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  2. Well no picture nor any other info --- it might be a low milage car is super condition it might be a old clunker. I would say stick it on ebay and let see what it makes but do make a good page otherwise you don't get anything. Cheers Dyna
  3. Dunc My question is where you going to put it? Doesn't look like there is a load of room on the driveway unless you street park one of your other cars... Cheers Dyna PS: Hope to see you soon...
  4. That actually looks rather nice... Cheers Dyna
  5. Hi Funny one on ebay, . Hubby looked at the pics yesterday and it's for sure a S1 but has S2 wheels.. Might be lifted onto a later frame or just changed the wheels Cheers Dyna
  6. We where out with our Singer Chamois the other day and got passed by a Yellow S1 Elite near Hampton Court.. It was a bit over a week ago, no chance to take a pic since it was just passing in the opposite direction. Cheers Dyna
  7. LOL -- thats a good one Duncan, we have sunroof in a few of ours and hubby have one for my Chamois too. It's a folding one although, which I like more than the pop up one - still not sure if I we will install it. Cheers Dyna
  8. Parts manuals are here: Cheers Dyna
  9. What I don't get is why spend a lot of $$ then to sell it (finished) a year later, with little to no chance getting the $$ back. Why not use it for a few years enjoying all the hard earned cash you parted with. Cheers Dyna
  10. Your right (we double checked), but think it make 100% sure it's PAS.. Well guess you could ask the seller .. Cheers Dyna
  11. Well kind of true - well it's very true if you can't do anything your self. But if you can do things your self and you are patient and find the right project (diamond in the rough) and pair that with sensible parts purchasing you can pull of a concourse car for far less than a concourse car costs. That said a lot of people don't see the difference between a really nice car and a concourse car... Cheers Dyna
  12. Well that car has most likely not been in a barn but outside on a drive. Barns usually don't promote moss growth on the air intake grill . Anyways this kind of goes to show that the S2 does show up on eBay (and other classic car sites) relatively frequently, despite being rare with only ~130 made. That said the ones that are really good will not really surface very often (my guess) – Mark it the one that will know. The car on ebay will require a considerable amount of work but so does nearly all sub $2k S2 Elites. What might not be totally obvious is that a moist damaged Elite rust in funny places compared to normal steel bodied cars. Since nearly all internal fasteners including fasteners for external bright work are just blackened (phosphate treatment) you will find that all of them will be rusted to bits due to the constantly damp interior. Simple things like disassembly of the dash or doors will be really hard since the head of the screw is totally corroded – all according to hubby that was using a lot of four letter words while taking ours apart. One thing to be aware of is that the sunroof of this elite on eBay can be expensive to fix (i.e. remove and repair). It’s also hard to tell if this car has AC or PAS from the interior and engine bay. Hubby says it looks like the alternator is low i.e. no AC, which is maybe why they installed the sunroof. One funny thing is that this is the third automatic S2 of six S2, that I’m aware been on sale since late fall last year. Cheers Dyna
  13. We would be happy to share our (well hubbys) knowledge about how to do a good paint job or prep you car for paint. Cheers Dyna
  14. Just wait is my well our recommendation, we were around looking at Elites and all S1 had chassis that needed loads of work. There are also a number of other improvements on the S2 cars compared to the S1. However since you are looking for a very nice car you could possibly look for a very good original low mileage S1 (i.e not restored). Cheers Dyna
  15. May I ask why don't you do all the work up to the top coat your self. It would safe you loads of $$.. Cheers Dyna
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