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  1. more deseamed pics
  2. Dry sump club ? Never heard of it! U must be mistaken!! My misses always gives our cars nick names, she wanted to call it pixie via it starts with p and ends in x, but I said Walther lol, Sud I spray in bronze and fit a ski rack lol? Don't think the Essex lads wud be impressed with a tinfoil fake Essex :-(
  3. Cheers guys, hopefully get to meet some of the local guys, as I obviously will need lots of advice, even has the roof mounted Panasonic radio, unfortunately the head unit has been changed to a modern one :-( Forgot to say all it needs is the Essex stickers and don't think anyone would now the difference lol, as for bumpers definately will repaint satin black, plus a few touch up elsewhere The downside is that it doesn't have full service history, only partial
  4. it certainly does clean the look up, but then again thats what circumcission is all about lol
  5. my new baby,, just made it back from Oldham (250miles) in one piece ;-)
  6. due to the bad weather and snow on the weekend, i decided not to go up,, but will be going tomorrow ;-)
  7. Lotus Esprit Turbo [Type 82] in The Great Muppet Caper, Movie, 1981
  8. that would be the one,,,hopefully going to see it on the weekend
  9. hi,,are there any members in the oldham area? theres an esprit i fancy going to look at ,and it would be good to go with someone that knows what to look out for lyndon for info its a 1981, (no sunroof) in blue with red interior, MOT till nov, new tyres, new turbo, lots of history and 55,000 miles said to be excellent overall condition oh,,,and it my budget lol last owner 10yrs,, now with a trader/dealer
  10. haha i can dream.. though i do know of the guy that won the million,lucky git,,, didnt get to see the white lotus in the end and its been sold, will keep on looking
  11. the guy wanted £1500 to service it after sale, plus what ever it costs to get it through an mot
  12. is that from listening to the video on youtube? same noise on a 21t when the manifold had a crack too
  13. yeh it was with lotus first in 84,, then sold to a customer in 85,my first choice has now been taken off the market as the guy is rebuilding the engine,, so think i will go and look at the white one asap
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