to be spectacularly ahead of said Cayman S in order to justify the extra £££, or look like poor value by comparison. Other competitors for the inevitable group tests with this lower price-point model are likely to be the Alpine A110, Z4 M40, Supra and possibly the TT RS. Hopefully, it'll make mincemeat of the lot of them!
  3. The £55K 300bhp entry-level model will be road tested against the £55K 300bhp Cayman S (and probably the 250bhp Alpine A110) by just about everyone. When it comes down to the general public's opinion as to whether Lotus has produced a competitor, which has no compromises (i.e. genuinely becoming a potential purchase for thousands, whom would not have chosen a Lotus before) it's fair to say that it has to come out on top in the majority of those road tests. With the Cayman S and A110 doing the 0-60mph times in 4.7s/4.5s respectively (and Porsche famously underquotes), the 300bhp Em
  4. Now that we're already down to the last few brand-new Lotus cars for sale, we'll probably fairly soon be at the point where there are no brand-new Lotus cars for sale - and a wait until 2022 until the Type 131 graces dealer forecourts. I wonder what kind of marketing Lotus will employ to plug the gap... Goodwood (8-11th July) is not so very far away so I am expecting a few teases to come before then, and hopefully some development diary-esque videos, once the cat is out of the bag. I can only assume that Evija coverage will also help keep Lotus in the public eye. What I am really
  5. Excellent - in the dystopian future, 20,000+ years from now, I will have something to power my Nokia 3210, the only surviving technological device...
  6. Agreed - it's piddly-nothing compared to the sums being thrown around in the industry, investing in electric vehicles. Porsche alone are talking figures of 10 billion euros invested into electrification by 2024. I believe they've thrown 'around' £30 million just into their e fuels project!
  7. Am I the only one that keeps calling it the 'Arthur'?
  8. Bee

    500bhp Exige

    Turns out that the sweet spot in the Exige range is 500+bhp and a DCT...
  9. I know ... LHD only! I don't want to sound unsupportive of my favourite car company by far, but there's a certain sour taste left in the mouth when the phrases 'British hypercar' and 'LHD only' end up applying to the same motoring product.
  10. Nice to see one in motion, if only digitally...
  11. Whilst it would be fantastic to see 500+bhp, I suspect the Achille's heel of the Toyota engine set-up is indeed the gearbox; if they believed that the current gearbox could have been strengthened enough to reliably handle it, then we would surely have seen a 500bhp Evora/Exige (instead of the 430 variants). They would have been incredibly desirable propositions! I can only assume that there is no easy answer to the gearbox issue or Komo-Tec et al. would be offering it, even if it was not viable for Lotus themselves?
  12. First time I've seen them on film - very impressed!
  13. 'Popham says there will be versions of Lotus’s new car that can fit all of the company’s existing price ranges, depending on specification, starting at today’s £55,000 and reaching £110,000 for the best-equipped and fastest.' That's quite a spread of pricing for the one car, even factoring in a premium for an electric-hood convertible. I wonder if this means versions with different engines...
  14. Honestly, the more I see the Evija, the more I appreciate that the styling really is something else - just epic! I dearly hope that major styling cues will feed into the future Lotus models; if versions of those Venturi tunnels with afterburner-effect wrap-around lights don't make it to some of the new cars, it will be a massive wasted opportunity!
  15. Bee

    Electric Evora

    Interesting project, here - Mountain Pass Performance's electric Evora, with a Tesla motor and two Chevy Volt batteries. It's only 200lb heavier but has over 500 horses so … 1/4 mile in 10s. There's no denying that the lack of sound takes something away from the character, but if this is just what someone mechanically-minded can cook up with spare parts, then Lotus' future electric cars should deliver epic performance!
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