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  1. Mine does exactly the same, although after its warmed up properly it seems to go away (takes a while). As soon as its cooled down its back.
  2. I got in touch with them sometime ago as I noticed the pictures on their site where SSC pictures but I've had nothing back. I got myself added to a mailing list for when they get parts in but again that was a while ago and I have heard nothing since.
  3. I do like the newer look, i.e. engine cover, wing, front service cover thingy. The exhaust could be noisier it's a shame there isn't a SSC UK stockist, I'd love their back box and intake. However not sure they can be used with a KT remap....
  4. Hi all, what would be the best route when you start to get bored of your V6S, upgrade or exchange? My car has just clocked 30k so exchanging could be a little challenging... However there are loads of mods and reading the build threads makes that route quite tempting. Wondered what others have done, thanks in advance
  5. Fixed/fitted mine at the weekend, although left felt slightly robbed (£50 inc shipping) for two wavy bits of metal.... Worked though !
  6. I tried to get to the power connector from under the passenger left speaker, there is one bolt holding a plastic box where the power cables go into but even though I removed the bolt it would not come off. Seemed to be stuck on, I am tempted to take power from between the seats but I'm nervous about overloading the cable?
  7. Ahhhh, awesome, getting these ordered today !
  8. Hi just out of interest what is the fix? Mine is now out of the warranty period, it squeaks and rocks, drives me crazy ha
  9. Hi all, At the weekend I attempted to fit a sub (alpine), I was going to mount it on the shelf behind the seats. When it came to installing the wires, I needed to get the audio and remote cable from up from the centre console to the back of the headunit. When I looked there appears to be no way getting the cables up there as its seems to be encased, unaccessable from underneath (it was sealed with just a length of metal, the only hole I could see was the incoming ventilation)? Any ideas? Many thanks
  10. Hi, anyone fitted an active sub ? If so where did you route the power too? Many thanks
  11. Hey all, not massively technical with the exige so please bare with me I am thinking of changing out my exhaust for a SSC, it looks like it replaces a CAT? Is there another CAT further up? Not sure if I read correctly there is more than one? If not I guess this would then fail a UK MOT? Many thanks
  12. Sorry to add to the request but anyone got any vids of the SSC exhaust? Or if they make a plack edition for the Exige?
  13. Hey thanks for replying, its a 63 plate (MY13?), I reseated the access panel. Still does it, is it just the cabin that's excluded on a double tap (single beep)? Also would that make the sensor where the cargo net is (just below the light)? Cheers
  14. Hi all, recently my alarm is playing up, pretty much every time I arm it within minutes its going off. I have to double tap arm so that it doesn't go off, I assume its a cabin sensor issue? Does anyone know where they are situated? Or any advice to what could be the cause? Many thanks
  15. Bit worrying reading this, I have a V6S which I purchased almost a 1 year ago, it did have 24K on it (now 27k) at the time it bothered me about the high mileage but I got a good deal on my trade in. I don't see many high mileage V6's at all for sale. Like most I thought about modding, although now wondering whether to exchange for a 380. However given the mileage I'm wondering whether I would get hammered on the mileage? Or is it just worth doing some sympathetic modding....? cheers
  16. Can the changes to the 350 be retro fitted to the S? Is it cost effective? Or would it be better to sell the S and buy a 350? Cheers
  17. Hi is it easy to get pops and bangs out the exige. What would I need to do? New exhaust and map? Cheers
  18. Hi, just got in my car to drive home and my clutch pedal is squeaking really bad. The noise is coming from the engine bay and as soon as you put pressure on the pedal it squeaks, sounds abit rubbery. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance
  19. Hmm maybe have to get some jazzy decals
  20. No spinning whilst running around with the exhaust button on close. Thats in tour, sport and race. I suspect something isn't quite right.....
  21. Hi all, since getting my car I cant believe how many times I've nearly been driven into. I'm presuming because its low and white (maybe)? Have DRLs but guessing that arnt bright enough, do you guys swap out your lights for something brighter? Run round with a traffic cone stuck to the top? I fear down to the law of averages someone is going to run into me soon and I'd like to try and prevent it Thanks in advance
  22. Have noticed something, not sure whether I am imagining this but I normally drive with the exhaust open (little button) however since driving with the button not pressed (exhaust closed) I no longer spin !. Would that make sense? Does the exhaust being open potentially affect the DPM (maybe adding confusion to it) because it spins so easy and the light on the dash doesn't flicker all the time when it does) Wondered if anyone else had noticed.... ta
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