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    MY17 Evora Sport 410 GP #1; MY74 Europa TC Special; MY12 Evora S GP #1 ** SOLD **;
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    410 Mods: Lotus MS Alloy Pan; BOE Headers; Ohlins TTX-36; Spitfire toe links; Powerflex ARB bushings; Radium Single Catch Can; GT430 A-Panels; SSC Harness Bar & Schroth belts; Hertz MPK 130.3 speakers
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  1. That F1 team had nothing more than a marketing connection to Lotus Group and the Opel Carlton CIH engine was designed in Detroit by General Motors.
  2. Tell that to Porsche with the GT4, 3 and 2 product line. I think todays use of the "GT" is not to imply Grand Touring cross country street machines, but rather GT class racing.
  3. The US still has Evora GT's flowing into dealerships, one dealer has been selling an average of 5 Evora's a month. Maybe its just that Lotus has a commitment of cars to finish and isn't taking on any more orders. Because yes they need to do a full plant shutdown to convert over to the Type 131 production.
  4. They moved everything from Ann Arbor down the road to Plymouth, Michigan.
  5. An order or a cash deposit on some fluffy tales like the rest of us? They've had my money for over year now.
  6. Congratulations, in my bias opinion the 410 Sport is the best bang of the Series 2 submodels. Beautiful color combo.
  7. Was never a 2019 car. Was originally going to leak some details in the summer of '20, and be first shown at the Paris Auto show in October 2020 with starting in '21. Now as of last September, was told production starts late '21 and purchase in early '22 so in total the Type 131 has slide a year.
  8. The problem of a psychotic narcissist is that they believe themselves.
  9. Very nice! and a great trim job. I enjoy my full Alcantera steering wheels.
  10. Stray away from copper grease, this will not prevent corrosion infant it will an electronic path. Better to use a product such as USS Ultra Tef-Gel
  11. Yes, I'm running them with Yokohama Advan A052 255/35-18 front & 295/35-18 rear
  12. I went with SS button hex-head machine screws and use USS Tef-Gel PTFF anti corrosion paste. Tef-Gel is also good for insulating CF products from SS screws and aluminum.
  13. I'm on my 3rd cover for my 3rd Lotus, These are much better than the American offerings and reasonably priced too.
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