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    Europa S2 1970 & Esprit Turbo 1988 (needs some TLC but I´m patient for now :-))
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  1. Greenfort


  2. hmmm - Driven: Europa S2 Elan +2 130 Esprit T Passenger: 7 Elan Elise Evora S (yup with Bibs :-) ) Short list... gotta trick some of the guys from the DK club to let me try their cars
  3. That pic is nice... now I want summer and car-meets :-)
  4. Had the same happen to me... need to figure it out myself, but according to Kim, it´s prob something to do with the sparkplugs - sounds plausible to me. Something about the wires popping out of their sockets. think it happens right below the carbs (yours has carbs too right?). @Vulcan - does a blown HG rly produce such symptoms? Wasn´t aware... getting me all nervous here :-)
  5. Wouldnt say that either of those cars are that overpriced???
  6. Only at lvl 27, as Ive mostly been playing PvP. Like being an operative, cause I prefer healing to dealing dam:). It's not as immersive as WoW... But it's still pretty good:) we'll see if I stick with it.
  7. Skyrim only worked for my the first 10-15 hours.. after that I got tired of the "lonely" world - it looks and acts like an MMO, but I started missing other players :-) might sound strange, but I love grouping up and doing instances/flashpoints and PvP
  8. I´d go talk with a travel agent, get their opinion on what you can and can´t do. They should know :-) and as long as they´re a member of your national travel association, they should be trustworthy. If you want to go into the "wild", then go to the Masai Mara and the SErengeti on a guided tour. You´ll get an off-roader, some guards (with riffels and such), and you get to sleep in luxurious tents and wake up on the plains of AFrica in the morning - I still have fond memories of having my morning whisky outside my tent, while watching wilder beasts, elephants and such :-) mmmmm damn, now I wanna
  9. Nice :-) you have any pics of those things?
  10. As it is at the moment :-)... soon to be refreshed and touched up a bit..
  11. Torque is the internal force produced in the engine right? This must be the basis for creating the HP´s. I know that gearing massively effects torque yes, and that the max torque output peaks before the HP´s in most (all?) cases, så top end speed is the product of HP´s, but to get the thing moving you need torque. Well anyways, I don´t put much into whether or not the Evora is as it should be. It´s specialty cars and most people fall in love with them for other reasons that is the case with more generic cars like Porsche or what ever the german metal is called.... The T Esprit was faster than
  12. HP or low 0-60 figures doesn´t matter to me - it´s torque and weight. Not cause I´m gonna pull a trailer or caravan :-) but because the inner force of the engine and low point of inertia doesn´t lie. HP is never accurate... a lot is lost through the transmission and you never get the claimed amount in output. Most cars lose some of them over time anyways. Torque makes the car pull away faster from both a stand still and up through the gears. I´ve never liked it when you have to keep the revs up all the time to get a decent output. I´d prefer an even torque output (a flat line) over peak HP.
  13. Mayesprite - you really sum it all up :-) perfectly put!!
  14. Don´t get me wrong, I lovethe marque all the way, but don´t get where all this anger comes from? Sure it didn´t look good in the test, but does that really matter to us? We´re still Lotus fans and I, for one, will continue to be no matter what tests and comparisons that comes out..... I know a lot of you guys/girls are very much into the newer cars, but for me it´s the pedigree - I´ve been in love with the cars from I was a little kid (like 5 yrs old... :-) ) and I still fancy the older cars much more than the new ones. Sure an Elise drives beautifully, and a testdrive with Andy made me like
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