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  1. Starlight black with venom red interior ...
  2. So much better without the wind catching on the mic! Absolutely epic vid - especially loved the Cobra being left behind as if it was standing still!
  3. *sigh*
  4. Martin, I don't think I've seen your yellow Evora - I will keep an eye out for it, though! I agree that a Top Trumps approach to cars isn't a great way to make choices but the fact remains that seeing a dedicated sports car 'whupped' by a small BMW saloon and a Porsche rival did very little for the Evora's reputation; Clarkson's subsequent 'Bit depressing if you've just brought a Lotus Evora' comment didn't help much, either. Lotus fans/enthusiasts know better but for potential buyers, especially those looking towards getting a Lotus for the first time ... Well, that was a PR disaster. If
  5. I've only ever seen one Evora on the road and - whilst I do appreciate the current owners' glee at the rarity value/good residuals it brings for them, personally - I do not see that as a good thing! I see Elises on a weekly basis, I see an Esprit on the roads at least two or three times a year, and I've seen an Excel this year and last. Unless something drastic happens to Evora sales, how many of them do you think we'll see in 15-20 years? I think some drastic updates are the only way to go: serious front-end re-style; more oomph (people STILL bring up its poor performance against the much che
  7. I never knew about the Swindon Engines version! Does anyone know of one that was done? GTE body kit, Swindon Engines 500hp lump, assorted suspension tweaks and a remodelled interior - Lotus were charging £120,000 for a GTE; I wonder whether it's possible to build your own up for less/similar money! lol
  8. Always heard people saying it would be easy to develop the Toyota lump in order to develop more power but KOMO-TEC seemed to take a long time to get just another 45hp out of it and Lotus themselves apparently struggled with the abandoned GTE (I'm assuming they were using the same engine?) It's probably just the volumes they have been sold in but I am surprised no-one's managed to seriously upgrade an Evora, a real shame because the GTE development car received a lot of praise through the press who had a go. I'd have dearly loved to hear what a 450-500hp Evora was like!
  9. I'd love to see an Evora Roadster but I wonder if they think the ship has well and truly left the port given the competition offered by the Jag F-Type. If it was offered with a power hike to boot and a GTE front end, then hell yes!
  10. Steal one of the GTE shells sitting outside Hethel and get Komo-Tec to upgrade the Toyota lump to 420 bhp. Everything you love about your Evora but ... MORE ...
  11. Absolute legend! Many Happy Returns!
  12. It's a bit scary that a car company who have decent backing and are universally acclaimed as being the world's 'coolest brand' isn't turning a profit! I think it just has to be accepted that sports/specialist car companies cannot even start to make it, these days, without significant backing/assistance from a wealthy parent company. I'm sure the AMG engines will make a huge difference, however; it should hugely reduce the cost of putting new as opposed to mildly updated models out there. It really makes me wonder where Lotus's next generation of engines will hail from, I'm 'really' hoping that
  14. I just don't get it when people insist Lotus cars 'must' be stripped down, hard-core, track-focussed racers; It's just not how I remember Lotus cars as I was growing up ... Okay, some of those are considerably before my time but I still don't see why a lightweight Lotus sports car can't enjoy a bit of luxury and bling to complement its exciting oomph and deft handling! A personal choice, I realise, but I for one would rather be sat, here ... - than here ... Ideally, of course, there would be models/options to suit a variety of tastes!
  15. The problem with pitching a new Esprit against the Ferrari 458 and McLaren 12c is that they are both exceptionally accomplished cars so a new Esprit would have to be of a similar standard but probably significantly cheaper in order to sell. From the point of view of an independent and unbiased buyer, why take the chance otherwise when you don't yet know the reliability ect.? I would hope that a number of customers would buy into the Esprit name and its relative exclusivity but as to how many customers - I think that's difficult to predict. It's a considerable leap forward for Lotus in terms of
  16. Just an update, PH's photoshopped imagining of a very real competitor to a new Elise, Alfa Romeo's half the of the Alfa/Mazda project, the 200bhp lightweight 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider ...
  17. I never realised how much brand perception is affected by age until pretty recently. I work in education and was chatting with a large group of ex-pupils, now aged 20-23 at a 21st birthday party I'd been invited along to. The conversation came around to cars and it was enlightening to hear their views! Skoda was the butt of so many jokes for previous generations that even now, after quite some years of giving us good cars, it still faces a serious image issue for those of us of a 'certain age'. That bunch, however, have grown up without the prejudice and see Skodas as cut-price Volkswagen mach
  18. Just for the record, I do heartily agree that a new Elise (or any other Lotus for that matter) should bear no physical resemblance whatsoever to the 2014 MX-5! It looks like the shameful by-product of a drunken union between a Mazda 6 and a BMW Z4 ...
  19. Recently, I've seen a few articles about the next generation of Mazda's MX-5, a car originally conceived to emulate the the wind-in-your-hair thrills of the classic British sports car, and more specifically, the Lotus Elan. On sale next year, Mazda are claiming to have kept the weight under 1,000Kg (they were originally aiming for 800Kg) and the range will include engines delivering around 130-200 bhp. A new short throw 'snappier' 6-speed gearbox is promised as well as a likely paddle shift option. Crucially, a sub £20,000 price tag is expected for the base model. This has rea
  20. I've got to say that I'm glad that the silver 'Esprit' pictured above (and below) never made it past the design phase; to me, it looks like someone grafted a fat Evora frontage onto my old Ford Cougar. It screams 'design from the 1980's'! On the whole, I've loved Coco's designs, especially the Elite and Elan, but his re-imagination of the Esprit hasn't grabbed me like his other designs did. My favourite modern Lotus design has been the Evora GTE which is now sadly consigned to history ...
  21. I knew the Exige S would finally get a Lotus in a respectable position on the Nordschleife times list! It's just one second behind the Lamborghini LP 560-4 which I'd imagine costs a few pennies more ...
  22. Beautiful car, Matt, and, like Stirling said, the colour combo is great!
  24. No idea what he's saying but there are a lot of great shots and a really good look around the car. I'm pretty sure he likes it!
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