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  1. Because Lotus needs our purchasing power.
  2. Don't laugh at us, you now have pedestrian crash regulations raising the front ends of cars up above the knees, required crush zones above engine (front eng) for body to be cushioned in fall onto hood, noise standards that eliminate exhaust override buttons. Our air bag and emissions standards this year become your standards next year .. I do hope we don't get the reversal of your upcoming mandatory electric cars.
  3. I agree that we were irked around from the first promise of a GT version that new could build from 410 to 430 per options, that we would see and drive in flesh before ordering the launch edition, that turned into the 48 hr fiasco of ok here the options, place order and put 20 % down, "but wait theses options show what is not on the car as an original 430, but if its not listed as an option can we assume the cars comes with the same 430 piece", "no it will be determined later". From there I don't agree with you statements, we were never promised the 430 cf front end in our market, neither the 410-430 interior and cf seats as the US Sport 410 already proved that as did the Lotus GT410 & GT430 parts lists, crash testing is very very expensive, significantly more for the test instrumentation and crash dummy destruction than the cost of 4 to 8 consumed cars. Neither we we promised the Ohlin suspension and J hook discs, in fact these seem to have been pulled from the home market too as customer expectations of a race part performing as a no maintenance street part were taxing dealers and factory. Do we really want $2 mm to be amortized over say 100 cars. 422 vs 430Hp I write off as the same, being that US Hp tests are more rigorous that the euro tests (i.e. same engine same fuel, same effective power = a lower number in SAE units vs DIN units). Well after the aborted intro, Geely stepped in and requested testing be done to try and get CF front and CF spark seats approved. No guarantee of performance was offered after all the bumper was not originally designed to US standards, that standard is not the crash test resistance of the car, but that the bumper must withstand a 5 mph crash with NO DAMAGE; well a soft fexible bumper cover with foam behind can pass this, but a rigid piece of CF despite being strong, will probably result in a $5k damaged piece. And the base GT must be optioned up to even get the weight savings and cf issued as standard on the Sport 410. In light of lack of 430 front passing, it is good to see that Lotus has now adjusted the base price. The new savings will actually allow you to order and install OEM 430 parts.
  4. I have ordered two previous Lotus based on deposit to secure spot. 1st one the spec was set in a flyer but price was ytbd, 2nd US spec of the 410 was somewhat vague, price was set but we didn't know what was standard or optional but it worked out. This time us deposit placers we were supposed to have a hands on intro to the car in the flesh, that fell though and we ended as per TpupNomands tale, although I dropped out earlier.
  5. But the 410 released in the US included the cf front flap, roof, ducktail hatch, quarter window inserts, and same retuned suspension and LWT lithium battery as standard. The new GT has roof and front flap as options, along with no lithium battery option or quarter window inserts.
  6. Wasn't the Evora GT430 the latest new model.
  7. At a million plus Euro's does its weight really matter.
  8. Not true, exemptions dried up, even on the Series 1 Evora, thus the 400 with dual face airbags and side bags; even Aston Martin lost the exemption extensions.
  9. And in the US the model is Evora GT .. no numbers The Evora GT starts at $117,000 and is in base form a GT aero package to the 400. it is not a 410 nor a 430 unless optioned out that way.
  10. Write to Phil at BOE Fabrication, he has the most extensive hack into the full code of the Series 1 T6 ECU and is just in need to seeing demand to get t a market position on the 4xx T6 ECU. I know is he is in the code, but needs to see demand to develop new tunes.
  11. Purchased a brand new Sport 410 and drove it home 1400 miles, trip was pleasant and car great the next summer I took on a 3500 trip, todays up 2 1/2 days back
  12. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Order a COP from Andy
  13. I just saying that things like the ESPN deal are pure profit to Sky. They are selling access to their feed that they already produced for themselves, it cost no more licensing fee for them to F1 as ESPN paid F1 directly for the right to air F1.
  14. It's not just direct Sky viewers, Sky has sold access to their F1 content to ABC/ESPN in the US. I don't know what ABC paid, but I am certain it was not a small amount of money, and at least one more such deal was cut with FoxTel in Australia.
  15. I doubt that was a complaint, they did split the Ferrari's. However, given a choice anyone would take a few more Hp if it was offered.
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