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  1. Really? Please substantiate that comment, given that Lotus have previously confirmed the engine and gearbox is good for more, or is just BS, or your point of view? Tuners will always happily take engine outputs far beyond the manufacturer's own limits, so yes, Komo-tec et al can clearly take the Toyota unit up to 500bhp. However, they are not working to the safer margins a car maker like Lotus has to, in order to guarantee the reliability of said gearbox over the lifespan of the car. Even without a cross-referenced video recording from any Lotus engineers, regarding the exact power limits they themselves chose to set, in order to appease your demands for cast-iron evidence, it seems mind-bleedingly obvious that Lotus would have released higher-powered variants of the Exige and Evora, if they could have, because, well - you know - they would have been better and thus sold more. So, it light of your eloquently phrased enquiry, I would say it's my point of view based on what seems reasonably clear. I could, of course, be wrong; I freely admit to not being perfect, far from it. Please feel free to consider it 'BS' should you wish to: with a great deal of time at my disposal, I would struggle to adequately covey the literally cosmically-scaled size of the sh** I don't give as to whether you do so or not. PS: I, too, bet you're fun at parties.
  2. Given how many people will see that review, compared to all the YouTube guys, Chris Harris has probably just done more for the public perception of the Emira than all the previous positive reviews combined. There will be lots of casual car enthusiasts chatting about the Emira over the next week thanks to that little segment on Top Gear!
  3. As others have said, I think the simple truth is that bhp and rev limits have been dropped so that they can be put back up again when the 'S' (or whatever equivalent they choose) model is released, when the Emira has its first refresh. In fact, I suspect that the V6 may not even soldier on beyond that point, with upcoming emissions regulations tightening around the world. The Mercedes powertrain will just be effortlessly stepped up to 400-420bhp, seeing that iteration of the Emira drop to sub four seconds to 60mph, and a top speed closer to 200mph. If the V6 Emira was launched at 430bhp, how would they find any extra power for the refresh, given that they clearly are not willing to take that powertrain any further with its existing gearbox?
  4. Not exactly test conditions with specialist timing gear(and just one run shown), but that was around 4.7-4.9 secs to 60mph and 10.7-11.0 secs to 100mph. Really need to see it done with professional timing and several runs.
  5. 'only half of the brake light strip was working' I have to say that does not reflect well on Lotus at all. All these new customers they have lined up, holding deposits on new Emiras, and/or considering putting down deposits on the Eletre - what message does it send to them? Surely, now, there can be no excuse for sending out a car with a fault like that. Unless there's a genuine reason (damaged by another car at the last minute etc.), it just seems amateurish, giving a poor impression for a company claiming that quality control is now 'sorted'. I'm assuming it's an early/preproduction model but it's representing Lotus, at a well-publicised event, on the verge of one of their most important ever vehicle launches: it should have been checked over thoroughly. You can just imagine chuckles from the crowd about 'typical Lotus' when they saw only half the brake strip was working. Coverage has been exceptionally positive, thus far - it's clear people want the car/Lotus to do well. If faults like that crop up, however - something, where the police would pull you over - then some of those first reviews will leave a nasty aftertaste...
  6. At launch, there was a white (or silver) Eletre with a red leather interior (see 9:59-10:03 on the vid above). Has anyone found/seen pics of that interior? I'd love to see what it looks like with some coloured leather in there!
  7. My friend's Merc AMG A45 gets around 18-24mpg when driven in a spirited fashion, but easily gets 40mpg on motorways/relaxed driving. I'd imagine the V6 Emira's fuel consumption will not be dissimilar to an Evora 410/430; I can't see it being substantially different! Not sure if they are using an identical fuel tank, however, so the range may differ...
  8. I know... I was thinking the Eletre's front view might be a bit Marmite but many, but then I saw the iX's whale-about-to-swallow-eleven-tonnes-of-krill grill and gained some clarity! 😂
  9. Really useful comparison to the Eletre, here, as Harry tests a £100,000+ BMW electric SUV, with 523 horses, 300+ range, 105kWH battery etc. The Beemer weighs over 2.6 tonnes, making the Eletre's weight look considerably better! The Beemer hits 60mph in 4.3 seconds, so for similar money the Lotus is going to be considerably quicker and one would hope MUCH better in the handling/driver engagement categories. I thought Harry's sections about the recharging are going to apply to the Eletre, too, though - some crazy recharge times for many customers! Anyhow, a surprisingly comparable product for many potential Eletre customers, I suspect, even though the Eletre is very obviously more of a sporting prospect. The Eletre's confirmed price will be interesting: the Beemer is £94,000 as standard, £115,000 with a few extras (I think the Urus 'starts' at £160,000).
  10. I'm not an SUV fan, but I do like the look of that!
  11. If it is to be produced in China and enjoy economies of scale completely unbeknownst to Lotus throughout the entirety of its history, surely there's an opportunity to price it extremely competitively. Frankly, it has to be extremely competitive, price-wise: it is up against competitors already established and experienced in this segment.
  12. I think the way that Geely have highlighted technology as being a key Lotus focus, moving forwards, is in-part to counter any such accusations. They clearly intend to ensure that all future Lotus models are on an even footing in that regard. The Emira appears to have all the mod-cons expected for its price point; I'll be very surprised if the forthcoming electric vehicles don't feature all manner of electronic stability management systems - hopefully, well-tuned by Lotus's engineers.
  13. An Audi TT S dispatches 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds; I sincerely hope that even a base AMG-powered Emira can top, or at the very least match, that. The LE V6 Emira costs a good £30,000 more than a new TT S, so you'd hope that it would blow it away under most conditions/in most situations.
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