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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons,Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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  1. Did not mean to imply yours Simon, I was thinking of some of the 2m x 3m x 5m examples that some have had to wedge their wedges into...
  2. Heat to soften the adhesive behind the glass, and great care to pry it away slowly. Some later cars have a clip to remove the glass holder assembly.
  3. My garage is in the pay-to-leave category, but after seeing some of the tiny concrete slots pictured on this forum, I've decided not to complain about how full mine is.
  4. Do you have the 83-87 manual with section MC? That's what seems to work for my '85 Federal Esprit.
  5. Unless you're looking for a specific look to the case or mounting tabs, these are very generic items. Both types are available anywhere, very inexpensive,starting at a couple pounds on Ebay, more at your local vendor.
  6. No, the one on the left appears to be connecting both 87 outputs to 30 at once, whereas the right one is a change over, alternating between 87 and 87a depending if it's on or off. The former is common for headlights etc. Nice that they used to have a graphic, replacements might not, and the car has a mix of both so you don't want to confuse them. Having a spare one of each in the glove box might help with roadside repairs. Take time to check the relay sockets when you swap them, often the connectors get crusty or overheated.
  7. Head off to the thrift store and get the biggest counter top toaster oven you can find for your shop. Great for bearings, powder coating, welding pre-heat, curing paint and marital harmony.
  8. I wonder how the panel inverter would take to a PWM controller for dimming? I used one to dim my gauge LEDS, they're on ebay for a pound or two.
  9. I wonder if one could drop an appropriately sized ball in the recess to keep the input shaft at bay in the event of circlip failure. The ball would have minimal contact area with the input shaft at the center, so friction would be low(er) and might hold off crankshaft damage if the splines can't get to the crank flange. I machined my crank for the later ball bearing myself, but looking at ekwan's drawing gave me the thought.
  10. Wish mine was aluminum or stainless, my '85 has rusty steel!
  11. It's hard not to contrast the law enforcement reaction to well-armed (white) militias occupying state capitals and yelling right in stoic officers faces, vs that to a (black) drunk with a counterfeit $20. One gets to go home and post about the evils of the government overreach on their favorite media site, the other gets 3 carloads of LEO's and casual murder. Violence to your person and your civil rights, and abuse of your neighborhoods is overlooked for generations, but damage some property and here comes the Military Police to clear the streets at any cost. I don't excuse the idiots that seem to rush to mayhem when given the opportunity, but there's well founded anger here in the US of A, and we need to address some root causes, our governance and our priorities. Not sure how we'll get there, or confident that we will, but I hope some good comes of all this strife.
  12. I did my carbed 910, you will find it is very tight behind the crank pulley, but possible. There are several others on LT and TLF as well.
  13. Rumor has it that an extra aluminum spacer ring was fitted to some wastegates to extend the existing spring and reduce the opening pressure back in the cast piston days. Easy to fabricate, and would be a reversible tweak in order to use your stock spring.
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