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  1. An Audi TT S dispatches 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds; I sincerely hope that even a base AMG-powered Emira can top, or at the very least match, that. The LE V6 Emira costs a good £30,000 more than a new TT S, so you'd hope that it would blow it away under most conditions/in most situations.
  2. Bee

    Lotus Emira

    The Harry's Garage vid is terrific! You get to see it driven far more than on any previous vid; and it does genuinely get pushed a bit. It was also great to see the colour models on film, in decent light, and furthermore, to see the interior leathers on good-size samples pieces. For those who never got to the roadshow tour, I'd imagine that watching this will be very helpful when choosing their specs!
  3. Thanks, Mark - your photos are by far the best indicators of how the FE colours realistically look. The red and deeper grey look especially great to me. That green really is dark, though; I suspect it only 'pops' under direct, strong sunlight!
  4. If you love sports cars, you need to make the most of them over the next two years or so… As many of you are already aware, from June 2022 all new cars will come fitted with speed limiters (Intelligent Speed Assistance – ISA). These will include mandatory data loggers. Yes, initially you will allowed to turn ISA off manually (likely necessitating multiple screens etc. as each car company tries to make it awkward to do). It is unclear as to whether the data logger would be turned off along with the ISA system; I suspect not! The systems will be reset as soon as the engine is switched off, so you will need to manually disable it for every single journey. Engine power will be limited, although this can be over-ridden by pressing harder on the accelerator. Visual and audible warnings will increase in intensity as you remain over the limit; think about how parking sensor alarms sound as you draw near to another car, a wall etc. HOWEVER, the European Transport and Safety Council admits the system will come with a full on/off switch only initially. This is only ‘to aid public acceptance at introduction’ - their quote. New cars will likely not have a switch option for very long! Furthermore, it is all but inevitable that insurance companies will want access to the data logger. This would be automatic in the event of any accident; the technology allows constant recording so millions of drivers will be logged 24/7 automatically, with their insurance companies noting ‘aggressive’ driving and putting up policy payments accordingly – as they already do for many new/young drivers, who have the 'black box/telematics' loggers fitted. No-one will want to have a spirited drive knowing there’s a data logger noting every detail… The part that seems to be largely ignored is that this is simply the first part of the legislation: the systems will be required on all new models given ‘type’ approval from May 2022, with all models on the market before that date required to adopt the tech by May 2024. ‘All models on the market before that date required to adopt the tech by May 2024’! Unless public outcry (i.e. who is going to pay for it/right to not have all your journey data logged/Big Brother/Nanny State etc.) results in governmental intervention, sports cars are around two and a half years from becoming largely irrelevant. A huge proportion of people able to afford a premium car will simply go for luxury/technology instead of a sports car because they are not going to splash out extra tens of thousands of pounds, dollars euros etc. only to be flashed/beeped/recorded/have unpleasant emails/letters/phone calls from their insurance companies. Unfortunately, I envision the 2028 premium sector as being dominated by luxurious electric SUVs (with considerably irony over the ‘S’ part!) Make the most of your driving, folks: May 2024 is not as far away as we’d all like it to be…
  5. To be honest, I think their 'the other sportscar' is meant to be ambiguous, deliberately leading to the range of interpretations expressed above. However, I don't think it's a great approach; having potential customers looking confused, scratching their respective heads and saying, 'Eh?' isn't really helping anyone. Luckily, the car seems superb and will hopefully pretty much sell itself!
  6. Bee

    Lotus Emira

    The (£76K) competition... I genuinely think the Emira (either engine option) will beat that in most categories! Interesting that the GT4 is still 1420kg, by the way.
  7. Looks tremendous in red, but I think I can see why Lotus haven't done the launch car that colour: it would have been described as a mini-Ferrari, cut-price Ferrari by the media, which would have given some people the impression that it was copying their styling. I'm not one of them, I'll stress, but it would have cropped up in virtually every piece about the car. I'd imagine that grey was chosen as a launch car colour because of the target the Emira is aimed so firmly at, i.e. gaining sales from potential Cayman buyers. Every other Porsche you see tends to be grey (the UK's most popular colour for the past 3 years); I seem to recall that around 70% of their cars are either grey, black or white, with the majority of the white choices being made for the SUVs. Given how stunning the Emira looks in white, I'm surprised it is not available as a launch colour. I even wondered whether it was to distance it from the white Evoras with the black pack, which seemed a firm favourite with many for a time. Personally, I still love Military Grey (preferably with a black and red interior). I hope the promotional cars going to dealerships show the full launch colour range, though; I especially want to see the green!
  8. It the UK, we will initially be allowed to switch it off, but it seems likely that option will vanish at some stage. I imagine that a few companies will do a 'fix' enabling you to have it permanently switched off. However, if you have switched it off, you can be fairly sure that in the event of any accident, your insurance will automatically be invalidated.
  9. Just so long as they never stoop to calling it the 'Emotional Control Unit', à la Aston Martin! 😂
  10. With Lotus targeting a new market with the Emira, elements like the key fobs really do matter; it won't do much for the perceived quality if your car's fob looks like a rebranded Ford Transit van affair, and your mates' fobs look like this...
  11. I'd imagine that once the stockpile of V6 engines is run dry, an AMG M139 version will appear, offering at least the 415 horses powering the A45 S. That spec is already compliant with emissions regs around the world, and will be essentially effortless to offer it to customers at any point Lotus wishes to do so. The fact that the engine weighs less than the supercharged V6 means that this will also mean a better power-to-weight ratio, right off the bat! I'd imagine that many of the owners of secondhand Emiras, in 3+ years time, will be opting for power upgrades as it should be cheap and easy to do so - significantly cheaper and easier than the current Komotec options on the current V6s, and they seem relatively popular. I'm sure Komotec will be more than willing to take V6 Emiras up to 460-500bhp, too, come to think of it!
  12. Don't they make ladies hair removal products? 😂😂😂
  13. Bee

    Lotus Emira

    Def the Evija! I'd love to see elements like the floating dash and centre binnacle make their way in to the Emira (and future models, too) though!
  14. Bee

    Who will buy a 131?

    It seems likely for the 300bhp version to clock in at around £55k as it will be head-to-head with the Cayman S at the same price point and power. Anything much above that, and it will need to be spectacularly ahead of said Cayman S in order to justify the extra £££, or look like poor value by comparison. Other competitors for the inevitable group tests with this lower price-point model are likely to be the Alpine A110, Z4 M40, Supra and possibly the TT RS. Hopefully, it'll make mincemeat of the lot of them!
  15. The £55K 300bhp entry-level model will be road tested against the £55K 300bhp Cayman S (and probably the 250bhp Alpine A110) by just about everyone. When it comes down to the general public's opinion as to whether Lotus has produced a competitor, which has no compromises (i.e. genuinely becoming a potential purchase for thousands, whom would not have chosen a Lotus before) it's fair to say that it has to come out on top in the majority of those road tests. With the Cayman S and A110 doing the 0-60mph times in 4.7s/4.5s respectively (and Porsche famously underquotes), the 300bhp Emira needs to be in that region or better. I imagine it will especially be compared to the A110 as it would be embarrassing for Lotus if Alpine out-Lotused Lotus by producing a faster accelerating car, with less power, by virtue of its lightweight construction... In fact, given that the last of the Elises were going for close to £50K, it is going to be compared with them, too, and although it will undoubtedly be superior in all kinds of ways, it is likely going to be knocked if it's half a second slower to the 0-60bhh benchmark. It's quite a competitive end of the market, to be honest. It will be interesting seeing it in group tests with the Cayman S, Alpine A110 and likely Toyota Supra and Z4 M40i, too! Personally, however, I think Lotus will nail it: for the first time, they've had the backing and resources to really show what they can do. Competitors? Bring 'em on!
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