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  1. Probably stated 10 times by now but just pull vacuum hose from muffler or valve, but BE SURE TO PLUG the HOSE/VALVE on engine side. Otherwise you will have a vacuum leak.
  2. Why not just add pins and leads into the Lotus White connector?
  3. I don't haver a spare to offer but I do have a late MY12 (PN A132V0378F) already covered in Charcoal Alcantera with Red stitching by CraftCustoms of Dallas TX. Also available an "S" style dark gunmetal spoke finish piece P/N A132V0333F
  4. BOE Fabrication
  5. BOE has broken the OEM encryption and is able to retune with an OBD cable and email of software. Contact BOE and talk to Andrew about options and costs. We got this level on my S with long tube headers, exhaust, intake, BOE tune of OEM ECU .. no cams (361 wheels = ~ 425 flywheel Hp)
  6. Julian73

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    I'm not saying they didn't get to 500 Hp, power output is conditioned on purpose the 24 hr endurance engines down somewhat. The is limited it the engine rpm, above 7200 the Toyota VVT valvetrain seems to blow apart, to increase rpms, engine builders including Cosworth and Swindon would need to provide new heads and valve train designs. I don't think they had the market size to justify the R&D
  7. 114.3mm Series 1 and 4xx cars are the same
  8. S1 DRL's was a wiring patch hack job. S2 cars have true DRL's that don't dim the dash lights as if the headlights are on. They are controlled by a programable lighting module.
  9. Julian73

    Oil Filter Change

    you should be able to pick up the Toyota part AST TOY 640 on line for a decent price.
  10. Info we got in the US RCRIT-18V781-3894.pdf
  11. Julian73

    Broken Gearbox.. :(

    i was speaking of the first part .. of splitting the gearboxes from the engine. Lotus would receive the 2GR engine and gearbox as separate assembles from Lotus. Now the second part is logical .. Lotus opens boxes to change gear ratios, add LSD and oil cooler pickup tube.
  12. Julian73

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Lotus Motorsport with Cosworth and Swindon Engineering didn't get there on the GT4 GTE race cars with the Toyota valve train system limitations.
  13. are you running an aftermarket ECU?
  14. Julian73

    Broken Gearbox.. :(

    That makes no sense as Toyota never fitted a manual trans to the 2GR engine.
  15. looks to be in +2 configuration, thus the 400 wheels rather than ULWT Sport wheels