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  1. yeh it was with lotus first in 84,, then sold to a customer in 85,my first choice has now been taken off the market as the guy is rebuilding the engine,, so think i will go and look at the white one asap
  2. yeh one of them is the white one on PH ,,,reading the forums seems oil leak onto the exhaust is more likely to be cam cover gaskets leaking?
  3. hi guys,, have been keeping an eye out for turbo esprits for sale, and interested in two, which are up in the London/Kent areas,, both are in my budget,, and bodywork /interiors seems to be great from the photos on both,, however both owners have told be about a problem on each esprit,, the 1st one, once warmed up, smokes a little bit, but doesnt overheat and no sign of head gasket problems, from owning renault turbos, i had considered this could be worm turbo oil seals,, the 2nd one has developed an oil leak which drips onto the exhaust,, not sure from where yet,, awaitng further inf
  4. thats exactly what i was thinking,, i know the turbo is going to cost more own, and having felt the rush i had with the renault 21 turbo,i wouldnt want to miss out on the turbo esprit, the reason i bought the renault in the first place was because it had similar perfomance,, but i didnt have the budget,, similar questions are asked on the 21t forums with regard to the different models, as that had 4 versions, PH1, PH2,PH3 and Quadra, and everyone had a favourite, as they all drove and performed differently, although the PH1 is still my favourite, your comments are appreciated, a later G
  5. have spoken to the owner, ,and the photos shown are now the ones of the car having read through the forums, it appears the s3 can be slightly cheaper to run and buy,, but the turbo esprit has always been the one i have wanted, and dreamed of owning. later 87 -HC models also appear to less problematic from some of the comments in posts, S3 cars seem to be more common than the turbo and in my price range,, along with a few of the stevens shaped cars. for the guys here that have started with an S3 and traded up, or even if you have gone back to an S3 i would love to hear your views, the
  6. found this one still for sale 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit Libary Picture Fabulous looking red 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo 2174cc - Full service history. 69,919 miles - had engine rebuild in 1997 at cost of £5000 - plus around £20,000 of receipts for all completed works since new. Full service history. Stainless steel exhaust. All new shock absorbers and new springs in 2004. Good Pirelli tyres. newly fitted cam belt (with receipts) fitted 5th September 2011 and 12 months MOT. £7,500 - no offers anyone know of the car?
  7. saw this on piston heads the same time,, very tempted,,, but i want a G car
  8. hi guys thanks for the welcome,, much appreciated, ive aspired to have an esprit since i was a kid,, im now 43,, so obviously i am in no rush to purchase one yet,, and obviously waiting a little longer will increase my funds (as long as values dont keep going up) John and Simon good to hear from some local guys too,,John, yeh im only a few minutes away , Simon as it happens im in Bargoed most weekends visiting friends,, so would love to meet up at some point as for working on the cars,, having owned renault 21 turbos for over 12yrs, i can be pretty hands on mechanically, but i miss tha
  9. hi,, i have just joined the forums,, im from Neath in South Wales, UK, are there any local owners? im interested in buying a Turbo Esprit, (Giugiaro) i currently have approx 10k to spend, would prefer something that doesnt need restoring, any advice greatfully recieved,, anyone know anything about the following cars? several posts that i have read suggest not buying the turbo esprit as your first esprit,, but it is the car i have always wanted to have, but could never afford one,, i have own
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