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  1. I came here to post that link, Thomas! Fingers crossed that DRB are slowly awakening to the realisation that unpromoted product doesn't shift in quite the same way that promoted product does ... Here's hoping
  2. Bee

    Exige S Roadster

    I'm with you, Stirling_Villeneuve, the interior is a big issue, but if something like the interior in the pic was available as the 'Premium' I'd say Lotus had made up some serious ground. I've not seen the Premium interior anywhere, so was wondering whether it was finalised yet, and bore some resemblance to the showcar. Fingers crossed!
  3. Don't suppose anyone has any info about when we might see the Exige S Roadster appearing? Would also very much like to know what the premium interior looks like/whether there's any resemblance to that 'showcase' interior on the Geneva show model.
  4. I have to agree with Thomas: the Esprit is going to be Lotus' flagship model! Lotus is going to be judged by the world, and its respective motoring presses, upon the debut of the Esprit; realistically, its standing and reputation will be heavily dependent on this one model. If it is seen as a poor man's [place model name, here] then Lotus will be seen as only being capable of making 'enthusiast's' cars, pocket rockets ect. ... much in the way most people perceive Caterham, Morgan, TVR ect. I cannot see Lotus forging a future where it is able to make enough of a profit to offset its debts if
  5. Any word on when DRB are making their statement about their new plans for the future? Kinda sounds like they primarily intend to push the Exige S in to as many territories as possible which should bring in some working capital. Also kinda sounds like they think Lotus is only ever going to be a niche specialist which will only ever mean limited sales ect. I was also hoping to hear something about DB's improved interiors (Goodwood rumour) - if every review notes the decade+ old interior then it must put off so many potential customers no matter how good the drive is. I'll assume that - in lin
  6. I wonder if he'd be interested in an open vacancy at Lotus ...
  7. Well, Mr. Esprit, this is your benchmark/competition ...
  8. And so it continues ... Actually wondering if we'll see the Esprit, now, never mind my Elite!
  9. Looks like I can kiss that dream of owning the new Elite goodbye!
  10. What a change two days can bring! With Bahar gone, will the team he put together stay once the Esprit is released? Will Donato Coco and Wolf Zimmermann want to stay at a company lacking a driving force and sense of purpose? Perhaps I'm being somewhat harsh, but if Lotus is now to be led by a 'team' of executives whose priority is likely to be cutting costs and establishing increasingly conservative ambitions then I fear that their future products may increasingly reflect such a philosophy. That dream I have of getting into the new Lotus Elite suddenly seems a whole lot less likely. I since
  11. I had all kinds of thoughts about the interview but then I watched the film with the Evora GTE and now I feel like I'm ten, again, and have just seen my first Esprit! That's one properly desirable piece of kit! I only wish that the standard Evora had been the 'S' and the Evora S had been something like this! Regardless, it's hard not to look at that car and envisage Lotus forging a real future for themselves.
  12. I'll forgive a thousand Swizz Beatz videos if they deliver the new Elite!!!
  13. Mr Beatz finally promotes ... (Some members of the forum should probably be advised to mute the sound before clicking this link ; )
  14. Looks to be an absolutely astonishing piece of kit! Is the interior as seen on the Exige S Roadster an option? I was looking through the interior shots and the 'premium' pack seems pretty different. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the roadster - is there any word on when that's gonna happen? All that we've seen from this utterly fantastic car AND the wind in your hair: that's gotta put a smile on your face!
  15. Just a small update ...
  16. It should make you feel: -like your favourite racing driver when you’re on 'that' stretch of country road; - like Captain Piccard has just said Warp Factor 9 when you plant the throttle; - like you’re in a truly special place when you look around the interior, whether you opt for a functional racing set-up or go for the luxurious option; - like the only other guy driving a car that handles anywhere near as well as yours is that Lotus driver you just flashed and waved at, driving the other way; -like it’s one of the best decisions you ever made when you steal a final admiring backwards gl
  17. I’m liking this game! I’ll have: the forthcoming Lotus Elite (if all goes to plan!); a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II; a Lotus Excel SE; and a Lotus Elan SE Turbo. Okay, need to stop there or I’m gonna end up adding ridiculously expensive items!
  18. Bibs, the link on post 93 is a summary of the interview so I posted the full interview, instead. I was only joking regarding the renaming/merging; I just did a double-take when i came to see what further comments, news ect. had been posted! I'm seriously considering Goodwood - Lotus cars have been a passion of mine since I was a lad, and although I've only enjoyed brief ownership I fervently look forward to doing so again in 2-4 years time. I'm sure it'll be an amazing festival and I'm doubly sure we're all keeping fingers crossed for an appearance of the new Esprit!
  19. Full Car interview with Dany Bahar ... If I see the new Esprit at Goodwood, I actually might start realistically saving for an Elite!!! P.S. Who renamed my topic?
  20. Bit of news from Dany ...
  21. Following on from recent speculation regarding the current state of affairs in Hethel, a Group Lotus spokesperson said to TLF: “The new Proton owners DRB-HICOM are currently in the middle of their due diligence of Group Lotus. There have been and continue to be positive discussions between Group Lotus senior management and senior management at DRB-HICOM both here in Hethel and in Malaysia. Despite various rumours in the media to the contrary, at no point has DRB-HICOM indicated to Group Lotus that they intend to put the company into administration and we welcome the opportunity to put that
  22. I'm generally with anyone who bought an Evora for its rarity, sublime handling ect. but please let's not ignore the reality of the situation: unless Lotus quickly impresses a considerably larger audience, you're soon gonna be enjoying a substantially larger rarity value to your cars! I don't for a minute think Lotus should be making drag strip racers; TVR enjoyed a lot of success with that and look where they've ended up. However, if I'm brutally honest, I have very high expectations of Lotus's cars, and TV spots showing the Evora/Evora S being left by its cheaper rivals on the straights and t
  23. Not exactly doing that fragile confidence any good ... However, if cutting back on expenditure is what it takes to get the new model range out (and ensure the new Exiges and Evora GTE's get out there quickly - Lotus really needs some positive press, at the mo) then I, for one, am all for it! Let's face it: if that aforementioned Top Gear piece had drag raced the £40k BMW 1M against the £50k Porsche Cayman & a £55k Exige Roadster, then they could all have enjoyed the good
  24. Go on then, I'll ask ... Is there any news/hint of news about what's going to happen with Lotus, next? The financial lockdown period following DRB-Hicom's purchase of Proton has ended so I tentatively assume funding has been resumed, but I thought there would be some sort of announcement to clarify. The absence of any such announcement doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, although the opening of the new dealership in Lebanon would seem to indicate that Lotus itself is confident about its future success. I think a lot of Lotus fans around the world are on the edges of our collecti
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