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    85 Turbo Esprit, 02 WRX
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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons, Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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  1. Got a wake up call from my neighbor, a mountain lion had come up on his porch, a couple feet away from him and mortally wounded his two small dogs. He had to dispatch them with a shotgun, and I had to finish off the loin he had wounded. A real bloody mess, and the dogs owner is heartbroken.
  2. Simple flat gaskets for the plenum, #46 and #53, you could cut them yourself if you had to. I would rule out a BOV problem before I went after the gaskets.
  3. Can anyone enlighten me on the use for the #4 water jacket plug that was deleted on the later block?
  4. My condolences on your bolt issue. Is there room for a right angle drill with a short left handed drill bit?
  5. I took a big pair of locking pliers and grabbed each half of each joint to hold it immobile, from column to rack, to get a sense of where the slack was. Hard to see or feel such a small movement in the joint, but it shows up as a big move on the steering wheel.
  6. Notch every 180 may be improper phasing of u-joints from what I've read. If they are lined up exactly square the geometry of the two joints binds a bit, so they say to offset them three splines or 30 degrees.
  7. My steering wheel slop was self-imposed I'm afraid. My wheel is sandwiched between the hub and a six hole trim ring, with the "horn" button in the middle. I had put a gasket under the horn button to keep it from rattling around and it was thick enough to take some tension off the assembly. Overly thick gasket removed, and a thin bit of nitrile rubber added to the back of the wheel for extra stiction and it's all good now. Curious about just what the symptoms of the worn column was, loose in the telescoping portion or side to side at the base of the column above the upper u-joint?
  9. I did the upper joint last week, a PITA moving back and forth repeatedly from deepest Lotus position to wheel well removing and replacing the joint through the body shell. I marked the old upper and lower joints with a paint mark, then transferred the mark to the new part to maintain the 30 degree phasing of the joints. Ironically, whilst I was locking off various halves of the u-joints with pliers trying to diagnose where the play was worst, I did indeed get my steering wheel to slip on its hub!
  10. Going for a Modern amount of hoses and wires myself, but not up to Focus standards yet-
  11. An elusive two slot hood on E323 HEH
  12. Jenna had a US 83, there's some flasher discussion in here. You might enjoy the whole thread- Her 83 had 5,my 85 had 4 pin relays. Having gone to LED's, I'm now using a reversed three pin electronic flasher.
  13. I wasn't aware Orange was an interior color option😒
  14. Yes, my PO kept the tool kit for his car...
  15. How green do you want to be?
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