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    410 Mods: Lotus MS Alloy Pan; BOE Headers; Ohlins TTX-36; Spitfire toe links; Powerflex ARB bushings; Radium Single Catch Can; GT430 A-Panels; SSC Harness Bar & Schroth belts; Hertz MPK 130.3 speakers
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  1. The problem of a psychotic narcissist is that they believe themselves.
  2. Very nice! and a great trim job. I enjoy my full Alcantera steering wheels.
  3. Stray away from copper grease, this will not prevent corrosion infant it will an electronic path. Better to use a product such as USS Ultra Tef-Gel
  4. Yes, I'm running them with Yokohama Advan A052 255/35-18 front & 295/35-18 rear
  5. I went with SS button hex-head machine screws and use USS Tef-Gel PTFF anti corrosion paste. Tef-Gel is also good for insulating CF products from SS screws and aluminum.
  6. I'm on my 3rd cover for my 3rd Lotus, These are much better than the American offerings and reasonably priced too.
  7. The 'GT410 Sport' uses the same suspension as the original 'Sport 410' (aka 410 Sport), and federal version 'GT', the 'GT410 (Touring/Pack)' uses the same as the old 400
  8. Ah, the American version of the 410 Sport
  9. Got to be more myth than reality. The NA and S are running the same compression ratio, valve timing, and exhaust manifold/cats as the Toyota applications of the 2GR-FE, unless exhaust value is open for a very long time after TDC and before intake values open I just don't see much reversal flow of exhaust into the chamber. Now if intake is open the the SC cars will actually have higher inflow pressure making exhaust back flow even less likely.
  10. A great upgrade. Will TLF be offering these discounted with premium memberships
  11. S1 Evora's are VERY sensitive to the rotation between front and rear rolling diameter. Get it off from stock by a few percent and you will find that the traction control system will shut the car down and place in limp mode, i.e. max rpm about 4,000. The S2's (4xx series) may be less sensitive? I don't know, but we are not receiving complaints feed back and I'm sure someones tried wild tires sizes.
  12. I've just realized that I entered this post in my wrong thread. This subject is in relation to the ARB drop links, where I moved to an adjustable drop link so as to remove weight bias.
  13. 4xx SC and thus pulley is in a different position than on the series 1 SC car, so a different length belt is needed.
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