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  1. Actually, this 'could' be great news. If Detroit Electric carry out the appropriate federalization, could the work not be easily (or at least relatively cheaply) transferred back to the Elise and allow resumed sales in U.S.?
  2. Unfortunately, this, and many stories like it in national papers, will contribute to a vision of Lotus in disarray, as seen by the public eye. DRB/management have got to be more pro-active and get a message out as to Lotus's future in order to stabilise consumer/public confidence.
  3. Desperately hoping this is 'just' another company, i.e. a supplier, who has issued a winding up order. Lotus need to get a statement out and fast!
  4. Yep, there is is (No.62) on the offical page Honestly don't know what to say - absolutely gutted! Where the hell are DRB in all of this!
  5. Oops, sorry John! Note to self: check prior posts before posting punchlines!
  6. I think you'll find it's just been voting for the new pope ...
  7. I'd imagine that a new Elise with easy access/egress and a decent quality interior would sell like the proverbial hot cakes, but I believe it has been stated on here numerous times that the profit margins at the Elise's end of that market are very tight. I'm sure that a heavily revamped interior for the present Elise/Exige S would help enormously, now. I had high hopes after seeing the interior of the Geneva Roadster, and I don't think I'm the only one who felt that way! The Evora as it is, now - and especially if they added the Mansory styled nose - seems to be the business. If it gets th
  8. I would have sold my daughter for that Lotus Elite; she's one of the few people glad it's not gonna be made anymore! *sigh*
  9. Have to be honest and say that black doesn't do much for it in those shots (in my opinion, anyway!) I think a car like that needs a colour that accentuates its curves and contours to better effect, and then it would be apparent that it is something very different to an Elise; I'm loving how they look in chrome orange and motorsport green! I'd need to see a standard Exige S, with the roof off, next to an Exige S Roadster to really make my mind up regarding the lack of spoiler, but at the moment I'm thinking it really detracts from the look and aggressive stance of the car - perhaps it's a wind
  10. Just noticed a few pics online of the Exige S Roadster out and about in Hemel Helmstead.
  11. ha ha - e-mailed, and now 're-e-mailed'! Might even send them one daily!!!
  12. Darryl ... you're right:I do need a lotus again. I've allowed issues of practicality far too much influence over my car puchasing habits over the past few years, but now that the daughter's at university, I am actively eyeing up Elises! Don't get me wrong about DRB/HICOM, by the way; I agree that they seem committed to getting Lotus back on track and those recent photos from the production lines do a great deal to foster a sense of optimism!
  13. KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian conglomerate DRB HICOM is confident it can turn around loss-making sports car manufacturer Lotus in two to three years. The company recently dispelled rumours it's selling off the British motoring legend by setting up its first regional showroom in Asia. Spanning over 10,000 square metres, the Lotus flagship showroom located along Kuala Lumpur's Penchala Link is a haven for its fans. On display are Lotus' latest sports car models, including its Formula One race car. It also features the widest selection of Lotus accessories and merchandise, as well as a service
  14. Just posting a link from SELOC's facebook page of an album of photos taken on a recent tour at Hethel. It has many terrific pics of the new Exige in a variety of colours, along with some great snaps of Elises and Evoras. Warning: you may require sunglasses to view the chrome orange Exige S!!/media/set/?set=a.473508672711800.112883.212727352123268&type=1
  15. Someone with Stig-like driving prowess needs to take the Exige S V6 or perhaps one of those elusive Evora GTEs around the Nürburgring. Just looked and the fastest Lotus remains the Lotus Esprit Sport 350 (in 8min 13s) from 1999! Kudos to the amazing Esprit but that was 14 years ago, this year; I'm sure the new Exige could drop below the 8 min barrier given that the Porsche Boxster S (981) and Jag XKR-S convertible have done it! I know track lap times aren't necessarily an indicator of the best drivers' cars, but I'd like to see a Lotus in the top 100 there - surely, that's doable, now!
  16. Really nice drive on some perfect Lotus roads in an Elise S!
  18. Okay, I've resigned myself to never ever seeing that dream of a Lotus Elite (well, not in this particular decade). Perhaps we'll see an Esprit, hopefully also in convertible guise! However, that out of the way, I was wondering whether there is any news on when we'll see the first Exige S Roadsters? I'm especially keen to know whether an uprated interior is available - I know the Geneva one was a mock-up but was hoping 'something' would be available to bring the interior up to scratch? I would imagine that a great many of the orders would have opted for the roadster! Also, is there any
  19. It looks seriously fast just stood in your garage! You decided upon the final colour scheme?
  20. Been following this adventure with keen interest, Frank ... really looks like it's all starting to come together. I'm very much looking forwards to hearing about the first few drives!
  21. More congrat's! I love my 'ReX' ... one of the best cars I've ever owned! Winding that engine round to 9,500 revs is a scream, it has terrific handling, and - fuels bills aside - has been extremely practical! Obviously, I'd sell it in a second, alongside my only child, for an Evora S, but still ...
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