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  1. From black to silver-ish. A couple of evenings and wheels are done. It's time to move to another bit. Thinking to replace the grey alcanatara on the dashboard with a black one.
  2. My only problem with this Lotus SUV s the fact it will be made in China. I can see how Lotus-fans (who usually can afford it) will continue supporting the brand and start buying SUVs from Lotus. Not an Evora or Elise, but still Lotus and wife doesn't compain (too much) anymore As much as I'm not the biggest fan of 'Tuned Beetles', I highly doubt the quality of this car will be anywhere near of Macan ( @Bazza 907 go for it, good choice ). At the end, as long as they continue making amazing cars like Elise... I don't care about the SUV
  3. Yes, we can do that... let's have a chat on Friday before and agree on details
  4. @Nathan Pitman so I suggest you join me next time on a trip to Newlands Corner on 16th June. I don't think I saw you there? I think my friend in Yellow Elan will come this time too ps. I live close to Shell & KFC in Bracknell. So yes, very local.
  5. And finally, the new wheels fitted.
  6. New black console looks soo much better than this old, grey, silver-pretendig cheap plastic in the S2 Elise Two days of work and it looks better than I expected.
  7. One more, a bit more moody shot of the #311
  8. New lights from GRP ( fitted. I bought the previous model about a year ago and I didn't like them... too dim. So when they released the new version (GT), I placed my order. Arrived about a month ago and well, they are almost perfect. Should be a little bit brighter, but I can live with them now They are definitely an improvement over non-LED lights from 2005 Elise.
  9. Name: Lotus Elise 111R Click to view: Lotus Elise 111R
  10. The Beauty and the Beast in one.
  11. i will be there. Such nice weather and i won't miss an opportunity to take my Elise for a drive
  12. A very cool weekend with the #311 3-Eleven. I've got a lot of work to do before I can focus on these photos, but I've managed to prepared at least one.
  13. shame I wasn't around, it would make it three blue elises @Nathan Pitman I saw your elise couple of times already, at least twice at Sainsburuys.
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