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  2. Thanks for the replies. I think I was just being over cautious. I saw the guy that fitted it he checked the tension and said no problems and that I could expect a little flap especially when the engine was cold and not under load. So happy now. Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Hi Jon, Yes the bearing and aux belts were changed at the same time.
  4. Hi I have just had new cam belt fitted at my local garage. when idling the belt appears fine with no up and down movement. but when the revs are increased the top section of belt (which is visable with the cover on) moves up and down approx 1cm total at a certain rev range. when the revs are increased further is stabilizes again. Is this normal or is the belt too slack? thanks for any advice.
  5. Peter. Wed and thurs are the best days for me. Can do mon and tues if I can get a baby sitter. Cant do fri.
  6. Im in!!!! hopefully I can do as well as last year. Like the idea of hiding other players predictions until after the race. Good luck all peter
  7. Sorry but I won't be able to make tonight now due to illness. Hopefully see you next month.
  8. 1. Buddsy 2. Andydclements 3.kronos1664 (peter) Regarding days for future meets Wednesdays would be easiest for me. cheers Peter
  9. I'll be up for this if I'm not away with work then. It'll be nice to catch up.
  10. Thats great customer service. How do you find out what recalls there have been on a vehicle and whether they have been carried out or not? Peter
  11. ill be up for this if weather not to bad and im free
  12. Can't make this one.hopefully will make april one now better weather on the way hopefully. Peter
  13. hi andy sounds like a good idea i ll b up for it if im free on the chosen date.
  14. I got 8, god knows how as they look nothing like them. I remember going there as a kid and I thought they were bad then.
  15. had to make a decission for the baby sitter, so have decided to give this a miss tonight as unsure if anyone else going. Hopefully see you guys next month. Peter
  16. will there be a meet tonight? i dont mind either way, just don't wannna drive out to larling if no one esle is going to be there lol
  17. Unfortunately I can't make tonight, too much on at the moment, should hopefully be free next month. cheers Peter
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