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  1. Sorry, I will miss the event I just got new car for pictures and I will be shooting it in London from 7AM on Sunday. but that's OK, cake is going to be next month and I won't miss that!
  2. Well, today was the last Newlands meeting this year. I decided to bring my camera to take a few snaps... I don't do that often, but I'm glad I did! Was great to see you guys and I hope January meeting will be in snow
  3. I was verty tempted to buy it today
  4. Who said that number of likes or followers is not a powerful thing? ps. this is a weird looking car...
  5. Lotus was never exceeding any expectations in terms of wheels desing. Happy I bought these one, although I was between this set, or original 5-spoke Lotus sport wheels from 2-eleven. At least I have never seen an Elise on this set in the UK
  6. Autumn mood. I still love the lights and silver wheels! No plans for mods at the moment, but I think with the next service, I will go with Nitrons and bring the car a bit lower to the ground. Some interior updates planned this winter, but I will do all myself... I just need a few things first
  7. That reminded me that back in 2013 (lool, over 6 years ago!) I took some pics with my EX-Elise and my friend, Linda. We did it as a test photoshoot but due to the fact I sold my Elise fairly soon after, we never managed to do a proper session. Something I've been planning to do now for a while. I've got an idea for an awesome photoshoot (not Lotus, though) and a model. But no, these won't be in a bikini, short skirts etc... Anyway, two snaps from the day... I'm sure I've got a couple more that would be worth showing, I just never got to properly postprocess them
  8. From black to silver-ish. A couple of evenings and wheels are done. It's time to move to another bit. Thinking to replace the grey alcanatara on the dashboard with a black one.
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