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    85 Turbo Esprit, 02 WRX
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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons, Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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  1. Seems like I just posted on this, but can't find it to link... I replicated the above for my '85 Esprit, it sandwiches the frunk floor with a backing plate. For gentle emergency use only.
  2. Can Lotus slap a fan on the flange next to the catalyst outlet for some active aero? 😁
  3. For Emira money, I'd have to look at the C8 also, in spite of the Corvette aura. For less than Emira money, I'd look for an Exige For now, for much less money, I'd have to keep updating my 2800 pound/1270Kg (holding a spare tire and 22 gallons of fuel) Esprit
  4. The spoiler is supposed to be on the car, not in it. My missus threatens car sickness with any sign of spirited driving by me, but lurches down the road and through corners with constant corrections to no ill effect.
  5. So, how much fuel will the Emira hold? Can we TE's run them down during their first fuel stop?
  6. I've done the same on my car. I cleaned the holes out well, then put some epoxy on the outside of the insert and gently screwed it in, and wiped off the excess and allowed it to set well. I put a little anti-seize compound on the inner threads to help with disassembly. I just hope the metal used doesn't corrode too quickly! Maybe there are stainless ones available.
  7. The one I used had one end factory squared, and a crimp-on square end that you put on after cutting it to length. I guess that's a two piece? I presume a Lotus exact replacement would be one-piece made to the precise length, and easier to fit and less likely to come apart? Standard universal inner replacement kits are not long enough to reach back to the rear of the car, look for the longer length.
  8. Yes, a bad or sticky cable will "wind up " and release in the housing giving a bouncy needle. Maybe the erratic speed tweaked the speedo. I'd pull the inner cable out and have a look at it, clean / replace as needed before I ran the new speedo. If you look, there are inexpensive generic inner cable replacement kits that are long enough for the Esprit, but be sure to rule out outer sheath damage/gunk/corrosion.
  9. snowrx

    Archive (2020)

    Certainly features better views of the car than most Lotus movie roles. Turbo look never gets old!
  10. We'll be checking part numbers in that V6 powertrain, for exactly zero overlap😈
  11. All we can do from that launch is assume. Thank God Jenson was there to confirm the Toyota engine and the 1400 kg. Emira needed all it's aero to withstand the chatty blather, we got no info on why this was not a Evora II and we should buy one. But- pretty much as expected, the brand/marketer type are never going to let the engineers sell a car to us gearheads. Most of the driver aids mentioned (as an option) are safety mandated here in the USA for an econobox. Now off to view all the third party post-NDA videos by the enthusiasts "for the drivers" to seek out any details they might have been able to tease out. It is exciting to contemplate a new model. The Lotus USA website has naught on it but the launch video for the Emira, and my browser won't let me get to the UK site.
  12. A nostalgia tour in those photos, a very original engine compartment.
  13. Clutch, pressure plate and spring; (for my parents lawnmower)
  14. Obligatory Social Media Post; stickers have crossed the pond.
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