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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons,Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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  1. I've been known to buy a cord or two of wood at a charity auction- beats a wine basket and leaves more summer time to wrench on the Lotus!
  2. I think Borgeson is the vendor for the coupler? Can we have a pic of it installed?
  3. I bit the bullet and bought one of these, and it worked well on my '85 TE fronts. You still need to work the perches in between the coils a bit, but feels much more secure when compressed than my old two piece tool. I was quite pleased to later use it on my WRX struts, much faster.
  4. Quick n' Dirty Hall effect VSS install for Megasquirt- I just epoxied 6 neodymium magnets to the periphery of the CV joint (don't use JB weld, it's got ferrous bits in it, and will get messy as it mounds up around the magnets!) and stuck a mount under the carrier fixing bolt. Generic 12V eBay hall sensor, I don't recall the specs, works fine.
  5. More crank teeth should give the ECM better info on crank position and acceleration, but I would guess it could do the math with four vanes.
  6. snowrx

    The Donald.

    If we could just keep him from whining about all the winning. Trumps party is going to lose use of the "snowflake" label if he keeps on about his victim status. But it's looking like we may see 4 more years of the Shallow State....
  7. You're not alone, here's a broken tappet in Exhaust # 5 on a newer car.
  8. On my engine I fitted a neodymium magnet in the sump plug, and slapped one on the side of the oil filter to catch ferrous particles. On vehicles with a steel oil pan it's easy to slap a magnet on the bottom or side. At least you can see the fuzz with oil changes and get a sense of abnormal wear. I don't know the temperatures seen in oil would affect a magnet attached under the baffle in the Lotus sump?
  9. Looks to me that 4x22 pin ECM style was used 90-93 on GM Regal, Cutlass, Grand Prix, Lumina etc on several engines. And probably others, I'm really at a loss on "domestic" cars. Hopefully none of these cars ever made it to your shores, but perhaps one of the contemporary 3.1,3.4,3.8L V6's ended up over there in something GM? Assuming you want the module side connector to plug into the Lotus harness, and could strip them out of an ECM, and can find reasonable shipping from the colonies, here's some EBay results: Lowest price I saw: By some part numbers; By car model, swap various years into the search for differing results:
  10. Looks much better, the diamond plate looked a bit truckish.
  11. I think the center does naught but drain back to the pan, don't remember where the upper oval goes.
  12. It's Soooooo Clean!! Wish I could work on something that shiny, but I live on a gravel track... I know your pain, and worse, I lost track of an oil line fitting silicone plug, placed to keep things clean during R & R, and did a test drive on a fresh rebuilt engine. I can report using a high tech coating on your main and rod bearing only gets you so far without oil volume, maybe 8 miles..... At least you have a failed part to blame. Press On!
  13. Perhaps adding an aftermarket fuel regulator with more capacity to keep pressures steady in spite of the second pump? Or just use a one pump system with a higher capacity pump? I don't know the intent of a two pump system, unless they thought the primary was undersized. "Hydraulic" high load enrichment would seem a little vague to implement.
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