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  2. Thanks Guys, Luckily I bought a few spare plugs as it took 3 attempts (and about as many weeks) to finally get it in square and water-tight. Access through the wheel arch is not good!. -Keith
  3. Hi Folks, I've had one of the cylinder head core plugs rot through (just above the exhaust manifold). It's been a devil of a job getting it out with only limited access through the rear wheel ach, but finally had success last night. I've got the new plug but I've read various advice on fitting them on the 'net. Some seem to advocate that they are put in dry, other's say to use Hylomar or similar. Does anyone know the official story? Thanks, Keith
  4. Typical, I only found this thread after I installed mine last night! On my hi-wing I didn't fancy dismantling the dash so I installed it above the LHS fuel tank near the sender unit. I picked up power from the O2 sensor loom which also runs through there. An old cushion placed on top of the engine prevents having "LOTUS CHARGECOOLER" permanently embossed into your chest! Cheers, Keith
  5. This rings a bell! When I first got my SE, occasionally just after starting the engine ABS lights on and no heater fans. Usually it would sort itself out after a few minutes, on other ocassions I had to switch off and re-start. Like you I suspected a relay so took the highly technical approach of pulling every relay (front and back compartments) and giving all the contacts a clean. One relay at a time I hasten to add! The problem has never come back. When I finally got a workshop manual I had a brief perusal of the electrical schematic and think the most likely suspect is the 'start drop-ou
  6. Hi Stephen, No, I'm afraid the car you saw wasn't mine. She's laid up in my garage waiting for my starter motor to return from being refurbished. Hopefully I'll be back on the road by next weekend. Cheers, Keith
  7. Both items are now SOLD. Thanks to everyone involved. Cheers, Keith
  8. I'm having a clear out of these noisy bits removed from my '92 SE Hi-wing. 1. Larini club sport exhaust - twin exit. I purchased this when I found my standard exhaust was blowing. I fitted it and was horrified at how loud it was. I then removed and re-fitted it again just to make sure it wasn't a leaking joint or something but no, it is just LOUD. In total I think it was only on the car for about 150 miles max. I managed to get my standard system repaired so it went back on. Sorry about the pre-amble but just want to make sure any prospective purchasers know that these exhausts are a lo
  9. I've been looking at the graph with the TPS curve added in. Injector PW follows TPS fairly closely which makes sense I guess. Foot of throttle, injectors stop squirting... Afraid I'm definetly out of my depth here! Keith
  10. First of all I must start by saying I am definetly no expert in these matters! The best have I managed to do is compare your graph to a brief run I recorded in my car along with much referral to Dermot's excellent manual. The thing that really leapt out at me was how high the BLM value is on your graph. If I understand the manual correctly, any figures over 128 indicates a lean run. On my graph I never see more than 120, on yours it goes up to 255! At some points when BLM is around 245, the fuel injectors PW goes to 0. This seems odd to me, in my simplistic approach to how things work, I wou
  11. Remember to click 'interact' in freescan. If not you only get a few readings and all others read 0 (if I remember correctly.) I hope you get to the bottom of this frustrating problem. Cheers, Keith
  12. Hi Sanj, Yes it was the 380 070 250 50. 24.00 GBP + VAT + Shipping. Cheers, Keith
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