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  1. I recently got offered £24k and £27K for my 2013 V6S, on a couple of part ex deals. Full dealer service, good condition, 1 previous owner, 31k mileage. What a joke, so greedy.
  2. I wanted to give this a go too but wasn't sure how to hold it in place, any advice where to get the 'air straightener'? Also any risk of the glue coming off, going into the engine? Cheers
  3. Ah, I have this problem too, not rev past 5500, have to clear the codes via a scanner
  4. I purchased a Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth from Amazon last night, should be here today. Planning to use in conjunction with Torque Pro. Will let you know what it's like.
  5. Have you seen the QuickJacks? Goonzquad use them a lot (youtubers), they look pretty effective.
  6. Nice one, I did the 10 mins idle and did a 30 mile run, very low revs. Now sounds ace, and feels urgent on the throttle. I was surprised how much crap gets into the engine bay, given the undertray etc. I am concerned more crap can get in now I've removed that ginormous airbox and piping.
  7. Oh yeah 😎 Alias23 induction fitted, ran in, sounds awesome, now have to buy the rear louver cover to hide the massive hole the existing air box left Weirdly I now have three lights that come up consecutively like a rev thingy, then sometimes flash all at once for a second (all three) then drop off, didnt do this before. Looks cool though. I have a query... the relocation of the solenoid (see pic) I noticed it got really hot - as in couldnt touch it. Is this normal? BTW ignore how dirty my engine bay looks, I didnt even know it could get like that until I removed all the guff around
  8. I'd love to swap out my rear glass but can not justify the cost, shame its not cheaper
  9. Hi there, was wondering whether a Lotus Elise and Exige S2 carpet set would fit a V6S? Cheers
  10. Thanks, just found it on DeRoure... Position: 02a Part Number: A120B0452F Description: Decal, 'L O T U S', silver 537mm long Notes: On rear transom - Sport 350 Qty on Car: 1 Price (each): £38.62 @Edinburgh 111s Which ring in your GRP's have the reflectors? Cheers
  11. Loving that matt bandit mask, did your car come with it or did you get it done, looks like the LOTUS letters are printed on it?
  12. If you have the built-in reflectors does it spoil part of the look?
  13. Hi, one of my front shocks is leaking pretty bad and I need to replace it. I don't track the car so would OEM be a better option for the road? If so, does anyone know the torque settings? Many thanks
  14. I've been thinking the same for a while, either plow money into mods and keep it or jump into a different car. AMG GT s looks tempting. I can't warm to the idea upgrading to a 380, think I'd be looking at 25-30k to trade up from a V6S, is it worth it?
  15. Hi all, I fancy having the rear matt black, would it be better to vinyl wrap or spray? Can anyone recommend anyone that could do this? How to they get the lotus letters in the right place? 🤔 Cheers
  16. Mine does exactly the same, although after its warmed up properly it seems to go away (takes a while). As soon as its cooled down its back.
  17. I got in touch with them sometime ago as I noticed the pictures on their site where SSC pictures but I've had nothing back. I got myself added to a mailing list for when they get parts in but again that was a while ago and I have heard nothing since.
  18. I do like the newer look, i.e. engine cover, wing, front service cover thingy. The exhaust could be noisier it's a shame there isn't a SSC UK stockist, I'd love their back box and intake. However not sure they can be used with a KT remap....
  19. Hi all, what would be the best route when you start to get bored of your V6S, upgrade or exchange? My car has just clocked 30k so exchanging could be a little challenging... However there are loads of mods and reading the build threads makes that route quite tempting. Wondered what others have done, thanks in advance
  20. Fixed/fitted mine at the weekend, although left felt slightly robbed (£50 inc shipping) for two wavy bits of metal.... Worked though !
  21. I tried to get to the power connector from under the passenger left speaker, there is one bolt holding a plastic box where the power cables go into but even though I removed the bolt it would not come off. Seemed to be stuck on, I am tempted to take power from between the seats but I'm nervous about overloading the cable?
  22. Ahhhh, awesome, getting these ordered today !
  23. Hi just out of interest what is the fix? Mine is now out of the warranty period, it squeaks and rocks, drives me crazy ha
  24. Hi all, At the weekend I attempted to fit a sub (alpine), I was going to mount it on the shelf behind the seats. When it came to installing the wires, I needed to get the audio and remote cable from up from the centre console to the back of the headunit. When I looked there appears to be no way getting the cables up there as its seems to be encased, unaccessable from underneath (it was sealed with just a length of metal, the only hole I could see was the incoming ventilation)? Any ideas? Many thanks
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