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    good to read you have found one,, and can get the engine sorted,, still gutted you didnt sell tho ;-)
  2. lotus esprit essex model on ebay another ebay item another ebay model
  3. just got home to find my birthday cake
  4. Two problems with a roof mounted stereo, it's hard to use and u don't half crack your head on it leaning over other. Side of car when u forget it's there,!!
  5. is the the monaco heli air website
  6. Lotus 81 Mario Andretti Essex Oil's distinctive Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II 3A-MSX landing at Bern Belpmoos Airport in Switzerland in 1980 (Photo: Anton Heumann) owned by Essex Oil founder David Thieme Colin Chapman had his own helicopter G-AYTF " GAY DANCER" which appeared in both Essex and JPS liveries G-AYTF Mario Andretti gota love this pic = Lotus 88 Essex F1 car (Mansell - and the car was famously banned from competing, along with its 2-chassis construction!) in the reflection of a Lotus Essex Esprit (car no.100 Mario at Monacco 1980 apparently the photo of the helicopter on top on the team motor homes is outside the Albert hall,,, showy millionaire David Thieme - with a black hat and a goatlike beard - plastered his Essex logos all over Team Lotus. At the time Thieme's parties were stunning, simply because no-one had ever done such things before. For 2 years running he had a gala dinner in London's Albert Hall, with excellent food and gorgeous wines. The diners were then serenaded by singers Shirley Bassey in the first year and Ray Charles in the second. The launch of Essex Team Lotus in December 1979 was at the Paradis du Latin cabaret in Paris, THE fashionable club of the era. The press were put up in a fancy hotel and ferried about in stretched limousines and then, after dinner and an exhibition of feathered ladies dancing around, a Lotus painted in Essex colors suddenly began to descend from the roof, with a terrified Mario Andretti, clad in a dinner jacket, clinging to the car as it floated gradually to earth. Those were the days before every F1 launch had dry ice and laser beams and people were rather stunned.
  7. Made by Marshall, Cambrigde . Based on a Leyland PSV3B/4R chassis Brands Hatch July 1980 David Thieme in cowboy hat Jet ranger helicopter Essex Lotus 79D backup - Mario Andretti 1980
  8. another shot, with the St Tropez in the top corner i will find the link for the photos, Rolf,, most were fro piston heads or flickr websites from
  9. came up when i was searching got the saint tropez pics,, like the retrim and engine cover too... like you have said one hell of a lot of work mkaing the body panels...... catch that pidgeon!!!!!
  11. great website,, thanks for sharing ;-) more photos here Red one at Knockhill 2008
  12. dont know what that is for either,,will have to trace wiring,, the aeriel doesnt work,, did wonder if somone had fitted a switch to it, no alarm fob came with it thanks for the answers
  13. thanks for the comments guys wonder if you could answer a few questions,, this is where the complete novice owner questions begin ;-),,, my lotus doesnt have the tailgate release behind the drivers seat,,, as there is lock on the tailgate,, also the choke isnt under the steering wheel,, but located on the tunnel top mounted in the centre arm rest, between the electric window buttons,, (well i think its the choke) also there is a rocker switch located there too (photo attached) dont know what this is for..... is this because its an earlier esprit
  14. more deseamed pics
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