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  1. Not very applicable in the US. a) 3rd party service warranties are a rip off here, b) few services centers even know what a Lotus is, "Is that some special kind edition Ford"
  2. Lotus added a transmission oil cooler on all 410, 430 Sport and GT cars and later added onto the 400's for the hotter US climate. My bad .. you are talking of the automatic which always came with a trans oil cooler. I was talking of the manual
  3. By switch panel I am assuming your are talking of the HVAC switches right? A few years ago I took my center console apart to the level in photos below. This does expose the carpeting on the tunnel as shown in middle photo. I would advise referring to the vehicles Service Notes for prying off the switch panel and then unbolting the center tunnel cover. Quick to download from: cost is only 13 pounds for a 1 hr connection.
  4. The NA cars do not use the air-oil heat exchangers mounted at front of car, but rather a water-oil exchanger from teh RAV4 mounted in place of Item #21A, so all those hose lines #7, 8 etc don't exist. The twin hose assembly (refer to "See 46.03") is what changed from two rubber hoses (OP's leak source) to two metal pipes on later years. These do not need flexibility as both ends are engine block mounted.
  5. Most the the Option selected PPF is applied Port side, however at least in August 2017, the applications guy was sick or something, so cars were delivered with an IOU and rain check. They arranged to send the guy to my little town and arranged with a local Cadillac dealer to borrow the space and lift. My car was then needing to go for 1k service in Austin some 350 miles away (I drove it 900 miles to home from South Carolina) so Lotus arranged to ship the PPF to XPEL Austin and let them install it.
  6. I didn't think it was my conclusion, my informed by biased personal conclusion is that the article is wrong, I would take a current Evora Sport or GT over a current Cayman GT4 even if Evora was priced more and I would take an Evora GT4xx over a 911 GT3. Now with our opinions out of the way, I don't put much weight in an EVO Mag conclusion as a win for Lotus. The Guy says if given the keys to any of the three, he would take that the 5 yr old GT4, however if he had to purchase one of these used cars, he would look for an Evora (because after all its only 30K. not 70K and its suited for grocery runs to road trips. Hell if that's all he wants a car for at a price, their are some cheaper options. How about picking the car because a mountain run was made fun, or same with a track day, ...
  7. Obliviously my interpretation of conclusion but here goes: Porsche Cayman GT4 Value today From £70,000 Nissan GT-R (2008MY) Value today From £30,000 Lotus Evora Value today From £30,000 You’re probably by now expecting a fence-sitting verdict along the lines of ‘all three cars are winners in their own way’, but for once that’s genuinely the case. The Nissan GT‑R, Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayman GT4 have each proven themselves against some of the toughest opposition from their respective years, and continue to deliver on their promise today. Given the chance to keep the keys to just one I’d probably drive away in the GT4 – it is, objectively, just about the perfect sports car. But for the money and for feeling perfectly suited to everything from grocery runs to European road trips, the used eCoty hero that has me searching through the classifieds is the Lotus Evora.
  8. Modify the rear emblem to a LCD display, you can roll the number up like the Times Sq national debt sign.
  9. I would be fine with 3 hrs, I live in East Texas and must play with my friends in their Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martins, Porsche GT's with service only 2 1/2 hrs away in Dallas while mine is closer to 5 hrs in Austin. What does it matter, the dealer picks it up in a truck either way. What I did do is drive past the Porsche dealers and go me a car positioned between a 992.1 GT3 and GT3RS; the Evora GT is a fine car, just as my limited edition Sport 410 is. Fit & finish, reliability, 3 yrs no issues.
  10. Pitting a 10 yr old car against a 5 and picking the older model (Evora) because its a better buy at 1/2 the price; unfortunately hardly a win in my book. Pit a 2020 Evora GT410 against a Cayman GT4, and I would hope the Evora wins without using a handicap rating.
  11. BOE developed a TVS1900 kit with intercooler, they have ben selling for well over a year.
  12. Old oil sitting in a unused engine is worse than oil with extra miles on it. Engine combustion combined with moisture from condensation produces acids, normal use heats this mix up evaporating the water and burning off the acids while a car sitting unused or rarely used gets a buildup of these products where an annual flushing helps reduce corrosion.
  13. My car finally arrived last Friday
  14. 5 Speed. Webers were used on the Elan version of the engine and this same head/manifold was later used on teh Europa with Dellortos. In the US we got neither carb due to emissions laws, however a number have been converted with the weber/dellorto head and outfitted with Weber 45 DCOE's
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