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  1. 3 hours ago, alias23 said:

    I go to all that effort of powder coating and it then lives in that dirty engine bay lol

    The solenoid is where I've had mine now for about 3-4 years and not had an issue buddy :)

    Just ensure you take your time with run in!

    Nice one, I did the 10 mins idle and did a 30 mile run, very low revs. Now sounds ace, and feels urgent on the throttle. I was surprised how much crap gets into the engine bay, given the undertray etc. I am concerned more crap can get in now I've removed that ginormous airbox and piping.

  2. Oh yeah 😎 Alias23 induction fitted, ran in, sounds awesome, now have to buy the rear louver cover to hide the massive hole the existing air box left :D

    Weirdly I now have three lights that come up consecutively like a rev thingy, then sometimes flash all at once for a second (all three) then drop off, didnt do this before. Looks cool though.

    I have a query... the relocation of the solenoid (see pic) I noticed it got really hot - as in couldnt touch it. Is this normal? BTW ignore how dirty my engine bay looks, I didnt even know it could get like that until I removed all the guff around it.

    Thanks @alias23 for a super service.



  3. 4 minutes ago, Edinburgh 111s said:

    It’s standard from the factory. Most 350’s and upwards have this look. The letters are stickers. 

    Thanks, just found it on DeRoure...

    Position: 02a
    Part Number: A120B0452F
    Description: Decal, 'L O T U S', silver 537mm long
    Notes: On rear transom - Sport 350
    Qty on Car: 1
    Price (each): £38.62

    @Edinburgh 111s Which ring in your GRP's have the reflectors? Cheers

  4. I've been thinking the same for a while, either plow money into mods and keep it or jump into a different car. AMG GT s looks tempting.

    I can't warm to the idea upgrading to a 380, think I'd be looking at 25-30k to trade up from a V6S, is it worth it?

  5. 21 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    There is - Hoffman’s are their UK agent (although they won’t necessarily keep everything in stock). 

    I got in touch with them sometime ago as I noticed the pictures on their site where SSC pictures but I've had nothing back. I got myself added to a mailing list for when they get parts in but again that was a while ago and I have heard nothing since.

  6. I do like the newer look, i.e. engine cover, wing, front service cover thingy. The exhaust could be noisier :) it's a shame there isn't a SSC UK stockist, I'd love their back box and intake. However not sure they can be used with a KT remap....

  7. Hi all, what would be the best route when you start to get bored of your V6S, upgrade or exchange?

    My car has just clocked 30k so exchanging could be a little challenging...

    However there are loads of mods and reading the build threads makes that route quite tempting.

    Wondered what others have done, thanks in advance :)

  8. Hi all,

    At the weekend I attempted to fit a sub (alpine), I was going to mount it on the shelf behind the seats. When it came to installing the wires, I needed to get the audio and remote cable from up from the centre console to the back of the headunit. When I looked there appears to be no way getting the cables up there as its seems to be encased, unaccessable from underneath (it was sealed with just a length of metal, the only hole I could see was the incoming ventilation)?

    Any ideas? Many thanks

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