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  1. 8 hours ago, JJ said:

    Right! It's so strange he's telling us conflicting information, as this man should know what he's talking about. As far as I know nobody has actually confirmed the AMG is the M139, it's just what we all suspect? I.e. it could be M133 as well. What about the Toyota? Are we absolutely sure it's the 2GR-FE?

    He's also not the first person to state the I4 will be released before the V6 instead of the other way around. I wonder if perhaps both ways have been planned at some point, they switched it around, and not everybody got informed?

    Indeed, it would seem logical to me that somebody at Lotus does really know. The question is, have we heard that person speak at any point? Or perhaps it is subterfuge...

    It's all sorts of curious, that's for sure. We've heard the Lotus guy in the FoS video say the car is 416hp, and it seems he's talking about the V6, but there is a version of the AMG M139 that produces exactly that amount of horsepower. Then again, that engine's emission is over 200 g/km as I understand, while it's stated here the AMG will keep to 180, which is an important threshold for carbon-tax countries. Also, someone stated elsewhere the outgoing V6 on the Evora produces 416ps so it being the V6 is not unreasonable either.

    500hp does seem like a lot for that V6. But the way he says it in the show is completely confident, yet purposely mysterious: it starts with a 5, and is followed by two other numbers, which I can't tell you *audible wink*. I'm almost wondering at this point if somebody has wrongly interpreted kW numbers as BHP somewhere, or vice versa. (360kW is 480BHP, right what the car's UI goes up to, 416kW is 557BHP, which starts with a 5 and is followed by two other numbers). Also, someone posted the V6 is known to have been tuned at some point before to go over 460...

    This guy is normally credible, and he has no reason to lie on a tiny radio show in a tiny country. I guess we'll know come September 7, but it's certainly odd we get all this conflicting information.

    The M139 block was mentioned in some prior interview (cannot find now).  As to 416 Hp yes coincidentally the higher output of the M139, yet must also be considered that Mercedes has not certified that power level in the USA.  As the to V6 at 416 PS or 416 Hp again in the US we got the Evora GT which started at 430 HP but with 3rd Cat and detune for mountain states gas (down 2 points from true Super) it ended up at 416 Hp (421 PS).  Also was pretty clear in the interview that Matt was talking about the V6 when he said 416.  Time will tell.  I do believe that Lotus is being coy about weight and power pending regulatory sign off.  In US prior to the GT launch we were told it would be the GT430 at 430 Hp, then at order time 422 (i.e. 3rd Cat added back on), and then finally 416 .. one spec for all states.  A larger number of us were pissed at the time, for that and other spec changes.  Similar thing on weights, different standards, EU, DIN, SAE .. in US the weight for certification much include the options selected by 30% of market.  Well this is probably one reason why we are currently being poled by Lotus USA as to what options we plan to order, the other i'm sure is for SCM and production scheduling plans.

  2. 1 hour ago, USAndretti42 said:

    I think some of us may have been too hard on the styling, complaining that it looks like a Ferrari.  It may do so, but the Gerrari is over twice the price!  Makes the Emira look like a bargain.

    Harry Metcalfe mentioned on Instagram that he has ordered one and that Lotus has taken 2000 orders.  I wonder whether that's orders or deposits?

    It must be deposits as no Order Books are open for a few months still.

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    12 minutes ago, JJ said:

    - The AMG I4 will come first and deliver more than 400HP (heavily conflicts)
    - The Toyota V6 will come second and deliver more than 500HP (heavily conflicts)

    - He thought the FoS car demoed was an I4, but I'm pretty sure it was the V6

    Well his credibility is suspect as the running car at FoS was the Toyota 2GR-FE V6, the AMG M139 4-pot will be released 3 to 6 months after the V6.

  4. 4 hours ago, TomE said:

    There's previous on this.  Early Evora deposit holders were told an indicative price before the launch, then Lotus launched the car and (a) had a higher base price than indicated and (b) required all early cars to be a Launch Edition spec with all the options ticked.  Several people, me included, were priced out by that move and cancelled orders.  I hope Lotus remember and First Edition Emira spec doesn't become £60k + £15-20k of compulsory options.  I was told at Goodwood that First Edition was likely to be around £15k of options discounted to around £12k.  Let's see.

    But this is almost always the way of any launch edition vehicle.  First they will be maxed out with options as those less interested can get in line and buy after the first wave.  Pricing guidance is going to fluctuate up to the last minute.  Again, if you want more certainly, join the lien after the first wave.  I purchased a Sony DVD when they first came out, it was industries first generation signature model, cost $10,000, guess what while I still use it, a $60 model is probably as good, except that disc transport is like a swiss watch in its motion.

  5. On 02/06/2021 at 07:13, Evotion said:

    Umm.. There must now be a chance of this happening given the new relationship and learning experiences.

    As a sports motorcyclist I am well are of Ohlins and have them on my SP2 and would not hesitate to get them on the Emira.

    This might be one of the things that differentiates the 4-Cyl and the V6 or the Emira S and Emira R.

    One problem is that a pair of Ohlins on a motorcycle can be a couple of grand so we could. be looking at a 4 -5k option if it is not thrown in on one of the versions.

    They will also be electronically controlled, like my SP2, so settings can be employed live by the driver.

    Best thing of all - they are gold coloured 😄  I'd make bespoke cut outs so I can shown them off.

    Have you seen the ones on the Koniggsegg?  Wow.


    Ohlins TTX were an option on Sport version of Evoras and standard on the GT430.  Nothing new here, also as you note, they are pricey.

  6. On 18/03/2021 at 07:15, PAR said:

    Yes, the Carlton has a German engine.

    The other was Enstone made Lotus branded f1 which had a Mercedes v6 before they become Renault again. 

    That F1 team had nothing more than a marketing connection to Lotus Group and the Opel Carlton CIH engine was designed in Detroit by General Motors.

  7. On 08/02/2021 at 10:27, dcmp said:


    Being a GT, I think the main focus of this car was more at a tourer as opposed to a track machine. 

    Tell that to Porsche with the GT4, 3 and 2 product line.  I think todays use of the "GT" is not to imply Grand Touring cross country street machines, but rather GT class racing.


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  8. 8 hours ago, Ogi said:

    Well, if they intend to release the type 131 near the end of this year like the dealer told me, then they could well have already started re-tooling the factory for the new model.

    In such a case there would be reduced production capacity for the Evora. Indeed they may actually only now build them in batches of 20, otherwise it doesn't make sense for them to run the line.  What may have happened here is that they needed 20 buyers to justify a final run of Evoras, and there were not enough (especially if only 15 were sold in the last year), so they scrapped the idea.




    The US still has Evora GT's flowing into dealerships, one dealer has been selling an average of 5 Evora's a month. Maybe its just that Lotus has a commitment of cars to finish and isn't taking on any more orders.  Because yes they need to do a full plant shutdown to convert over to the Type 131 production.

  9. On 03/02/2021 at 14:55, NedaSay said:

    The V8 was put on dyno but its IP belongs to HWA I Believe, it was good for 600bhp + in base tune...  They could have gone with any number of gearbox as the engine bay set up allowed mechanical, automatic and DCT.



    Source of HWA connection?

  10. On 18/02/2021 at 13:37, Likuid said:

    There is a Lotus engineering facility in Ann Arbor, MI.  I assume it was built back when GM owned them? A few years ago they moved HQ there. I assume it was really to save money. Then they moved to Plymouth, MI.

    Here is facility in Ann Arbor:
    Image result for lotus ann arbor

    They moved everything from Ann Arbor down the road to Plymouth, Michigan.

  11. On 13/02/2021 at 14:07, Karl M Roberts said:

    I have got a lotus 131 on order. I am told it looks very much like 130. Should be a good looking car. Also, possible launch 8th to 11th July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    An order or a cash deposit on some fluffy tales like the rest of us?  They've had my money for over year now.

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  12. 17 hours ago, DarrylV8 said:

    I would have thought a 4 pot with circa 415 horses would appeal to a good number of Lotus fanboys 

    i would like to see something a little different but an AWD with a V6  and circa 500 horses at £100K doesn’t sound like a (large) profit maker 

    but hopefully we will finally see the 2019 car in 2022 maybe......

    Was never a 2019 car.  Was originally going to leak some details in the summer of '20, and be first shown at the Paris Auto show in October 2020 with starting in '21.  Now as of last September, was told production starts late '21 and purchase in early '22 so in total the Type 131 has slide a year.

  13. On 07/01/2021 at 01:44, andydclements said:

    The worst of this for me, is that Trump probably believes his own words, that he won the election, it was stolen from him and he he needs the people to prevent an injustice. It's sad that I think he has become so delusional.


    I'm still wondering about the news story of plans to come to Scotland for golf on the day that Biden takes office. I have visions of Sturgeon putting traffic cones across the runway.

    The problem of a psychotic narcissist is that they believe themselves. 

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  14. On 07/09/2020 at 08:23, Lotobear said:

    I keep my undertray bolts copper greased but each time I remove them I see the effects of electrolytic corrosion on the aluminium trays and was thinking - has anyone put together a stainless bolt set?

    ....not only would they look good but they would remove the lingering concerns over seized bolts and corroded aluminium

    I went with SS button hex-head machine screws and use USS Tef-Gel PTFF anti corrosion paste.  Tef-Gel is also good for insulating CF products from SS screws and aluminum.


  15. On 01/07/2020 at 11:19, Tris... said:

    Where you in a Sport 410 or a GT410 Sport (Someone should shot who ever comes up with the model names).

    My experience in the GT410 Sport is, while the suspension is tight and firm it is by no means uncomfortable on a B or C Road. I don't know whether there is a different between the two 410 models. I've always been amazed at how much better the suspension setup on Evora's is compared to the Cayman I drove while the LE was in the shop.

    Couldn't get rid of the Cayman quick enough.


    The 'GT410 Sport' uses the same suspension as the original 'Sport 410' (aka 410 Sport), and federal version 'GT', the 'GT410 (Touring/Pack)' uses the same as the old 400

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