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  1. Disappointed, as I expect many are, by the lack of a Geneva/Goodwood style interior (quilted seats/door cards aside) but do Lotus offer this kind of thing as an extra, i.e. leather covered dash, door top handles, sills ect. Don't know anyone who's ever had any such work done by Lotus although I've seen a few good specialist re-trims over the years.

  2. Clarkson is being - as ever - confrontational and controversial; he is triggering debate and there are enough elements of truth in there to make it uncomfortable reading to any Lotus fan.


    If Lotus want to improve their communications (the COO having very recently discovered that this 'is' an issue) then invite some motoring press to Hethel to share the vision. If a new Elise and Evora/Elan are being planned, and the new Esprit 'is' a goer, then share that with the world. Lotus would seem to be stabilising, quality is evidently significantly improved and the Exige in particular is winning critical acclaim. Every other article in the press, however, gives the impression of a company in disarray, struggling to draw a final dying breath.


    Lotus need to set the record straight; if ever there was a time to show their mettle, this is it!

  3. I appreciate what you're saying, Mel, but Komo-Tec were testing with one skinny guy in what looked like pretty clement conditions. It would be good to know the fuel load but with an extra 60 bhp or so, I'd have hoped the 0-100 kph time would have dipped below 4.0 seconds flat.


    Obviously, it's just one acceleration benchmark; the other two could be mightily impressive. As I mentioned, I couldn't find the 0-200 kph time (or the 100-200 kph).


    At the end of the day, tenths of a seconds in acceleration times are pretty subjective in terms of the 'driver experience'. I'll be interested to read a review from some lucky sod who's driven both in order to see whether the extra oomph really does add to the visceral experience.

  4. Just seen Komo-Tec's test footage of the Exige S they've been working on - was a bit disappointed to see they added 60 bhp and got a 0-100 kph time (4.1 seconds) marginally slower than a 'standard' Exige S (4.0 seconds). I don't know how the 0-200 kph time (13.6 seconds) stacks up against a regular Exige S.


  5. From Top Gear website ...






    'We recently learned from the DVLA that the Lotus Elan is the hardiest classic car... in the world. And by that we mean number of cars still taxed or SORN'd versus the number built in the first place.

    8955 were built, 2151 are still taxed, and 1210 are SORN'd. That's a survival rate of 37.5%. Perhaps Lotus should start building these again ...'


  6. Putting this up as much to illustrate the common impression about the stabilty of Lotus as a company as much as anything else. Please, please, please, DRB, do something to reassure the public about Lotus' future before the damage becomes all but irreparable! I find their obstinate silence utterly unfathomable. :no Recent reports from the factory paint a 'far' brighter picture, but that is the sort of thing only Lotus enthusiasts are ever likely to pick up upon.


  7. I agree with you, Bibs: the Elise S looks like a cracking proposition - even does high 30's mpg on the combined cycle, too! Given how easily people get the power up to 240-60 bhp, I do wonder if Lotus didn't keep the power lower when they reintroduced a top-end Elise so as to not tread on the Exige's toes!


    If I had the £££ for an Exige S but wasn't prepared to wait until ... this Christmas? Next one after that? ... I'd be tempted to buy an S2 Elise, pop in MSC's 310 bhp Honda set-up (stilll does 40 mpg) and get the interior refurbished into something resembling the Exige S Roadster shown at Geneva/Goodwood. I think you'd have something on a par with the Exige S and save a few £££ while you're at it.

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