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  1. Yes, I already asked Matt for some details on the car... but I was hoping somebody might heard something a long time ago. Or simply know more about the car/s
  2. Hi guys, Lotus Silverstone has one of three GT3 Exiges that were racing back in 2006. Does anybody here know anything more about these cars, except what can be found in the top results on google? Any information and details... that would be awesome!
  3. Sorry, I will miss the event I just got new car for pictures and I will be shooting it in London from 7AM on Sunday. but that's OK, cake is going to be next month and I won't miss that!
  4. Well, today was the last Newlands meeting this year. I decided to bring my camera to take a few snaps... I don't do that often, but I'm glad I did! Was great to see you guys and I hope January meeting will be in snow
  5. I was verty tempted to buy it today
  6. Who said that number of likes or followers is not a powerful thing? ps. this is a weird looking car...
  7. Lotus was never exceeding any expectations in terms of wheels desing. Happy I bought these one, although I was between this set, or original 5-spoke Lotus sport wheels from 2-eleven. At least I have never seen an Elise on this set in the UK
  8. Autumn mood. I still love the lights and silver wheels! No plans for mods at the moment, but I think with the next service, I will go with Nitrons and bring the car a bit lower to the ground. Some interior updates planned this winter, but I will do all myself... I just need a few things first
  9. That reminded me that back in 2013 (lool, over 6 years ago!) I took some pics with my EX-Elise and my friend, Linda. We did it as a test photoshoot but due to the fact I sold my Elise fairly soon after, we never managed to do a proper session. Something I've been planning to do now for a while. I've got an idea for an awesome photoshoot (not Lotus, though) and a model. But no, these won't be in a bikini, short skirts etc... Anyway, two snaps from the day... I'm sure I've got a couple more that would be worth showing, I just never got to properly postprocess them
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