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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons, Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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  1. It does look like something got caught between the piston and head at some point, but given the minor damage personally I would run the piston if all else was well. Any marks on the head to indicate if it happened with the head on or off?
  2. Follow his Mutant V8 thread link, but have a pint or a cuppa handy, you'll be a while.
  3. My neighbors. Pretty much don't know they're there until they start howling. A pair plus pups = a pack this year.
  4. Given the long perimeter of the cover, the poor clamping ability of the three screws and the annoying consequences of oil on the manifold or in the plug wells, I glue them on. I put the thinnest possible film of Three-bond or grey RTV on both sides of the cam cover gasket and worry about it later when it's time to pry them off.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking in terms of your DTA ECU equipped car. Lots of analog to digital conversions/calibration to be done on a old carb car, so a display needs a microcontroller to interpret sensors and drive the display.
  6. Some aftermarket ECUs provide CAN or USB outputs to drive a custom dashboard. Just starting to play with Shadow dash on my Megasquirt with a cheap tablet to view some extra gauges. Hooks up via a serial> USB cable or serial>BT adapter, and the tablet also provides GPS info. I gather one can photoshop a dash background and add animated needles, and the tablet swipes between screens for the all-important submarine features. With a tablet there would be aggravating delays to boot on startup, and GPS & ECU delays but one could do the who
  7. Sat nav feature of stereo or dash cam, GPS speedometer, insurance monitor, alarm or some other accessory that wants location or speed data.
  8. It's about $60 a year to register my Esprit here in the land of declining infrastructure and social services. Price would almost quadruple if it was an electric car.....
  9. Early out at 52 worked for me, but I was fortunate financially and my group health insurance plan carried over into retirement. The old chestnut that you are so busy in retirement you don't know how you found time to work before does seem relevant. If you're maintaining a household and have a backlog of projects and hobbies, you'll do fine, but if you're bored in an apartment watching TV by all means stay at work. Volunteer organizations will be after you if you've got skills, a fine distraction if you enjoy helping out your community. I lost my brother-in-law just weeks
  10. Late G-car with a stronger ZF or Boxster transaxle, charge cooled 4 cylinder with good engine management, rear view camera, larger fixed caliper brakes behind wheels sized for modern tire availability. In British racing green with added lightness.
  11. Did it ever run properly with the new injectors?
  12. Tire pressures, fluid levels, registration & insurance, kick the rodents out of the boot.
  13. Yes, the dual pumps are making more sense to me now. Perhaps they were compensating with FP for poor large OEM injector availability at the time.
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