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  1. yay, now I can get a delorean and it not be injured turtle slow also, lol at the doors opening thing, I can just picture it "hey look a delorean!" *driver gets out* "awww, nevermind...hey look a bricklin!..."
  2. hey now, easy on the delorean, i used to really like that car, and then i realized it could get passed by a geo metro... On the plus side, delorean of houston has an upgrade to bring the power from ~130 (U.S. spec) to ~200 hp, which should put it at high 6's 0-60 and mid-high 14's in the 1/4 mile, not too shabby (for a normal car, of course the esprit would smoke it). And, as an added note, the styling as well as some of the chassis design was done by lotus if I'm not mistaken. If only the esprit twin turbo V-8 would fit in a delorean...
  3. I hear you 100% about owners not knowing what theyre doing and breaking the car and then blaming it on the manufacturer. I couldn't even tell you how many times that has happened with my car (nissan spec v). People think they can throw on nitrous and turbos and everything will just run peachy keen and not break. Alternatively, they beat their cars senseless and get mad when they break at 100,000 miles! come on, 100,000 miles isn't bad for any car driven normally, but when you beat it senseless non stop that is a quality automobile. It sounds like I'll be looking into an esprit once I get the financial means .
  4. does anyone know where I can get a shirt that just simply has the lotus logo and not a big picture of a car on it? also, while I'm at it, what do the CABC letters mean? does the emblem actually have some sort of name?
  5. the reason I think he is a drug dealer is because he's very young, i'd say late late 20's and no older than mid 30's and he has two lotus esprits and a C6 corvette he bought right when they came out, and he used to have a ferrari 360 modena as well . He never leaves his house at regular intervals and he seems to go back and forth between his house at VERY late hours of the night, so it doesn't seem like he really has a job. I guess the other posibility is that he won the inheritance jackpot, but I doubt it. Back on topic though, I'm watching a 5th gear 200 mph challenge on and they had the transmission completely break not once but twice. Is the transmission prone to breakage or is this a rare case of a guy that can't drive stick?
  6. thanks guys, thats somewhat what I gathered from skimming around the rest of the esprit fact file. To kimbers, I was using civic as a benchmark for a practical, reliable, economical car, I would've said nissan sentra (se-r spec v, since I own one and I will defend Nissan over Honda to the death) but since there are many british/european members on this forum I didn't want to use a car they may not even know about. As for not using my name, thats just an internet thing, I don't like using my name/real name when I don't have to, plus I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in the U.S. with my exact name (just first and last) so I don't want to accidentally piss someone off and have them come after me if you catch my drift. Back on topic, that's good to hear the trunk is reasonable and the parts aren't too hard to get. If i did get one it would probably be a secondary car and keep the car I have now for a daily driver. Odly enough, there is actually a guy right down the street that owns two fairly new (late 90's, early 00's) esprits, a red regular turbo V8 esprit and the other a purple turbo V8 esprit that I believe is a 30th anniversary edition, since it has the aluminum wing, but then again it may just have the wing and be a regular one (but why would he buy two identical cars, you know?). I would attempt to talk to him about them but something about him doesn't make him seem like a friendly guy and it wouldn't surprise me if he was a drug dealer . Even weirder, another guy in the opposite direction has a ligenfelter twin turbo C5 corvette and an Acura NSX alex zanardi, yes, the edition limited to 50 examples. 1 more question to add to this discussion, how well do esprits hold up in track scenarios in stock form? do they have problems overheating/brakes overheating, or any other problems under track conditions?
  7. naturally they aren't going to be a honda civic in terms of those things, but I'm just wondering how good/bad it is compared to other cars of similar performance, etc. Also, the most important factor is difficulty in finding parts. Once I get out of college I should be making a decent enough amount of money that maintenance wont cause me any trouble financially, but if I can't find the parts then the car is no good, you see what I'm saying? I agree 100% the esprit is about looks/handling/speed which is why I'm interested, its not another american V8 iron heap that can go decently fast in the quarter mile but looks horrible and would run off a cliff before it would turn properly. P.S. i didn't mean economic viability, i meant fuel economy P.P.S. as for practicality, I mean is the trunk actually big enough for overnight luggage or is it even smaller than it looks? Again, I don't mean practical compared to EVERY car, just similarly equipped cars, like an NSX or something.
  8. I'm sure this thread has been made before and sorry if anyone gets angered by this, but I was wondering how practical/reliable/economical esprits really are. Also, since they are such limited production cars, just how hard are new parts to come by? And how often do various things need to be serviced, etc.? If I were to buy one, it would likely be a 90+, so which one would be best? Feel free to ask questions to narrow down this one. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  9. I currently own a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, though I have always loved lotus cars and their dedication to light weight. I used to have a lotus T-Shirt a long time ago and I was wondering if anyone knew where a reliable place to buy one from might be. Does Lotus themselves sell them or would I have to go through some other seller? Any feedback is appreciated thanks
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