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  1. Would anyone have or be able to take photos of the finish on the cut ends of the black plastic side trims on the door and wheel arches? I forgot to take some before the old ones were disposed of
  2. Just had a reply from compomotive, they recommend
  3. It’s a long shot, would anyone have a spare inner rim for a compotive split rim alloy? As one of mine has cracked, or recommend someone who could repair/weld it?
  4. Hi where did you source the bolts and shouldered nuts from? How much are the spacers and stickers you had made? Thanks lyndon
  5. hi, did you get the chance to find that info in the service notes?
  6. any recommendations of suppliers of the turbo esprit stickers and stripes.?? also does anyone have a pair of long stem mirrors? even the mirror casings will do,, without the stems thanks
  7. just saw it on ebay, and was about to make the same post
  8. anyone have any recommendations for replacing the headlights?
  9. bumpers will be going back to black
  10. ummm not sure................. just been looking at other pics,, and yeh it probably double the length, now it looks like wheelbarrow
  11. sorry for the delay in adding the pics,,, as for the colour,, I am more than likely to go back to White,, as that's the colour it left the factory, and the red interior will go with it ;-),,,,, tho the other idea is an homage to the Essex,, by putting a chrome stripe in the gap of the two red stipes,,, not as bold as an Essex,, but an option
  12. the guy who refurbished my wheels, makes the caps,, he supplies SJ's
  13. £400 all in still unsure on the colour,,, everytime I see a pic of Hopos bronze esprit I drool,, but I cant justify a full interior retrim white was its original colour, and works with the red interior (was originaly brown) keeping it blue is the easiest option, but I just cant decide,, think I will be flipping a coin lol
  14. going to email SJ,, to see what size theirs are, haven't put them back on that esprit yet, so no pics at the mo these have them in all sizes just doubled checked mine again and theyre actualy 38mm, but going to order 37mm as the edge of the caps are a little worn,,,£14.92 with shipping from that site
  15. yes original compotive split rims, Pirellis on the rear and nankangs on the front... not sure yes on the emblems,, mine are around 40mm the ones on ebay are 45mm
  16. just had my wheels back from Renowheel in Bridgend, and they look a million times better,,, rims taken apart as they were leaking,, polished to mirror finish, new bolts all round, resealed. just need new lotus centre badges
  17. hi Wyn long time no speak,, hope all is well, missing a local one is gutter,,, just like I missed that Essex that was for sale in Wales
  18. article
  19. Sunbeam is for sale soon
  20. Essex and Thieme info I had read that Mansel had a JPS esprit, but this article says that Elio De Angelo had an Essex in Monacco,, anyone got a pic? anyone got the Two Sundays in May DVD?
  21. it was mentioned the Essex cars omitted the lotus lettering from the bumper, the pics I have seen,, some do, some dont
  22. that's my predicament,, I have the wheels, roof mount radio, red interior, and have always wanted an Essex....
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