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    Ray East
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    Elise S
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    Full 2bular exhaust system. Nitron street series shocks
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  1. Ray 56. Can I be in your gang?
  2. Cheers mate. Hope you can make it on Thursday.I'm not 100% myself.Been off sick from work this week for the first time in years. We've met before Bibs.I live in North Kent and have been to a few of the Brands meets before. Look forward to having a look at that lovely Evora. Another Lotus design that's looks fantastic from every angle.(IMHO of course. I think it looks better than the new design Esprit).
  3. Spot on answer. Guitars are very personal things. There are so many different makers out there,producing top quality instruments that the old choice between Gibson or Fender is not as relevant nowadays. Gibson quality control is not as good as it used to be, I have owned a Les Paul and a Strat. They both sounded great, but the quality of either was nowhere near as good as my Musicman Silhouette or my PRS. Although I love the sound and shape of the Strat, and they are iconic guitars, they just feel slapped together(my humble opinion). It's really all about the player. Eric Clapton or Jimmy page would sound fantastic playing a cheap student guitar.
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    Hi everyone. Just joined, so an introduction is in order. I've owned my Red Elise for 2 years now, It's my every day driver and I have enjoyed every minute of ownership after spending far too long making the decision to take the plunge and buy one. I regulary participate in local Lotus events (different forum),and recognise some names on this one. I work in engineering and am interested in every nut,bolt and washer that hold these iconic British sports cars together.(All the Japanese parts as well!). I look forward to meeting some new faces in the coming months. Ray.
  5. Thanks mate. Should be able to make it.
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