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  1. Loved the overall message in the sign-off piece but was that some kind of calculated insult? It seems ridiculous to show virtually every British built motoring entity imaginable and totally blank out Lotus who have a heritage and prestige far beyond 99% of those featured! Really don't want to sound like some snubbed fan-boy but genuinely don't understand Lotus' exclusion ...

  2. A1 to Scotch Corner and then A66 to Penrith for the M6/A74M/M74 up to Glasgow, OR if you really want the scenic route, continue on the A66 to just north of Keswick and then take the A591(stunning road) right up to the A595 (also not too shabby) which will take you up to Carlisle with just a short detour to get back on the M6.


    Once you're at the top of the M74/Glasgow, it really depends where in the Highlands you want to go! The A82 has some great sections and stunning views, taking you past Loch Lomond and past Loch Linnhe, before winding up to Inverness from where the A9 or A835 will allow you to head along the East Coast or cut across to the North-West, respectively.


    You could, from Glasgow, take a few different routes across to the A9 and take that route up to Inverness, too. If you did, you'd have the option of going off on to the A95 and heading up towards Elgin. If I wanted a good driving road, and had taken the A95, I'd turn off at Grantown-on-Spey onto the A939 (really good road for a powerful car) up to Nairn, or branch off, halfway, onto the A940 up to Forres, where you can take the A96 East to Elgin or West to Nairn and then Inverness.

  3. Given the emerging Proton-Honda collaborative partnership, I wonder if the 300 bhp 2.0 turbo engine mentioned in this article ...( ... might find its way into the new variants DRB managing director Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil recently talked about ...


    'We are coming out with the variants based on existing products - variants with improved technology, improved performance, improved quality as well as improved costing.'


    The supercharged Honda Elises always looked good, stellar performance and Honda reliability; an official version with new Honda engines would seem like a great way to refresh the Elise, especially with some kind of cabin/dash upgrade.


    It would surely sit well as a replacement engine for the current NA Evora, too, giving an increase in power along with a decrease in weight ...


    Complete speculation, I know, but that improved technology and performance is going to have to come from somewhere ...

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  4. Loads of magazine reviews online but not one single video and if ever a Lotus had the looks and sound for a good piece of high-res automotive pornography, it's the Exige Roadster!


    Come on, someone ... anyone!?!

  5. Okay, let's get all bleary-eyed and daydream for a moment ...


    The new Esprit is a goer; however, the Wolf Zimmermann V8 project is not so it needs an engine ...


    What would you all like to see?


    I'd go for the Lexus LFA V10 - 4.8 litre, naturally aspirated, 522 horses and revs so fast that it needs a digital tachometer as they could not find an analogue version which could keep up. Not too sure whether the cost would be prohibitive, though ...


    Or maybe Frank Profera's unit ... :huh:

  6. (


    Interesting article in Evo discussing the possibility/inevitability of losing manual gearboxes. They note that Ferrari and Porsche (and their customers with their respective current line-ups) are all but abandoning manual boxes in favour of semi-auto dual-clutch transmissions. McLaren, of course, would not even dream of offering anything so 'archaic' as a manual box ...


    Most people, here, seem to be self-confessed petrolheads, or at the very least, motoring enthusiasts, so how would you feel if the next generation of Lotus cars in the next few years (well, fingers crossed for that!) were to be exclusively launched with a new, cross-platform semi-auto dual-clutch paddle shift system? It is pretty firmly 'de rigueur' on the vast majority of new sports cars and I can't see that Lotus would have the money to 'also' develop/buy in a manual alternative, although a future deal with an engine supplier might bring the choice of both transmissions with it, I suppose.


    Personally, I love the manual shift and would definitely mourn its passing; perhaps I'm just a little archaic that way myself! Lotus are often criticised for their gear shifts so perhaps it is the way forwards ...

  7. Well, Top Gear's 'journalist' might have the sort of enthusiasm for exciting cars which if it were a colour, would probably be 'beige', but Kimi Räikkönen evidently thought the Exige S Roadster was pretty cool. I know whose opinion on performance cars I give most credence to ...




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