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  1. I have a partial list of most of the North American ones including VIN numbers.
  2. What you were told vs what the parts books state are two different things. The GT uses the 410 Sport suspension bits and tune. As to where the GT sits between the 400, 410 Sport, GT410 and GT430 (last two never came to North America) it holds parts bin bits from the 400, 410 Sport, GT410 and GT430. It is closest to the GT410 but w/ rear bumper and front fender vents of the 430, nose and splitter from the 410 Sport, rear deck of the 400 unless optioned with the carbon package of the 410 Sport. So heavier than a 410 Sport (lightest of all Supercharged Evora models), with interior based on the 400 with nicer trim option, cosmetic cf seat back cover in blue of higher plastic of the 400 and 430 cf sill plates in lid of 410 Sports cf sill plates and an engine tune of the euro 410 but with an extra choking Cat.
  3. So with those 2021 GT production figures we have a total of 2,363 Evoras built for the US Series 1 NA .. 779 over 5 years production Series 1 SC .. 437 over 4 years Series 2 400 .. 412 over 2 years Series 2 410 .. 13 over 2 years Series 2 GT .. 722 over 2 years
  4. Do you really think that Harry has been in FAR more cars than Gavin??
  5. The M139 block was mentioned in some prior interview (cannot find now). As to 416 Hp yes coincidentally the higher output of the M139, yet must also be considered that Mercedes has not certified that power level in the USA. As the to V6 at 416 PS or 416 Hp again in the US we got the Evora GT which started at 430 HP but with 3rd Cat and detune for mountain states gas (down 2 points from true Super) it ended up at 416 Hp (421 PS). Also was pretty clear in the interview that Matt was talking about the V6 when he said 416. Time will tell. I do believe that Lotus is being coy about weight and power pending regulatory sign off. In US prior to the GT launch we were told it would be the GT430 at 430 Hp, then at order time 422 (i.e. 3rd Cat added back on), and then finally 416 .. one spec for all states. A larger number of us were pissed at the time, for that and other spec changes. Similar thing on weights, different standards, EU, DIN, SAE .. in US the weight for certification much include the options selected by 30% of market. Well this is probably one reason why we are currently being poled by Lotus USA as to what options we plan to order, the other i'm sure is for SCM and production scheduling plans.
  6. No, the latest Evora spec that meets USA emissions is 416 Hp (421 PS) .. remember this is the "world class" car. Basically the 430 but tuned to California/mountain states fuel (2 points less than the real Super stuff (not getting to AKI vs RON testing differences, thats just test methods giving different numbers on the exact same fuel)) and emissions, i.e. extra Cat, to 'assure' emission compliant 10 years down the road.
  7. width is 1895mm vs Evora at 1845mm mirrors folded. That is about 2 inch folks Why that have backup cameras
  8. It must be deposits as no Order Books are open for a few months still.
  9. Well his credibility is suspect as the running car at FoS was the Toyota 2GR-FE V6, the AMG M139 4-pot will be released 3 to 6 months after the V6.
  10. But this is almost always the way of any launch edition vehicle. First they will be maxed out with options as those less interested can get in line and buy after the first wave. Pricing guidance is going to fluctuate up to the last minute. Again, if you want more certainly, join the lien after the first wave. I purchased a Sony DVD when they first came out, it was industries first generation signature model, cost $10,000, guess what while I still use it, a $60 model is probably as good, except that disc transport is like a swiss watch in its motion.
  11. Julian73

    Lotus Emira

    to me it looks to be the same size as the Evora's, although the battery box seems to extend aft a few inches.
  12. Ohlins TTX were an option on Sport version of Evoras and standard on the GT430. Nothing new here, also as you note, they are pricey.
  13. I would suggest using a dye penetrant, not just an unaided visual inspection, about $75 for a diy kit.
  14. That F1 team had nothing more than a marketing connection to Lotus Group and the Opel Carlton CIH engine was designed in Detroit by General Motors.
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