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  1. not sure if it is an original, as I couldn't see the badge number,,, but thought it was worth a post,,,

    maybe he just did the typical jap thing  or couldn't find rubber for the 3piece  alloys


    as for mine

    the wheels are in for a polish and sort out the leaks,, once that's done its respray time,,, but still cant make m mind up on a colour lol

  2. thanks for the comments guys,, the purist would to be put it back to factory spec,, but then I would always want one of the other two,,

    so I know white is now out of the equation,


    Hopo, I already have the acquired taste for bronze,, I nearly bought yours remember,

    the misses just said,,, well another bronze may come along one day,, but the odds on an Essex?? so go for the Essex replica,, then if a bronze does appear you can buy it for me lol...

    are Essex livery decals still available?

  3. in the next few weeks, I hope the esprit will go in for its respray, at a cost of around £3000 for a full colour change and repairs to the cracks in bodywork


    over the last few months, its had a major service and a few jobs done, it passed its mot on Monday with only a rear indicator failure, due to damaged wiring,,

    next is new suspension, and bushes,, not because I need to, but I would rather them done before it goes to the body shop.


    anyone have recommendations on types and suppliers for suspension?

    also do 1985 front brake discs fit on an 1981?


    lastly,, the major choice to decide on,,


    my esprit was originally white from the factory with chocolate brown interior, and overhead Panasonic radio, then sprayed blue in the early 80's and a red interior retrim (dyed)


    I have always wanted an Essex, and a bronze coloured esprit, and as a last choice love the look of the white.


    leaving it blue, saves costs, as there is no colour change, its almost impossible to find an Essex,  could I live with myself rebadging mine as a fake one??


    Bronze colour change would lead to a new interior retrim, as red wouldn't exactly go


    and whilst I also love the white,(and back to original factory spec) , I know I would still yearn for the bronze or Essex,


    at the moment im probably 60/40 to the bronze/essex


    if you had the choice, it would be interesting to hear your comments


  4. Great shot  Malcolm :unworthy:

    Hi Lex, Hopo,



    I will need to take the camera out with me and get some decent photos. Only ones i have are boring insurance ones. Here is a view that the insurers didnt ask for :-)





    For those interested in the technical details, its taken from first floor window utilising 3m of plastic pipe, the centre part out of the tripod and gaffer tape. Camera is Panazonic TZ5.

  5. love this pic too Hopo


    would love to find a bronze one, im currently thinking of respraying mine from blue, back to its original white,,, but the more I look at this, although it would mean I would have retrim the interior too,, though with some ski racks and my number plate it could be fun !



    decisions, decisions decisions,,, keep it blue,, go white, go bronze ? :huh:

  6. hi guys, I have a 1981 dry sump esprit, with trunions, I finaly have the money to start doing various jobs on her before it goes in for a respray,, (still no sure wether to keep it blue, or put it back to its original white) with regard to suspension etc,, what have you guys done with it,, upgraded it? if so with what,, or keep as original, and use poly bushes etc,, and recommendations on shocks etc



    additionally,, with regard to tyre pressures,, is 21 to the front and 25 to the rears correct? had to get the threaded valves changed today as one of them snapped, and the guy in the garage thought the recommended pressure is to low

  7. great to see the pic of the three esprits together

    this website does say there were two cars plus the shell in corfu for filming and two in italy


    "Lotus Esprit Turbo in For Your Eyes Only (1981)

    For Roger Moore's fifth role, the script called for two vehicles. First, on the island of Corfu, Bond used a white Esprit Turbo. When the bad guys tried to break into it, it destroyed itself. Then, in Cortina d'Ampezzo, another Esprit Turbo, this time with a copper metallic paint, was used.

    Since the two camera teams on the island of Corfu needed the car at several points of the island at the same time, two white vehicles had to be shipped there. Additionally, a chassis worth about 16,000 German marks was delivered, whereupon it was professionally blown into bits. In January 1981, the same vehicles were waiting in Cortina d'Ampezzo. They had been repainted with the copper metallic paint. The interior trim with the top-quality, brown Connolly leather remained the same. The only change was the mounting of a roof rack for two pairs of skis. The antenna had to be taken off, since it would not have been good for the shooting, and the brake lights were disconnected - after all, James Bond never brakes, he only accelerates. At temperatures down to 18 degrees Celsius below zero, the car was only to be seen in two short scenes: once during the arrival in Cortina in front of the Hotel Miramonti, then once in front of the ice stadium."

    Bond artwork with the copper esprit


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