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  1. They may be Sunbeam bodys but both rally cars are actually Excel Chassis underneath.
  2. The black vacuum pipe just needs pluging into where the short red vacuum pipe is fitted currently.
  3. Zolder

    S4s for sale

    Anyone's thoughts, is that a realistic price?
  4. Something a miss if you're knackering that many turbos.
  5. Is what I've used the last two changes.
  6. Could this thread be made a 'Sticky'??? I'm sure it would help others in search of knowledge and enlightenment.
  7. As it runs off the redundant distributor shaft, I have always assumed one revolution of the pump equals one engine revolution..... I might be wrong though.....
  8. In your second picture, you can see two unconnected pipes just behind the crossmember, are these the heater pair or the chargecooler pair?
  9. I think the fuel pump cut off only activates when the vehicle is moving at less than 20mph..... Well that's how mine works. As for legallity I'd be more worried that when I find the car I'll have my AR15 with me. As for blue wheels................. Just, no!
  10. Not sure there is a repeater on the S4s is there?
  11. You don't need to remove the A pillar covers to remove the front header part, just the four black pozidrive screws..... Or that's all I had to do last year on our S4s. ☺
  12. On my dad's Excel we fitted the wiper arm from a Peugeot 405 so he could use 'normal' hook type wiper blades.
  13. Can I ask what type of paint you have used to do the plastic trim pieces? Cheers
  14. <is what you need.
  15. My dad has a Steel blue Excel, it's a nice colour.
  16. I had excellent service from them, when I sent them our S4s turbo for rebuild. Not sure why you would not have your own rebuilt?
  17. It's not particularly difficult to cut them to fit............ As long as you're careful and sensible......
  18. Buy a set from SJ sports cars, they know what fits what!
  19. I believe that one of the workshop blokes from Stratstone has started up just around the corner.
  20. I saw it a few times in their showroom, but the place has closed down in the past couple of weeks (along with the Triumph dealership).
  21. The Lotus paper manuals sometimes come up on ebay, got mine off there.
  22. Mine was built in 95 but registered in 96 (Nreg).
  23. Zolder


    Loved my old Turbo but, I prefer this one.
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