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  1. Aux/USB port for your stereo, or device chargers? While you decide you could just label a fake button " Burglar Protection" Mine's still a blank hole in the ferrule, haven't done anything with it since I went EFI, so looking for an answer myself!
  2. Lotusfab has his plate accessible right now, maybe he can confirm the thread size of the hose fitting. If you're lucky a vendor will make a sender in that size. If not, a female to male adapter with appropriate threads will do the trick. I would guess the usual Lotus vendors would know the thread (I would guess 1/8" BSP or M10x1.0, but only a guess!!!!)
  3. Make your patterns from MDF, then make one of these- How hard can it be?
  4. I have used a shim cut from a plastic bottle to help center the seal housing whilst I tighten the bolts.
  5. I don't think the center tell tale lights started until '86 or so. My '85 TE looks just like the '82 shown. I'm torn between redoing all my gauges in a new plate like you mention or leaving it original. Would love to relocate the rheostats and add more gauges in their place, but that would entail gutting the steel plate, and the steering wheel blocks some of that area visually anyway.
  6. I feel the mechanical responds faster, but I'm sure it depends on the manufacturers design. Theoretically the gauge could respond immediately, but there is usually some damping in the system to prevent jumpy or vibrating needles (or drivers!). If you've ever got into a car and watched the gas gauge slowly climb to Full after a fill-up , you've seen this. With a proper adapter you can screw the pressure sensor right into the gallery cover where the existing gauge tube and turbo oil line connects near the starter. But one advantage of fitting an electronic gauge is you can also fit a SPDT switch and a second sender, and display two items on the one gauge. I run EFI, so I can switch between Oil and Fuel pressures on one gauge and Water and Oil temperatures on another. Just a plus if you're constrained on dashboard space, which we are in most modern cars.
  7. You can disassemble the wastegate in place, but mind the compressed spring under the hat. You can't get to the valve seat, but you can check the diaphragm, and perhaps un-stick a sticky valve. Someone clever mentioned removing some of the screws and replacing with zip ties through the holes before removing the rest of the screws.
  8. Well, in that photo it seems to be held open by the cam pin from below. I followed the lead of a PO and added a closing spring. Photo I posted earlier is the PO's solution, I neglected to take a pic of my revision. Make sure you get the cover/wires sealed when you close it up, these get water in them and the whole lot corrodes.
  9. Have an auxiliary air pump somewhere pumping air directly into the exhaust to thin out the emissions! As did Lotus for the 80's Federal 910, driven off the exhaust cam and injected into the exhaust ports- but good luck finding the parts anymore they've likely been binned.
  10. Wastegate not opening, engine going to overboost, resulting in fuel or spark cut would the obvious guess, but if you are showing no boost that's weird. Unless the boost plumbing to the wastegate also feeds your boost gauge. Check the plumbing, check your boost gauge with another gauge and maybe pull the wastegate cap and make sure you have movement of the valve if you are getting boost. I'm not familiar with the 88 engine management though, others should chime in soon.....
  11. Spacer dimensions here look to be driven by the deletion of the throttle bodies, I wonder how long the stacks are inside that box?
  12. As a WRX & Esprit owner, that would be a convenient dealer for me. Not that Lotus knows what an Esprit is anymore......
  13. "They look real pretty!" Well I suppose I should of shined them up and set them on velvet for sales appeal 💎 I was just thinking you might have ended up with an extra panel as you were searching for just the right one. I don't have the LED to put in the panel hole, and I seem to recall yours were 75-77mm ,which would likely expose untrimmed areas on my console, so I'd have to get a taller one. Seems a bit much to buy another panel to trade, but if you're so inclined I could post these over the pond to you if you don't find another knob somewhere. The broken panel has been a low priority as I work on engine projects, and I've been too cheap to source one from SJ or JAE yet.
  14. The pleas are starting to get to me- Would you have a tall (~85mm) HVAC panel to trade for the knobs off my 85TE? I could make new ones later from powder coated aluminium. You can't have my mirrors, they now have motors in them rather than the clicky solenoids.....
  15. You may be able to take a mild little coil spring and glue it under the switch compartment lid to hold down a damaged switch strip.
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