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  1. Someone appears to have sneaked out some photo's!
  2. Not too shabby ... One would assume the V6 Exige would do better, too!
  3. Did none of you know lotus makes trucks on the side? You should see one of the babies corner!
  4. Great video of an Esprit GT3, with just a pink sky and an interesting road as company! How much would you like that to have been you and your Lotus?
  5. I should mention that the second pic is from the reception area at Lotus HQ, as of today!
  6. http://www.chinacart...1/01/lotus-gte/ Spotted an interesting piece of news concerning the Evora GTE - at least someone gets to play with it!!!
  7. I'm slowly falling for the beautiful Elite. Lotuses have always had a certain poise/elegance, and the Elite seems to have supersized that characteristic AND be a powerful four seater convertible!
  8. It's already allowed me to narrow down the colour of my Elite to the two greens!
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