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  1. Yep....It sure is. It’s a bargain at that price. I’ve run out of space and patience with it.
  2. Mondays and Thursdays are difficult but all remaining weekdays are fine :-)
  3. Dear Santa, I have been a really really good boy all year, so could you please bring me a 910 engine that works? Many thanks Simon from Norwich Age 40
  4. Day Running Lights? Which Lotus are we talking about Andy? Have you treated yourself to an Elise without telling me??
  5. Did you clean the leather first Andy.....Glyptone doesn't stick to dust! #only joking
  6. Nice work Slewthy ;-) I wish I had the courage to strip my's not in bad condition, but the leather has stretched and therefore gone into folds which ruins the aesthetics!
  7. Essex blue with gold BBS's the best colour combo....which is why I bought one too! Mine has dove grey interior though and silver decals.
  8. BTW...mine is Essex blue too...the best colour. Did you do the A pillars black too or did you leave them magnolia?
  9. I like what you've done with the black leather to the top part of your dash. I think I will do the same as I've never been happy with my instrument binnacle being Dove Grey. It's just too much grey and looks to conspicuous with the home made look. Thanks for the inspiration
  10. Should be up for this....functioning esprit depending of course
  11. I feel an adventure to the south of France coming on.....tent in the boot, quiet twist roads and then blow out with a hotel and casino in Monte Carlo....who is with me?
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