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    MY17 Evora Sport 410 GP #1; MY74 Europa TC Special; MY12 Evora S GP #1 ** SOLD **;
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    410 Mods: Lotus MS Alloy Pan; BOE Headers; Ohlins TTX-36; Spitfire toe links; Powerflex ARB bushings; Radium Single Catch Can; GT430 A-Panels; SSC Harness Bar & Schroth belts; Hertz MPK 130.3 speakers
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  1. I think the intent is to carry some cheap bulbs to met the French regulations of caring spares, rather than spending major money on factory led's and HID lamps.
  2. Some teaser photos. Transport company won't get car to me until the end of the month at best.
  3. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    The GT410 Sport front bumper was never cf, but did always have the 430 shape. I wondered why they didn't try this unit for the US parking lot crash tests.
  4. I am adopting US market 4255R TC Special, in Monaco White modified with weber head and carbs and moving her to Texas to live alongside my Evora Sport 410 GP Edition.
  5. Hi Julian

    I saw you commented and tested the TD 18"" Evora S wheels on the 400. II presently use the TD wheels on my 12 Evora S but plan to by a 400 and much prefer to use these same 18" TD wheels on the track. Have you used the 18" wheels on the 400 and on the track? Just trying to get further confirmation as no one in the US seems to know or claims they will not work. Thanks much.


    1. Julian73


      The wheels have been mounted, but due to other issues with car repair they have been driven less than two miles on the street.

  6. Does anyone have a source to End links (aka drop links) turnbuckle adjustable that fit the Evora sway bars? Im wanting to corner balance car on my OHLINS Coilovers and remove Sway Bar (ARB) preload issues.
  7. Replaced OEM toe links with Spitfire Engineering's Version 2 (sold by HethelSport in the US), these move the turnbuckle to the outer end of the rod, while increasing the thread diameter and going to a large diameter hollow tube aluminum rod rather than a thinner steel forging. (last photo curtsey of #HethelSport)
  8. Thats about a fair differential between 400 and GT, hell even the 2017 Sport 410 was priced higher than a similarly outfitted 2020 GT,
  9. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    We don't get the carbon shells here, our seats must have side airbags.
  10. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    The variable TC was eliminated from the GT430, not all have it. Keep trying on the CF quarter panels, my US Sport 410 came with them as standard, the parts are in the system and not impossible to change out. Bulkhead glass the 400 is specified with twindow glass, the Sport 410 and GT410 with single pane glass and the GT430 in some markets with single plexiglass, as this is a "fire wall" not all markets would allow a plastic panel. US cars be it 400, 410 or GT seem to have gotten the twindow glass. You may also have more sound proofing that the Sport or GT, as far as we can tell based on weighting the 1st 2 Sport 410's to come in and a GT at Gator teh GT's are heavier when optioned the same.
  11. Julian73

    TLF GT430 Club

    It is not a limited edition, however our expense to recreate the GT430 that we originally ordered is so high that it will have zero impact on your RHD limited models.
  12. The are two fuel cutoffs, triggered by g-forces. One each on LH and RH sides of engine compartment although sometimes only one gets tripped.
  13. 1st, instructions for the 400 do also apply to the 410. This is what must be done each time you want, it is not an automatic setting. Now as to the Series 1 lighting setup, I have Never heard of someone preferring teh two spare button system that over the rotary switch of the Series 2; I honestly didn't know my 2012 S had home safe lighting, I always passed it off to the fucking switch off system, telling myself damn, I left the lights on again; quickly reopening the door to turn them off before the battery decayed and locked me out for good in 45 seconds.
  14. I would give up the back "seat" for the fitment of a longitudinal 3.5L V6 with dry sump to lower it; this should also open the section of transmissions, both manual and DSG
  15. WE have a parking brake lockout to prevent programing and some other functions of the HU while the car is in motion.
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