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  1. i will be there. Such nice weather and i won't miss an opportunity to take my Elise for a drive
  2. A very cool weekend with the #311 3-Eleven. I've got a lot of work to do before I can focus on these photos, but I've managed to prepared at least one.
  3. shame I wasn't around, it would make it three blue elises @Nathan Pitman I saw your elise couple of times already, at least twice at Sainsburuys.
  4. One little shot from my side. I don't post here too often
  5. I don't buy an Elise to have aircon. It may be convenient but the fun starts when the roof is off, not on Roofs are for weak people. A little bit of sweat or rain do no harm
  6. in my first elise R I had aircon, it broke down and B&C quoted me 800 to fix it! I bought my second Elise R in April this year and I was soooo positively surprised when I saw it does not have aircon at all! no aircon = 20kg less If I had to exactly the same cars next to each other, I would pick one without. Silly question, because you will never get two identical cars.
  7. @Greg | ValetPro That didn't help... 5 layers, 10 minutes for each... I think it is a little bit better, but not too much. Still unacceptable at least.
  8. That's OK, Thank you @Greg | ValetPro for the offer. I ordered it straight away and it should arrive today.... I need to wash and wax my car anyway this weekend. Perfect timing.
  9. Awesome, thank you for a tip! I will definitely try and show you before & after photos. it is worth trying before I go into painting mess
  10. Hmm... not good then. I need to find a way to make it nice & black again.. I could try to tape everything around it and spray with black matt, but this is going to be a challenge and most likely - not perfect.
  11. No screws. I noticed that some cars have them, but I guess after 2006? Are they glued? How to remove this black thing next to lights? I need to buy new one or paint black matt the one I have.
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