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  1. hmmm - Driven: Europa S2 Elan +2 130 Esprit T Passenger: 7 Elan Elise Evora S (yup with Bibs :-) ) Short list... gotta trick some of the guys from the DK club to let me try their cars
  2. That pic is nice... now I want summer and car-meets :-)
  3. Had the same happen to me... need to figure it out myself, but according to Kim, it´s prob something to do with the sparkplugs - sounds plausible to me. Something about the wires popping out of their sockets. think it happens right below the carbs (yours has carbs too right?). @Vulcan - does a blown HG rly produce such symptoms? Wasn´t aware... getting me all nervous here :-)
  4. Wouldnt say that either of those cars are that overpriced???
  5. Only at lvl 27, as Ive mostly been playing PvP. Like being an operative, cause I prefer healing to dealing dam:). It's not as immersive as WoW... But it's still pretty good:) we'll see if I stick with it.
  6. Skyrim only worked for my the first 10-15 hours.. after that I got tired of the "lonely" world - it looks and acts like an MMO, but I started missing other players :-) might sound strange, but I love grouping up and doing instances/flashpoints and PvP
  7. I´d go talk with a travel agent, get their opinion on what you can and can´t do. They should know :-) and as long as they´re a member of your national travel association, they should be trustworthy. If you want to go into the "wild", then go to the Masai Mara and the SErengeti on a guided tour. You´ll get an off-roader, some guards (with riffels and such), and you get to sleep in luxurious tents and wake up on the plains of AFrica in the morning - I still have fond memories of having my morning whisky outside my tent, while watching wilder beasts, elephants and such :-) mmmmm damn, now I wanna go too...
  8. Nice :-) you have any pics of those things?
  9. As it is at the moment :-)... soon to be refreshed and touched up a bit..
  10. Might vary a bit... I got a little under 42" when measuring. Well choice of tires and rims will give or take a bit.. but 37,75" or 95,9 cm sounds a bit odd - are the really that low? thats like my Europa, and I´ve never met an Esprit lower than it...
  11. In Denmark old cars (35+) only have to pass a MOT every 8th year :-) - others have to do it every 2nd year, and new cars will have to pass their first after 4.
  12. Also look at the prices back in the late 60´s and early 70´s - an S2 Europa (in ´70)was a little less than 1500 in kit form, and fully assembled was about 400 extra. This brought the grand total to more than a Jag E-type at the time.... the +2 was even more expensive, starting at about 1800 :-) So yeah.. Lotus has never been a cheap car in the past, but the current prices doesn´t seem to be too steep, if you disregard the enormous taxes, that gets added in Denmark when you import the thing :-(
  13. It's rust i think... Had the same in my Europa. The résult of too little anti-freeze for too long. By careful, it Will corrode the aluminum in the engine if not taken Care of. Have you seen any green foam-like goo anywhere inside the engine??
  14. Don´t agree that modified cars have little or no market value. I´ve seen a lot of uprated or -graded 7´s, Elans and Europas, where the seller asks for prices, that are significantly higher than those for standard cars - I know that this is also the case with highly original cars of course :-) - and these cars do sell. If I were to buy a 7, I wouldn´t mind, that the engine and gearbox had been upgraded. It doesn´t detract from the car as such - atleast not in my mind - and makes it drive even better. Also, as I´ve said in a previous post in this thread - I ´don´t think Mr. Chapman would mind. Afterall the concept of Lotus is to go fast, handle well and win races. That said.... I wouldn´t swap a 907 engine for a modern day Audi one.. but that might just be me :-) but sticking a big bore Renault engine into a Europa? well that´s about the sweetest thing I´ve ever experienced ;-) At the end of the day - people should do what the want with their cars. Think most of us agree on that :-)
  15. I believe, that Lotus cars can and should be upgraded - it´s in line with the whole philosophy of Lotus.... Anything that makes the car drive better is acceptable. I´ve always loved the styling of the Europa, but wasn´t too keen on the engine itself, so when the opportunity presented itself to get an uprated car I jumped at it. With a better, and more powerful, engine and improvements to the steering and ride height it now performs and handles like I always felt it should :-) On the other hand... I´d like to keep the Esprit as original as possible, but only till it starts causing me headaches and trouble, at which time I´ll have a look at improving that one too ;-)
  16. WElcome mate! nice to have you here - @Jonwat: think it´s ´cause it´s a US-Edition - something to do with safety regulations...
  17. Nice looking car! keep that color it suits it :-)
  18. Would go for 10-60 - when I did that on my Europa it worked wonders! I seem to recall, that it went up something like 10% - from an already healthy level.
  19. I haven´t travelled that much in Africa, but I would def encourage you to go to Kenya. Well Nairobi is not the safest place in the world, but go to the Masai Mara and enjoy the nature out there - it´s extraordinary! Would def also go to the Serengeti . Also... there´s a few guys in here, that lives in South Africa - I´d go and give them a visit aswell. In general I would think, that you´d be ok travelling through Africa, as long as you are careful to avoid the shady areas and obvious hot spots - kinda envious here... would like to do such a trip myself :-)
  20. Uhh yeah Locust is a great song!! Also most by Rise Against will do nicely :-)
  21. HA haha - Yeah ppl have that intense look of readiness :-) - it was a nice day. Now it´s time to get to work.. and start planning our Spring get together aswell ;-)
  22. I think pockets of air in the system has something to do with it.... and also the fact, that the old pipes have rusted something awfull :-( It´s not he system in itself, that defect, just local heating here and there, prevent water circulation through the system. And thx for all the responses so far - I wil def post pictures as I start to tackle the work, that needs doing here...
  24. Guess I´m one of the only Star Wars fans in here... or perhaps just the only one with enough time on my hands to live a virtuel life :-) ....
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