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  1. If there's anyone with the necessary skills, 'Photoshop' a pic of the Evora 400 to lop off the roof; I have a feeling it'll become a very purposeful looking roadster!


    Regarding the Exige being the next model to get the 'Gales' treatment, I wouldn't have thought they'll play about with the external styling too much; the interior would surely be the area where it desperately needs a refresh, and the advantage, there, of course, is that the hard work/costs on that front don't have to be replicated for the Elise update!


    Of course, if the Exige update is lighter and has 400bhp, there's a fairly good chance that you'll get out and not even be able to recollect the colour of the interior, let alone the styling!

  2. Personally I'm kind of digging the facelift!


    The performance sounds epic: the Nissan GT-R (2012) was 8.1 seconds quicker around the Top Gear Dunsfold track than the NA Evora and this is 6 seconds faster around Hethel than the Evora S; therefore, Gales' comments about it being the fastest thing around a track for under £100,000 seem to be justified (if you ignore track day apparatus such as the Ariel Atom).


    Going back to the visual front, I'm really wanting to see some video: pictures never quite give the full impression.

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  3. The facelifted Evora is a pretty major upgrade: increasing the Evora S's power to weight ratio (240bhp/tonne) to an Exige S beating 330bhp/tonne, improved access/egress, interior and updated exterior.


    Looking on PistonHeads classifieds, the  current Evora S is going from £67-70,000; the Jag F-type R and R AWD are £86,880 and £91,650; a PDK equipped 4WD 911 Carrera S is £91,000 (although considerably more with options).


    Realistically, I can't see that the updated Evora will be priced at only £10,000 more than the current Evora S - what would that do to current Evora S and used Evora S sales/prices? My shot-in-the-dark guess would be in the £85-90,000 range but I'm interested to see where they pitch it as the GTE models with only one year's warrantee and a standard 345 bhp have obviously sold easily enough in the £80,000+ range.

  4. I've wondered how they might price the new model Evoras.


    The Jag AWD F-type S coupe is £66,900 with the F-type R and R AWD being £86,88 and £91,650 respectively. The Porsche 911 Carrera variants range between  £74,00-£100,000ish.


    I can definitely see a substantial price hike as the values of existing Evoras would surely take a mighty dive if the hugely improved new Evoras were to be released at a similar price point. It'll be interesting to see where they pitch it ...

  5. TATA would be the dream buyer but I can't see anyone leaping to buy Lotus, at the moment. Land Rover sales for 2014 are going to be around the half million mark and I believe Jaguar were hoping for 100,000+ (they did 77,000 in 2013). It's easy to see why someone would buy and invest in those companies as the sales volumes were always going to justify very significant investment. That said, 'Jaguar, Lotus, Land Rover' doesn't half roll off the tongue nicely, and TATA would really, really be seen as the saviours of the British car industry. We can but hope and dream!

  6. Ahhh, I didn't realise they were so heavy! Just had a look at the Sparco ones and they do look really good as well as coming in a variety of colours, trims ect. More aesthetically pleasing Evora with a good looking interior, improved access/egress, better seats and Exige S territory acceleration along with the already great ride and handling? Could be pretty epic!

  7. Surprised about the seats: thought they were generally very popular! Perhaps it's not easy to customise them - I know some people have expressed annoyance at the lack of choice in that regard. I'll be interested to see what they've cooked up for the interior; they'll be up against the F-type S AWD and company of similar standing so they've really got to get it right. It needs to feel special before the engine's even started up. The power to weight ratio should make for some impressive performance with an increase from the current car's 240bhp/tonne going up to around 330bhp/tonne (400+ bhp and a 15% weight reduction). The Exige S V6 has around 320bhp/tonne by comparison!

  8. Yeah, you're probably right about the Evora; I was not thinking about the fact that considerably more of them are sold abroad than in the UK where the '' site shows 488 Evoras licensed in total (135 Exige V6's licensed in the UK). I seem to remember it being said that the large majority of Lotus sales are exports so if the ratios of UK sales to export sales are even remotely similar then there must be well over three thousand Evoras sold in total.

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