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  2. Has anyone came across these? I found them on ebay and they are cheap, I think a member on here had some fitted??? and they looked ace! I am thinking of purchasing these from ebay as the guide seems pretty easy for the install. Any advise will be much appreciated! The seller seems to have mixed feedback with regards to the item, are there different size lights on the s2 range? Any way ill take some photos and let you guys now how it goes. Or Item Id: 261035482378 Chee
  3. Ok guys just a bit of an update.... I have the rover K series lump in my elise, so I would like to know my options if anyone would like to share their wisdom.. thanks
  4. @ Buddsy, Thanks for the link pal, I am not a professional by no means but I do consider myself a good driver Me and my friends are doing a track day in november and I was thinking of having 3x30min sessions which is cheaper than the lotus academy training :S ? ? and spending the spare cash I do have on some mods how ever small or big they would be. Thanks all the same. @ Bibs, Thanks for the info Bibs I dont really have a £4k to splash on a supercharger just out of curiosity what are the specs? ie what torc and bhp does it add etc? Thanks for all the input guys
  5. Hi guys thanks for all the replies, I have a S model @Rich i am in bootle @ ramjet I test drove a R4 before I had an s2000 lovely machines just wasn't for me i am looking into the supercharger root as we speak but can not find much info on them I am new to forums, and useless at finding thing on the internet (unless its porn ) I am sure i will get there in the end. thanks once again Buttons
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, I am new here and i'm also new to all things lotus. I purchased my 2003 S2 a few days ago and I must say its growing on me alot!, I've jumped ship from a Honda S2000 AP2. First impressions on the drive home from collection.... Dam this is loud, uncomfortable but so so so much fun and I think I am going to keep it. Its a 1.8 engine and to be honest I was expecting a lot more from the elise. So my thoughts on this are, if i'm going to keep it I need to make some modifications! other than an engine transplant what are my options for performance upgrades? any suggestions or a
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