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  1. Well, they're doing 'around' two thousand cars a year and the Exige S is their best seller so, yep, already at the thousand mark! I'd imagine that figure already surpasses total Evora sales, thus far, and is set to rise further as certain markets lap up the automatic option.
  2. By the time I'd have saved enough to buy a Komo-Tec-enhanced Exige S V6, I'd only be able to afford jeans like those, too! Fantastic video, though - I wonder how much the lap time would come down with the addition of those extra 80 horses. The car seems to take the extra power pretty effortlessly; I wonder how it would get on with 500hp!
  3. I can't help but wonder whether you'd be better off getting a low-mileage 2012 car, fitting the Mansory kit, having Dave the Trimmer jazz up the interior and getting Komo-tec to give you 430hp. Would likely cost you close to £70,000, all-in, but it'd be faster!
  4. I'm trying to see a positive in this but frankly, after all the work and effort that has gone into rebuilding the brand's reputation, I would imagine that the impression taken by the sports car fraternity at large will be that Lotus is in such dire straits that it has had to lay off a third of its highly talented and dedicated workforce. If I'd been on the edge of seriously considering the purchase of a new Lotus having previously been dissuaded by all the news reports of their varied managerial and financial woes, I think news like this would have me walking in the opposite direction agai
  5. To be honest, though, non-disclosure agreements or not, I'm surprised that a healthy dose of leaks hasn't already made its way online. I suppose the week's not quite over yet ...
  6. DRB-HICOM have been increasingly cosying up with Honda ...
  7. I'll be quite surprised if something is not if the offing in lieu the n/a Evora, especially if changes are on the horizon, anyway, given the incoming Euro-regulations with respect to engines.
  8. Dear Lord, if that goes wrong, please do NOT upload the footage!
  9. I broadly agree with the suggested range (four posts back) but a £30,000+ Elise will likely be going head-to-head with Porsche's new entry level offering. I posted a few thoughts being concerned about how the current Elise might stack up but (if the price can indeed be kept competitive) I do feel a great deal more positive, now; in fact, bring on the fight! Just for the record, I, too, loved the folding roof Elite - one of the first cars (however virtual) in absolutely years which genuinely made my ja
  10. Of course, if they 'are' sticking to that plan (no mention of an R-variant Elise in there) then all the Elise R speculation could well be completely wrong: what we've seen may well be a mule for the new model Elise which we now know has already been in development for over a year! I kind of 'do' want it to be an Elise R but I do wonder how much longer they can keep releasing Elise 'updates' which are clearly only ever going to continue preaching to the converted; a properly new Elise is a mouth-watering prospect and it could do more to attract new buyers than anything else since ... well,
  11. Just to save people flicking through the pages on the link: DRB-HICOM Annual General Meeting Queries & Answers for Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG) 19 September 2013 Question 2: It was stated that a Revised Business Plan has been put in place for Lotus, focusing on expanding sales potentials, offering better and wider range of products and managing business operations more effectively. Could the Board provide an update on the performance of Lotus and has the Revised Business Plan for Lotus resulted in positive development for the division so far? Answer 2: Lotus Bu
  12. Putting 2 + 2 together, though, and coming up with at least 11, it looks like all models could be getting an R-variant. We already 'know' a road-going Elise R is in the works, an Evora R now seems likely (if not a catastrophic typo) and there are three Exiges racing around the Nurburgring which many seem to believe are running an auto box. If Lotus have found a paddle-shift solution that leads to genuinely quicker acceleration/track times ect. than the manual box, then I would posit that the Evora and (road going, i.e. non-Cup) Exige R would come with paddles which - even though many on here a
  13. You never know with the U.S. market; within their statement, today, it stated: 'Jean Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus plc said, "We are growing our dealer network throughout Asia, North America and Europe.' I can't see that there would be much point growing the North American dealer network (I'm assuming that primarily refers to the U.S.) unless there was product coming!
  14. My neighbour scratched my parked car as she reversed up our exceptionally narrow (medieval) road. I went through her insurance and it was sorted quickly and efficiently. Since that incident (around 18 months ago), I've had at least twenty phone calls from solicitors trying to get me to file a personal injuries claim; often, they're not entirely put off by the fact that I always immediately point out that I was in the house at the time, not the car!
  15. Agreed! McLaren's recent journey into road cars has been extraordinary; to start making cars in 2011 and then be breaking even and moving onto making a profit by 2013 has been very impressive. And next, of course, the P13 retailing at somewhere around £100,000 - I'll be very surprised if it doesn't seriously increase their sales/profits. I wonder whether a halo Esprit car would grab the public imagination in the same way and provide a basis for new technologies to be filtered down and further developed with subsequent models/existing model updates. I'd love to think that something of that
  16. Stop moaning about the wide sills and difficult access/egress
  17. Oh well, it was a nice thought while it lasted! Thanks for the reply.
  18. Just out of interest, does anyone know if there is a date/event when the Mansory-esque, £80,000 Evoras are announced? I'm intrigued as to what else they have apart from the exterior styling. They're going head-to-head with the F-Type V8 coupe and convertible so I was wondering whether some extra oomph might be on the cards to complement the already superior ride and handling.
  19. Wow, I never realised how much Military Grey changed as the light levels drop. It looks absolutely stunning in that last shot!
  20. With the new MX-5 and its close Alfa relative on the horizon, the Elise is starting to face some serious competition. And then there's this for 2016 ... 1190Kg (120Kg less than the Boxster); flat four 2 litre turbo delivering 286hp and 295lb ft (and 2.5 giving 360hp/347lb ft); suspension tuned for grip and sharp handling. The Boxsters are to be given a mid-cycle revamp, more power and moved upmarket with a price north of £40,000; the top of the line Elises are '
  21. Into the black, already, making what might just be the best drivers' car in the world and offering a new car, every year - very, very impressive, there's no denying it!
  22. That new Elite was so desirable, I actually looked into selling my soul to raise funds. If a new Esprit also led to a new Elite, I can assure you that there'd be at least one ecstatically happy Lotus fan!
  23. Despite admiring how DRB have got the company back on its feet again, I have to agree. It'd be great to get anything to raise excitement levels again, just a little teaser, anything!
  24. You might still be being overly optimistic, there!
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