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  1. WE have a parking brake lockout to prevent programing and some other functions of the HU while the car is in motion.
  2. Yeah, we live in the land of the average vehicle along side us being twice the weight or even more, our only hope is that we may fit underneath some of these jacked pickups, otherwise they put their bumper through our windows.
  3. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Many folks my never have gotten a chance to grab a copy of these brochures before they were taken down. I grabbed them in December 2018. Lotus Evora GT430 ENG copy.pdf Lotus Evora GT430 Sport ENG copy.pdf Evora GT410 Sport Brochure copy.pdf
  4. Lotus uses a Mocal Pump 17-311, a filter and Toyo 15710-31021 oil heat exchanger mounted on a Local RFH2EB remote filter head, plus other bits and pieces.
  5. While the side hole is an M18 thread (most probably M18 x 1.5), this is not the drain location but rather the fill for cars without the oil cooling circuit and the oil outlet for those with cooler. The actual drain is underneath the transmission and based on sharing same washer, would also be an M18 but probably with a magnet thus different part number. With the oil cooler, the oil fill location has been moved to the cooler o-ringed return plug, fitted in place of the speedo-cable blanking plate/plug. To the OP, if you are asking thread sizes in intent of retro fitting an oil cooler, please note that the secret sauce (not shown in the parts list, but highlighted in the Service Notes) is the pickup tube adapter that is required to be installed. This fitting probably only insertable with trans torn apart allows oil to syphons up from bottom of sump, otherwise cooler pump would only suck air and foam.
  6. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Now to fit a splitter to get some high sped balance back.
  7. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    today all 400-410-430's now come with either a oil-water heat exchanger on the manuals or an air-oil cooler on the Auto, all have the same oil-water heat exchanger engine oil cooler. The IPS has had a cooler since the S1 days, no internal changes to either gearbox has been made
  8. By generic I mean a general opinion of Ohlins being terrible for the street versus a review of the GT430 ride with Ohlins. While I may live in the United States, I never had a taste for cars with high spring rates and never owned one of those beasts; I have always preferred the Lotus philosophy of over dampen a softly sprung chassis.
  9. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Limited run for Lotus a number of years ago. You would have to check with old GT4 racing teams if they have any on the shelf, not probable.
  10. Julian73

    EVORA Weight

    @The PitsThank you. Still lov'in her
  11. the GTN Cup cars (Evora NA's) first used the S clutch and flywheel had later w/ the 400's out moved to that clutch .. so it should all fit across the range). FYI the GT430 Pressure plate is the stiffest of the lot
  12. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    The other product that is pure sex / art is this original oil pan produced by Swindon Engineering for the GT4's, and what every GT430 needs. Increased capacity, alloy baffled-gated sump (lighter weight, increased cooling, o-ring seal to engine block (no mess), independent oil pick up sump w/ o-ring sealed pickup tube, drain plug-removable screen around pickup. If it wasn't so expensive I would hang a 2nd one on my wall.
  13. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Mine are on the way from Ken for my lowly Sport 410.
  14. This is a generic statement and following that logic the GT430 suspension using the TTX36 Trackday and Motorsport product would be terrible for the street, however this is the unit that Lotus tuned for standard fitment on the GT430 track biased car, GT430 Sport road car and optional on the GT410 Sport road car. Best place to read opinions of the suitibility of this setup is in the GT430 club posts herein, I have no read a single review that states the car is terrible on the road.
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