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  1. Limited run for Lotus a number of years ago. You would have to check with old GT4 racing teams if they have any on the shelf, not probable.
  2. Julian73

    EVORA Weight

    @The PitsThank you. Still lov'in her
  3. the GTN Cup cars (Evora NA's) first used the S clutch and flywheel had later w/ the 400's out moved to that clutch .. so it should all fit across the range). FYI the GT430 Pressure plate is the stiffest of the lot
  4. The other product that is pure sex / art is this original oil pan produced by Swindon Engineering for the GT4's, and what every GT430 needs. Increased capacity, alloy baffled-gated sump (lighter weight, increased cooling, o-ring seal to engine block (no mess), independent oil pick up sump w/ o-ring sealed pickup tube, drain plug-removable screen around pickup. If it wasn't so expensive I would hang a 2nd one on my wall.
  5. Mine are on the way from Ken for my lowly Sport 410.
  6. This is a generic statement and following that logic the GT430 suspension using the TTX36 Trackday and Motorsport product would be terrible for the street, however this is the unit that Lotus tuned for standard fitment on the GT430 track biased car, GT430 Sport road car and optional on the GT410 Sport road car. Best place to read opinions of the suitibility of this setup is in the GT430 club posts herein, I have no read a single review that states the car is terrible on the road.
  7. Julian73

    EVORA Weight

    My Option specs are US standard: w/ AC, ICE w/ Sat Nav, 2+0; reclining Sparco seats, 400 door panels Options: Alcantara, CC, sound insulation, Ti exhaust, Lotus Guard Premium (PPF), no SW Accessories (post delivery): BOE headers & Cat, GT4 baffled oil pan, GT430 fender A-panels, oil blow-by catch can, SPA Oil Pressure/Temp gauge, cf barge boards, Ohlins TTX, Alipine booster amp, Hertz speakers (+4 kg), SSC harness bar and 2 pr 4 pt Schroth harnesses (+8kg), AIM Solo II DL and SmartCam (+0.8kg)
  8. Warning ... using a generic MAF tube could be detrimental to you engine. The factory unit is calibrated between the actual airflow that passes through the tube vs the small area sampling that is seen by teh MAF sensor. More air flow than sensed means that the engine is actually running leaner than the engine computer believes, initial result is that engine actually makes a bit more power, end result can be an engine and/or transmission (if auto) failure. Shipping costs are much much less than a new engine. by the way, my car spent 12 hours on the dyno for BOE to calibrate their MAF tube to the original profile, and the final MAF tube was not the first try.
  9. Julian73

    EVORA Weight

    Current weight of my US spec Sport 410 w/ full tank, Headers, Harness bar & misc track gear, Ohlins TTX .. 1395 kg; back calculated weight as delivered w/ full tank, Ti Exhaust ..1397 kg
  10. Now been an issue for the 10 yrs of production, its minor in my book and the factory comes with a nice charger. Bottom line seems to be that the cobra alarm system keeps a current draw, lotus purchases alarm, homeland and stereo unit from aftermarket in small volumes ... doesn't give them power to specify. Maybe now under Geely with Volvo as a sister more of these systems will come in-house and lead to integration.
  11. Ken2020 IS SB Suspension, mounts are included in the Kit. But those suppliers provide the same ILX36 Ohlins
  12. If you want to replicate the 2011/2012 era gold striping, search GP Edition parts list for the stencil kits; those stripes were hand painted with the clear coat applied over top. GP Edition Stripes.docx
  13. Best source for GT4 side vents is HethelSport or HKFever, while these are copies they are in pure cf, best attachment is to use Sugru a flexible rubber-epoxy compound. Roof airdam is actually a cabin vent, I don’t see the need for in US HPDE events as we are required to run with open windows and as on street driving it will leak; however if desired, TRS make these for about $400 USD. Check out Merlin Motorsport in the UK ‘TRS Roof Vent Carbon Fibre’. Now if you want the exact Motorsport part, contact Allen Strommer at VSA Motorsport (Las Vegas) .. he ran the most successful Evora GTN and GTS’s in the USA Lotus Cup and was the US distributor of Lotus Motorsport parts. May not be a bad time to install J-hooks while changing dampers, the discs and calipers need removing for damper install. What about the GT4 barge boards? While the official parts are made of plywood [ in wheel to wheel racing plywood creates less track mess than cf, however they also consider then a consumable; for a road car the plywood would not hold up to use and rain .. a number of folks offer fiberglass or cf parts, VSA Motorsport offers a beautiful piece in cf. The final pieces to top of the GT to GT430 conversion will be the remove the side quarter panel windows and replace with the cf pieces used on the US Sport 410 and GT430: A132U4881F and A132U4882F along with replacing the double pane firewall glass with either the single pane Sport 410 piece: A132U1295F, or the still lighter euro GT430 plexiglass: A710U0027F [this would violate US safety laws against fire resistance]
  14. Lotus provided the Lithium battery as standard the US 410 Sport, I did prior research on it for a few US dealers trying to replicate it. 1) Battery – Super B, model # SB12V25P-SC, 9.8” x 5.6” x 3.8”, weight 4.2 kg 2) O/U Voltage Protector – Super B, model # BDB-250, weight 370 g … I would use with any Li battery setup 3) Charger - Optimate Lithium LFP 4s 5amp, model # TM291 … excellent charger/conditioner 4) Lotus Bracket (Battery Clamp) – Section 17.32 item #10, A132M0578F 5) Lotus Lithium harness kit, (4 cables) – item #5, A132M0583F 6) misc nuts and bolts per diagram 17.32 Now the tough part the battery alone costs about $1300 retail in US with a list price of $1700, (google the model, also Demon Tweets in UK, but shipping overseas may be expensive due to danger), while this thing is great and may last a long time especially with the voltage protector, I consider a battery a consumable maintenance item so have trouble with that pricing. On my race cars I use small Deltran Li units that cost about $200 each. As to the Voltage protector it shuts down if high or low voltage is detected and thus saves battery from draining and thus frying. Has a push button and programable auto reset. LED flash Alert & shutdown: if voltage drops below 10.0V or above 15.0V and shuts down circuit if outside limits for 90 sec Immediate shutdown if voltage drops below 8.0V or above 15.4V Auto resets circuit (if programed) if voltage returns to between 11.0 & 14.0V range
  15. You need to get the TLF cover through Bibs, I've had one for each Evora now, excellent quality, customizable coloring and piping and price is very reasonable.
  16. Hold on I thought they did, I have to dig my archives, its the same ECU an EFI T6 so pin outs will 99% be the same other than a few additions on the 4xx cars. **Updated**. No trace of a pin out list for the S1's, however very similar to S2's except not features such as transmission oil coolers, etc. A list could be tediously recreated by reviewing each EMS wiring diagram and writing down the Pin # and feature attached.
  17. PO341. cam shaft position error, however reading note as end, it also designates a security check error on start up. So a function of Variant Coe being fixed. P0341.docx
  18. Half way there then From Electrics Section of Service Notes Vehicle Configuration and Variant Code The ECM is then ‘configured’ dependant on the additional options that the vehicle should be equipped with such as but not limited to fitment of such items as: Sports Mode button • Tyre pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) • Heated front seats • Electronic Stability Control (ESP) • Speed Alert Buzzer (GCC cars only) • The selection of the relevant options will produce a 'variant code' for the vehicle which can be viewed in the EMS vehicle configuration screen using Lotus TechCentre and is also stored in the vehicles build book stored at Lotus Cars. At this time a self adhesive label is also attached to the casing of the ECM. The label displays an actual label part number and homologation number which will identify the ECM assembly in relation to: Model Year • Engine type, induction system and power output • Designated vehicle territory • Calibration number • Vehicle designation i.e., Elise, Evora etc. • To protect the ECM and TCU from subsequent incorrect programming which could cause poor, non-starting or engine performance issues etc, the EMS programme initially downloaded at the factory cannot be overwritten with any other programme. The only EMS reprogramming possible is to update the ‘level’ of the existing programme already installed in the ECM. In the event that the EMS programme downloaded into the ECM that does not match its existing programme then the vehicle will fail to start, the (Malfunction Indicator Light) MIL will illuminate and a fault code will be stored in the ECM.
  19. P0610 error means that the vehicle variant code has not been programed. This will need to be done through a lotus TechCenter tool. Surprised that you don't also have a P0630 error code: VIN not programed, this is also done with the tool. Bottom line, and ECU can not be transferred to a new vehicle without registering it to the vehicles VIN number and (options) variant code. You will need a dealer of an independent service center that has a TechCenter device to do this programing. As to your original question I enclose an ECU pin out, this is found in the Lotus wiring diagram service notes, not the electrical diagnostic section. Lotus ECU Pin Output.docx
  20. Did you have the change the mounts like the factory Ohlins, or do these have different 'eyes'? 1. Because he is trying to replicate what Lotus offered on the GT430 that Europe got whereas we, in the US, got a neutered version called the GT 2. Because he can
  21. I love my Ti exhaust, took a few seconds to commit to that pricy option, but the sound is amazing and 20 lbs off the ass is always a good thing.
  22. They are higher, maybe 1/2 to 1 ", if it was over 1 inch I know my helmet would be telling me as I already touched roof in the S1
  23. I'm not so much asking for an analysis of my break, I head an engineering team of structural, mechanical and metallurgical engineers, bt rather have any others seen this. Yes the aftermarket provides an alternative, but I always assumed that it was from a desire to create a market based on Elise/Exige fears. Yes, the threads were bend at a 28 deg angle, thus why i laid them out that way Yes, impact loading was involved Yes multi cracks formed at various times i)fatigue, ii) compression, iii) tensile No, the "mark" is irrelevant as it is most probably a tool slip on the nut. No measurable reduction in area, thread material is typically heat treated to very high yield and tight yield to tensile ratios thus little ductility Don't see that todays OEM tires are a cause as theses cars back to the Series 1 have been tracked with R compound tires including semi slicks Hoosier A7, design and part numbers of the suspension arms and links are the same since Series 1.
  24. Has anyone had a failure of a rear Toe Link? Details if so.
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