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  1. If the evictions are short term, go for a hammock slung between the lift towers, takes up less valuable storage space when not in use! Attic access for my garage is via a ladder to an outside door under the eves, avoiding the stair space problem, but not ideal. I have a pulley mounted on the eve for hoisting larger items.
  2. On my Federal '85 the fan relay is in the dash next to the wheel?
  3. Over-specing the ceiling members to hang an I-beam for a trolley holding a chain hoist is handy for loading heavy stuff or motor extractions. Actual rafters rather than trusses will allow storage in the attic. Don't skimp on the outlets, including some higher amperage ones for welders or big power tools on each wall. Don't forget outside outlets at the front at least. If you are planning high ceilings for a lift, have the extra thickness/footings cast into the slab where you'll need it while it's cheap to do so. Also fit a high door. The garage openers that attach to the side of the door axle will free up head room later if you're planning on roll-up doors. Slope your slab enough to drain snow melt or rain out the door or to a drain. Spring reels for compressed air and extension cords are nice to locate centrally and near the front doors. An old CD changer or Digital media sound system is nice for continuity of tunes/audio books when your hands are too greasy to change media. If you live in snow country for god's sake don't have your roof pitch dump snow on your driveway!
  4. While exclusive, I think that 1.4L V4 will kill the resale value on that parts car. The passenger seat will make you cringe.
  5. Yes, I've got the Vredsteins on my other wheels, but that's it for matching tire choices here in the states, unless you want to put muscle car tires on with a lower speed rating. I do miss the deep lip on the original rear wheel.....
  6. Spare over bigger brakes
  7. 17" later G-car tire options via the auto wreckers; BBS/BMW Style 42 17x8" 5x120 two-piece rims with 72.6mm hub centre and 20mm offset. P/N 36111094377. 215/45R17 and 255/45R17 tires shown here. Use 71>72.6mm hubcentric rings and 50mm rear spacer adapters for BMW. BMW also fitted 7.5 & 9" widths or a 18x8 18x9" combo in this style
  8. I just did mine front and rear with one like this and a cordless impact wrench. Just barely small enough to do 2.5" ID springs, but did the rears easily. Could be less expensive though.....
  9. I bolted an I-beam to my garage ceiling so I can use the cheap Chinese hoist and trolley. Pick it up, roll it back, lower it onto the engine stand. Luxury of a 10' ceiling, but if I had built it to 12' I could of had a lift......
  10. I did not trust the engine not to move about using straps, so I made up tabs to bolt under the caliper mount bolts and one under one of the alternator mount bolts. If the turbo is mounted you might want to grab a bolt on the back side of the transaxle. The chains move about a bit as you tilt the motor, there's some trial and error.
  11. Barry's a brave man on the hydraulics! I sweat the process enough with one hand on the chain and one on the engine suspended over the painted plastic, can't imagine doing it from the tractor cab.
  12. Almost this high, but with more angle! A chain hoist with load leveler helps a lot, but many have done it with a portable hoist. (ratty tiedown strap is not supporting the engine, just correcting a tilt to the side)
  13. This is a classic failure mode for modified Turbo Subaru' engines, ring land fractures on OEM cast pistons with excess boost/timing leading to detonation.
  14. I've not had a problem with dry fitted intake gaskets, but a smear around the water passages can't hurt. Throwing (gasket + variable sealant) thickness into the diff preload measure seems more trouble than I'd endure. I'd do those dry.
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