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  1. By most metrics, the US economy increased at Obama era rates into the Trump period, with no real inflection points pointing up. He claimed a lot of credit for just keeping the pace. Tax rates were cut, although by how much and for how long seemed to be determined by your net worth. Of course we have no idea now what economic price we will have paid by ignoring Covid for as long as we have.
  2. Some irony; Here in the States, born of terrorist resistance to monarchy by our "freedom fighters" who drew up a reasonably successful Constitution, we now have terrorists fighting to "save the country" by ignoring the Constitution in order to unlawfully retain a would-be monarch. -sad-
  3. If you do keep your trapezoidal pullies, remember there's a stronger blue belt option, the Gates T104RB
  4. Check the head threads @ the missing bolt, someone may have stripped it previously?
  5. Wow! Lit up the whole building to the left, very impressive.
  6. I used a copper-plated deformed-top flanged nut over Nord-lock washers on mine, no locking tabs. Has held up so far, but not a lot of miles TBH. I did not trust the provided serrated nuts to hold on the Stainless flanges.
  7. I would say it is not thick enough to add any stiffness in the vertical plane, It just stiffens the panel horizontally between the hinge mounting points (when closed).
  8. Does the speedo agree with VSS on your datalog?
  9. An Ebay 60mm fuel pump mount works well to hold the motor end of a UP5 or the pump end of a UP32, if you don't have room to use the pump's soft mounts. Use a slightly long clamp bolt.
  10. Stopped counting the number of times I've heard quotes from his supporters stating that the folks in the Capital were not MAGA protestors, but were instead BLM and Antifa agitators. You really have to want to believe to be among the faithful! But drdoom is correct, there are lots of fine, frustrated good people here that support Trump, perhaps while holding their nose, in part because our partisan duopoly leaves them only one choice, and in good part because Government(corporatocracy?) does not seem to represent them, is beyond their control, and is plainly more interested in self p
  11. I wish I was surprised to see how fast the coup plotters and enablers changed their tune when their people came to visit them at their house, at the President's request. This sudden concern for American values is Sad
  12. It's those Federal knobs on your Domestic HVAC panel. It's confused the poor thing!
  13. Smokin' style! I'm guessing coveralls will show up on your Amazon list soon...
  14. My last head gasket was a little shy about failing, compression/leak down tests were fine when the engine was cold, and the coolant stayed up most of the time, but the combustion gases test in the warm coolant told the story. You can replace the gasket with the engine in the car, but checking liner nip and adjusting valve clearances might test a casual wrench. All is posted in the forums... I run the VR 20/50 oil, should be fine. +1 on seeing if the shop will stand behind the work if it's gone bad.
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