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  1. I think it probably has to be the SUV - they're not going away any time soon! I think they really, really have their work cut out as to where to position it on the market, though! Assuming it's heavily based on someone else's underpinnings, I can't see it being exceptionally light for its class. I'll be very intrigued to see what size it ends up being, to be honest. The Mazda CX-5 is only 1500kg, just 85 kg more than the Evora 400. Make it sporty - which it would have to be, bearing the Lotus moniker - and it's up against the Macan or Cayenne, neither of which I like (I'm just not an SUV fan a
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  3. Rory Reid, on Extra Gear, was a far better presenter than Evans! You can see that Matt LeBlanc has potential - he could be very good! I just found it remarkable that the 'main event' was completely lacking in the chemistry which made the original worth watching, while the 'sideline' show had presenters who you can actually envisage developing a quirky and fun relationship.
  4. I suspect that you're not alone in waiting for the Evora roadster; if I had the readies, as much as I love the Evora 400, I'd be waiting for the roadster, too!
  5. They're going to need to deliver an interior fit, finish and quality far beyond anything they've achieved thus far, to sell in that sector. It'll be interesting to see if any of that will make its way into future Lotus sports cars.
  6. To be honest, that's utterly unacceptable. Lotus need be stepping in and contributing at the very least.
  7. I think that this is a really good question - lots of interesting speculation to be had! I thought that it would be interesting seeing what they could do to any of a range of cars from one of the big manufacturers. Initially, I considered something like the Focus RS but soon realised that at best it would be a weight saving exercise, probably just producing a stripped out hardcore version of limited appeal. I bet that they could do something incredible with the Fiesta ST, however! I suppose what would genuinely catch public interest, and truly shine a light on Lotus talent, would
  8. It's the dull interiors which people go for that really surprise me! In many ways, I'd rather go for a Carbon Grey car with a red interior than a brightly coloured exterior and a grey/black interior. Speaking personally, a Military Grey exterior with a red interior would be just about perfect!
  9. The two or four seat question is interesting in that it will likely affect what cars the Evora Roadster will be compared/tested against, by the press, come launch time. Assuming a price of £85,000, a 2+0 is inevitably up against the £7,000 more expensive F-type R convertible; whereas I'd have thought that a 2+2 would likely be judged against the £5-7,000 (6-speed/PDK) more expensive 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. Regardless of which, in this section of the market, Lotus are going to be under the greatest pressure and scrutiny yet, regarding interior quality and ambience. I wonder whether anything f
  10. I stand by my choice, in an earlier but similar post, of military grey but I don't know how many extra pennies they'd want for that, now. I like the red interiors and the red/black combo from Lotus Exclusive especially appealed to me. I'm frankly staggered that Lotus 'still' haven't got a decent configurator up yet; I thought it was essentially ready to run, last autumn?
  11. McLaren's achievements over the past three years, with their road cars division, have been just staggering, tbh! I do support Lotus's direction, and I understand that they've had to leave the Evora as the pinnacle of their range, but if/when they do make an Esprit successor, they don't half have their work cut out for them with what the competition are offering at 'around' this price point! I'm sure their engineers would relish the challenge, but popping a 911 turbo S, this new McLaren and maybe the R8 V10+ in front of them and saying 'Better this lot' really is quite some challenge; the bar s
  12. Obviously, it's subjective, but in my humble opinion, to be a supercar, now, you need unique styling, inside and out, and be hitting 0-60mph in <3.6 seconds/have a top speed approaching or surpassing 200mph. I do think that the Evora 400 is pretty special - a fantastic car, in fact - but if we had a dramatic-looking 200mph Esprit, no-one would even be asking this question about the Evora.
  13. Okay, so 2016 is almost upon us and I just wondered what forthcoming products/news/rumours are getting your Lotus juices flowing! For me, I 'really' want to see them get the Evora Roadster right. From a 'general public' P.O.V., it's already got stiff competition; from a Lotus fan's P.O.V, it should be just epic. I think that it's a car that will really shape Lotus's international sales: they'll surely be intending to shift as many auto-roadsters as possible in the U.S.! I might never even see one, but the 311 is properly exciting, too - it shouldn't really matter, but I 'do' want to see an awe
  14. I wonder what 460 horses feels like in an Exige S V6 ...
  15. Disappointing to hear of issues such as poor paint jobs and dashboards that wobble over the bumps. Yeah, the road surfaces around Sheffield are poor in places, especially higher up. After the heavy snows and prolonged sub zero spells of weather from 2009-11, the road surface quality deteriorated in many areas and has simple never been repaired by councils with low and decreasing budgets, i.e. pretty much all of South Yorkshire. However, my daughter's 13yo Polo rides over our pothole-ridden roads without the dashboard wobbling! It's something that you'd expect from a stripped-out, ultra hardcor
  16. I'm not jealous, honest! *Bites knuckles and has a little cry in the corner* Looking forward to seeing the pic's - enjoy!
  17. I was wondering about what engines Lotus might use in their next Elise and even down the line for the Evora/Exige (and possibly Esprit). Toyota seems to have gone down the path of downsizing its 1.8 litre engines to the new 1.2 litre turbo which is, I suppose, unlikely to be easily upgradeable to over 200 bhp. On the other hand, the 1.8 litre is continuing in the U.S. market and is still in the Euro-spec Avensis update so they should be around for a while. I'd like to see the new Lexus 2.0 litre turbo put to good use as that's pumping out 235 horses with 258 lb-ft of torque right out of the bo
  18. Stunning pictures - stunning car, too!
  19. Porsche Cayman GT4 - 7:40 Lexus LF-A - 7:38 Komo-Tex Exige 430 - 7:37 (with slowdown for traffic) Nissan GT-R Spec V - 7:34.5 It's done pretty well! I wonder what the Exige 400 will manage ...
  20. Bee

    Lotus Evora 400

    To be honest, I'm surprised that Harris hasn't got a review out before today. After all, unlike most motoring journalists, he doesn't actually need to drive the car in order to deliver a review ...
  21. Bee

    Lotus Evora 400

    Sport Auto already have a vid up on YouTube of their test driver/editor, Christian Gebhardt, taking the Evora 400 for a spin around Hethel.
  22. 365bhp in an S1 Elise! Are you not in danger of ripping a hole in space-time if you accelerate too hard?
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Evora always designed with a roadster variant in mind, i.e. the roof plays almost no part in the structural stability, torsional stiffness ect.? In that case, could we be looking at a roadster that only weighs around, say, 10-15Kg more than the standard Evora 400? That would be an incredible accomplishment!
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    It certainly sounds pretty epic!
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