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  1. Clynos1

    VPK 364Y

    Still looking for VPK 364Y! no info as yet. Anyone got any ideas how I can find out where the car is? Thanks David
  2. Richard, Thanks for the offer, I may well take you up on it if the pressure gets a bit much. If you need to see something already stripped or need any help with where to get parts etc. give me call. Going to Lotusbits tomorrow for some missing 'bits' : more expense, who said restoration was painless? David
  3. You may have seen this request on other sites, but, I understand that an Esprit Turbo I once owned (VPK 364Y), having purchased it new From Bell & Collville, is still on the road and know doubt giving the current owner the same enjoyment that I had all those years ago. If you are the current owner or know of the cars whereabouts please get in touch. Many thanks David
  4. Richard, having just start along the some road with 1981 Esprit S3 (purchased already stripped!!!) I feel you may well have the advantage, with a complete car, whereas, I am still taking an inventory of the missing parts! Take lots and lots of photos as you dismantle, its amassing how you look at something only a day after taking it off and cannot remember where it goes or what it is. Workshop manual and parts book are a must. David
  5. Anyone had any experience of FALKEN tyres, they are available in the sizes 225/60 15-96W and 195/60 15-88V? David
  6. Hi, On the 4[sup]th[/sup] October I Purchased a 1981 Esprit S3 in pieces, as you do!, or should I say as I do, this being the third car I have purchased in this way. I thought I would try and document the events during the restoration and attach a few photos as we go. Please be patient, as this is the first time I have tried this ‘Blogging’ process. On initial inspection it would appear that there are a number of items that will need replacing and some that are missing!! The chassis and most of the mechanical items have just come back from being powder coated and after a two visits to Lotusbits I have started to re-assemble the chassis and all of the running gear. Engine and Gearbox have been sent away to be inspected and in the case of the engine upgraded to ‘HC’ spec. Did not realize that by doing this there are a number of changes that will need to be made, namely Oil Cooler now needs to be at the front of the car not next to the engine, so new oil pipes are the next requirement! Finished running the new brake lines, trial fitting the front suspension and ARB today so time for a rest. Have attached some photos (if I get the process right!) [attachment=18965:IMG_4022.jpg][attachment=18966:IMG_4025.jpg][attachment=18967:IMG_4105.jpg][attachment=18968:IMG_4074.jpg][attachment=18969:IMG_4076.jpg][attachment=18970:IMG_4085.jpg][attachment=18971:IMG_4100.jpg][attachment=18972:IMG_4101.jpg]
  7. Clynos1

    VPK 364Y

    Hi Mark, thanks for the info. How did you find this information out? I would love to see the car again and to see if it might be available??? currently restoring a Esprit S3 1981!! Thanks again David
  8. Clynos1

    VPK 364Y

    Not the usual 'wanted' advert! I would love to trace my first Lotus regrettably sold some years ago. Esprit Turbo in ‘bronze’ Registration No. VPK 364Y. Photo attached. Any information gratefully received. I just hope ‘she’ is still around! Many thanks David
  9. Thanks Guys, Perseverance paid off, two cut fingers and broken socket later and the engine and box are separated, now for the clutch etc. David
  10. Hi, Told I would be back! Am I missing something, I have been trying to separate the engine and gearbox for the last 5 hours!! I can get it separated by about 3/4" but thats it, any suggestions? Thanks David
  11. Thanks for the fast responses, I have a copy of the Parts List and will look for the Manual. Any info on tyres? Regards David
  12. I have just purchased a 1981 Esprit S3 in pieces (as you do) which I am starting to restore! Initially I have two questions which I hope someone can assist: 1 What is the minimum thickness that should be allowed for the front and rear discs? 2. Tyres: 195/60 VR15 and 235/60 VR15 where can I get them and which make is the best? I am sure i will have further questions as the restoration progresses! Many thanks David
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