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  2. Thanks a lot guys ! I've also collected some results from the Top Gear show last week end in Birmingham. I asked some Lotus enthusiasts in the Classic motor show who where really nice ! I'm merging the results to my colleague's and I'll post it there ! Thanks again !
  3. Thanks guys ! I can see some of you are realistic, others want an impossible car For those who didn't reply, don't hesitate to ! It'll help me Thanks again !
  4. Hello guys, As I told you earlier in my introduction, I am starting a project with friends about transforming a Lotus Elise into a hybrid with a range extender. We cannot decide without having the advices of Lotus enthusiasts like you. So please, help us out ! There is no money to win for us (nor you, sorry ) just a little help ! It only takes you 5 minutes filling this form : Thanks a lot ! Thomas
  5. Hehe, don't worry I won't change it. I like this car ! I think the pic is from an old commercial sheet. So early 70s...
  6. Thanks for the warm welcoming folks ! I will soon post a thread to ask what are your preferences about that kind of electric transformation ! Thanks again !
  7. Hi everyone, I'm Thomas living in Bedfordshire (but actually I'm from France)... And happy to finally sign up here ! I've been reading topics for long and now that I start a Lotus related project, I might need some help from specialists ! The Lotus interest came to me with a little ride in a Seven when I was 11, and discovered it again with a friend of mine, happy owner of an Exige S and frequently on French tracks. I really like a lot of Lotus (Elite, old Europa, Elise S1,...) The project ? I will talk about it to you soon but it involves an Elise chassis and electric motors (I alrea
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