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  1. love the stories! hey pete i loved that topgear episode. at 5:39 on the youtube link you posted they play "adagio for stings" which was the theme song of the first video game i made *snif*! so cool to see your car with 'my' song! haha my V8 was in a canadian TV show called "Godiva's" but i dont watch TV so i never saw it! they filmed it for 4 days and put a scratch in the door. when the producer got the bill he hired 2 guys to stand at each end and just look at the car to make sure nobody touched it again! it was also pretty fun to see cops standing around protecting it while they filmed on city streets. in the story my car belonged to this villain real estate developer. the window gets smashed in by a kid trying to steal some paperwork in the front seat. (of course they didnt actually smash my window) one of these days i should try to get the footage...
  2. booked 3 nights! thanks!! yaay!!!
  4. 1&2 Bibbo and Laura 3 Mat 4&5 Simon and Lisa 6&7 Paul & Sarah 8 Kimbers 9,10&11 Sy, Gail & Dan 12 & 13, bigsi and possibly kelly 14 & 15 theelanman and mrs 16 Andydclements 17&18 OwenGT3 and Passenger? 19 Ian May (Mayesprit) 20 Martyn 21&22 Cliff & Caroline ( gghc87 ) 23&24 Yasuo (& St
  5. hey awesome pressie tony! haha ha! i thought you gave it to him last year man! nice one - i sure hope he likes it btw did he work on that film in any way? heres a better view for y'all
  6. ouch so sorry paul - that really hurts to look at im glad youre ok, even beautiful cars are just cars hope you heal up well
  7. i got my 01 in nov 04 with 16K on the clock its now at 36K engine rebuild at 24K
  8. ouch ouch ouch ouch oops! moderators - please delete - already posted!! Merged by matk
  9. re: the 'super' being more than perf, looks, exclusivity - i think also has to mean 'modern' great car, but there can be no doubt that the miura hails from the old design paradigm the countach worked the hot new 70s conceptual design into a car - everything before it looks instantly dated doesnt feel right to me calling anything pre-countach a 'supercar'
  10. oh wow i really like that thing - whatever it is
  11. what dave w said - definately get one - youll be happy you did
  12. robcun

    V8 @ 179.4

    right on - thanks again guys
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