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  1. I like to pull the turbo oil feed hose and force oil through it into the main gallery to prime at least the bearing shells and drive out any air. It takes a fair amount of pressure to get much cold oil in though. I don't think this will prime the oil pump however. Remember the oil lines to the front cooler hold quite a volume of oil, so if they've been drained try to get them filled before starting.
  2. No compressor, they're Electric. To tell the truth I never noticed before I posted the photo that they weren't air horns, but the mounting could be the same.
  3. Well, the MS3X has outputs galore, and lots of boost control options. I'm still waiting for something terminal to happen to my WRX so it can become an 818. Caught a deer this summer, but damage was limited to hood,headlights and grille so Factory Five missed an order.
  4. My Federal '85 TE has very air horn looking electrics mounted to the left of the radiator tray behind the air dam.
  5. Interesting screen shot, v8GTmac1, are we looking at tuning the Megasquirt for some VF turbos?
  6. The upside is the cams can't kick the shims out and cause motor mayhem.
  7. The Lotus shims are underneath the cam buckets. You're thinking of buckets that have the shim in the top of the bucket, like an early motorcycle or Subaru, or something designed to be serviced.
  8. I'm using a generic Walbro 255lph pump on mine. Probably overkill for this application, but common and inexpensive here with the right input barb diameter.
  9. Ebay is awash in cheap opener remotes, seems like you could mod one to fit where ever you like at little cost. Solder leads to the remote switch and fit a microswitch anywhere, even hiding it behind some soft trim if you'd like. Not sure what the rear view mirror is like on the Evora, but "homelink" style option mirrors have programmable buttons for remote functions.
  10. On my street car I skipped the swirl pot, given the relatively tall tanks on the Esprit and the fact the OEM fuel sump is the very lowest point in the system, and kind of a little pot anyway. If I were to run low on fuel in a sustained left turn I suppose I'd eventually suck some air, after looking at the low fuel light flashing for a while. I'd rather keep the tanks full than find room for more plumbing & pumps. If it were a track car I'd look at adding a swirl pot.
  11. I went Speed-Density (RPM/MAP) on mine with a single throttle body as that's what I had available, and I wanted to delete my vacuum pump. The common plenum gives more usable vacuum, and I could use an OEM throttle body with integrated idle air control . Common wisdom is that this gives up some throttle response compared to individual throttles. With the individual throttle bodies (per-port) I've heard Alpha-N is easier to set up due to the pressure pluses in the ports and quick drop off in MAP as the throttles open. Some have used four hoses to a common MAP sensor, or electronic combination of signals from 4 MAP sensors trying to get representative MAP load signal with ITB's, but I have no experience with that or MAF setups.
  12. Something to keep in mind at this point is how you will plumb in an idle control valve with equal distribution to the 4 ports, should you wish to have electronic idle control. Drilled DCOE patterned spacers, or some hose barbs, or perhaps your manifold already has some provision. Same concerns and plumbing for a vacuum source if you're not going to go to an electric pump.
  13. Much prefer the Jenvey's as they will let you bolt up your existing airbox. Although they will still have issues with wetting the port walls rather than a more direct shot at the intake valves. For what it's worth, I went with a DIY Megasquirt on my turbo-
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