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  1. Spoke to Bibs.....................(or rather he called me)......................... sorted
  2. Still nothing here, got the confirmation email on the day of registering last week so thought all was good. Now, Bibs is obviously working hard trying to sort it but the process does seem a little bizarre to me, Lotus surely aren't so hard up they need to rely on a volunteer to manage all this for them?
  3. No problem, yes it comes in the black shiny plastic as it is. It has a sticky cover that you can leave on until it's in place then peel off to avoid marking it. I think it's 2m of the tape stuff per side to give you enough slack. It's nothing special that you can't get elsewhere and I beefed mine up with some foam double sided tape.
  4. Pretty easy, I can't remember exactly but a couple of the bolts are a little tricky to get to in terms of peeling back the rubber seal around the door but I think I managed it start to finish in about 10 minutes. The service manual shows where all the bolts are. Most are visible just as is. The only tricky element is getting the new one on and aligned without unnecessarily stressing it as you need to slightly bend it to get it in.
  5. I'm not sure why but Roy Hodgson driving an Aventador is hilarious.
  6. Yep, all doable just by removing the knob and lift tube. I've yet to have had time to look at a better solution although I've driven it a fair bit since and all is good. 1. Assuming you have the standard leather knob - Prize the lotus badge off the top. 2. Undo and remove the bolt that is exposed (10mm socket IIRC) 3. Pull top of the knob straight off. Do not twist it, it's keyed to the lift tube. May be a bit stuck but it will. come off. Be careful as this releases the tension on the spring which you can then remove too (side note, if not already there put a very small screw in the top of the spring - it was a service bulletin update to make sure it stays centred) 4. Lower half can now be slid off too revealing the lift tube and you should then be able to see what's going on.
  7. It works!!!! Scanner arrived earlier. Just tried it and after a little bit of bashing about (I'm not 100% sure how I did it) the light is now off. Driven up the road and back and it has stayed off. I talked to it by telling it it was a Daewoo Epica. Only because that was the first type that came up of the several possibles listed on Lotus Talk.
  8. Right, fixed it but it's left me going "Hmmmm". What was happening was that sprung "tabs" on the plastic lift tube adapter (part number 35 on the diagram) weren't engaging well enough onto the lift tube itself. The adapter sits inside the lift tube and the tabs stick out slightly above and hook onto the top of the lift tube. So, with these not engaging you could pull the tube up without it actually activating the mechanism. To be honest it is an amazingly slight connection for what it needs to do. I have managed to fix it as I had a load of nylon shoulder washers in my bits and bobs box. One of these with the flange machined down a bit then cut along it's length (it was a bit too small to fit round the shaft) was thin enough to slide in between the shaft and the lift tube adapter enough to force the tabs out so that they engage. All seems OK now although I'll take it apart again after a while to check. I fancy a new knob and the MY12 one requires a new lift tube. That won't be a bad plan as there's evidence of someone being in there before such was the slightly chewed thread in the alloy where the knob bolts down onto it.
  9. Ta, yep, worth a try. I do have the standard one though. It's the fact there seems to be very little resistance in the lift tube that makes me think something has become detached and that it is definitely at the gear lever end rather than anything more untoward. It happily goes into first. I shall get it back in the garage then do some poking around later this morning
  10. Jumped in the car just now (2011 S) to go out for an early drive as I have some errands to run and it won't select reverse. The lift tube seems to have no resistance in it and doesn't spring back down if you pull it up. Anyone else experience this? Likely to be some issue with the lift tube? Spring broken or come adrift? Bloody annoying but at least it has happened at home.
  11. Useful stuff. Thanks gents. I'll try with that Foxwell one I think. Was there a thread on one of the US forums with the trial and error work? Aha found it. Seems worth a try as it'll be useful for other stuff too.
  12. Does anybody know if there are any, reasonable money - say up to £300ish OBD scanners that would do more than just read engine codes? Specifically, interrogate the airbag system etc? Or is it really only Lotus tech centre that can do such things? I ask as I am toying with buying a half decent one to help with other cars (recently had an issue with the airbags in my wife's C Class and if I'd been able to grab the code the moment the light came on it would have shortened the diagnostic time (and therefore spend) at the dealer considerably. I can find such scanners that work with typical brands such as Mercedes, BMW, VAG stuff etc and can talk to airbag systems, ABS etc as well as engine, but Lotus is never listed - I assume as it's so small. I can't imagine though that Lotus' systems are utterly bespoke so........
  13. Odd question but does anyone happen to know what car the Evora's door latch striker plates come from? The Lotus part number is A124B0201F. I haven't had a look at mine closely yet to see if there are any markings as I'm not near the car at the moment.
  14. I should have a 2bular one for sale in the next week or so if you're in no desperate rush.
  15. Yes, they can do different tips. My car was used for the supercharged version development and that was definitely something that could be done. The NA version on Bibs' car has twin round pipes.
  16. Is it item 3 on here? Looks like the end sticking into the engine bay on yours should be round the other way connected to the side intake piece. Mine (an S so might be slightly different as where yours is open into the engine bay it'd be pointing right at the nose of the blower) seems to work like that although the hose looks shorter. The open end on mine goes froward in the engine bay and ends sort of in line with the rear of the engine all at the same horizontal level. It's zip tied near the end to hold it steady.
  17. Car looks great, I may tap you up in time for some carbon! Quick question, are your sills and roof wrapped or painted? I ask as I want mine wrapped and as I'm not far from you I wondered if you had someone trusted locally.
  18. Canyon Red. It's another one that can change in different light. In quite bright light it goes more orangey, in lower light it goes more cherry red. Pic with the dog was in August and a very bright day. The dirty pic was Christmas day 2016.
  19. Lotus are selling them off on Motorsport Auctions. I did want some oyster ones but they've sold all of those so went for tan instead (or cognac as it seems to be called).
  20. I do like a nice heated seat. My Evora doesn't have them. I've just picked up a new set of tan seat covers for the recaros from Lotus as they are selling them off cheaply and my black ones have a little bit of bolster wear. Tan should go well with my metallic red car and as it'll just be the seats themselves I am hoping it'll not look overwhelming as the dash sweep can do at times but also not look odd. It's a risk I'm happy to take. So, if the seats are coming out and being re-covered anyway it seems daft not to put bum warmers in as well. A fair few trimmers seem to offer it as a service. I'll be happy not to have the proper buttons on the dash that the factory fit would have had and am happy with aftermarket kits as my C Class has one that the previous owner fitted and similarly that has a button on the seats rather than the OEM dash buttons. My question then is how tricky this would be, is there suitable wiring in situ already, is anything significant required to be done etc etc? I've seen the decent sized thread on doing similar on here but that seems to focus on getting the dash buttons to work if retrofitted.
  21. Had the shroud off and disconnected, cleaned and replaced the main connector going from the module to the rotating piece. No joy. Next I have to have a muse about whether I dare do the same trying to remove the airbag itself to do similar with the several connections there. The Service manual does suggest most faults emanate from there.
  22. Code reader connected nicely (it has live tracking so I could watch it do things so am confident it was talking to the car). No codes though and the light was back on when I was doing this and percussive maintenance didn't do it this time. Shroud off for a quick look tomorrow I think.
  23. Ah cool. I thought a normal OBD wouldn't talk to the airbag module at all (although not sure why I thought that). Cool, I'll plug mine in and see what it tells me.
  24. Seems to be a few tales floating about of the airbag light being a pain and not being able to be reset without the proper Lotus scan tool (which doesn't seem unreasonable given the safety aspect). Mine (MY2011 S) has come on a couple of times recently but has also gone off again seemingly at random while others have reported that once on, it's on. I wondered about low voltage as the car has sat for a while until I've used it again a fair bit recently but for most of the lay up it was on a trickle charger. I did some research and part of the system along with a connector seems to be located near the bottom of the steering column as it enters the dash. In a mild bit of annoyance I whacked the underside of the steering column shroud (flat of my hand) and hey presto, light went out. So, some sort of slightly iffy connection? I plan to remove the shroud and have a look and hopefully unplug and clean contacts.
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