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  2. Thanks again guys! Really great info. I need to delve into the spoiler thing a little bit more when time allows. The story above is pretty much what Scott told me too. Someone put a lot of effort into it for that extra fan. But the one big project I would definitely like to put into the car (eventually) is to convert it back to a true S1 front. As authentic as possible. Somehow. As monumental as it may be. And Mike, I would definitely like to bring it up to Toledo some time, so thank you for the invite! Figuring out who to have work on it around here is another task on my plate. Lot of leaks forming underneath. But no different than the Range Rover, and that gets worked on all the time and still leaks ... Great community here. I'll take more pics to post when spring arrives.
  3. Jeez, thanks guys! What a warm welcome! Very exciting to "join the club", and I look forward to meeting everyone! And thank you for the invite in July. I actually do get to Cleveland once in a while, as I have a good friend there. I had read about the Tony K party last year. July 14 will be tough as my birthday is the day before, but we'll see. I certainly look forward to meeting this Ohio group. The Esprit just looks amazing sitting in the garage. Looks like it was created yesterday instead of 35 years ago! Funny how it barely comes up to the door handles on my wife's Cayenne! My only issue with the car, though, is that S2 front. I need to look into converting it back. Need to find out what and how this was done. I think I need a car trailer ...
  4. Hello, My name is Charles, and I am the proud new owner of a 1977 S1 Esprit! White on tartan, as from the factory. Just over 20k miles. This is Scott's Esprit from Arizona, the one that was featured on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Hemmings. He put some work into it, and it is in respectable condition. I'll just admit straight up that I do not have a whole lot of knowledge about these cars, but I look forward to learning. I've been a long time BMW owner, and I also have a 1995 Range Rover County LWB with 60k miles, so I am not new to cars that need maintenance, or persnickety British vehicles. But this was one of the "dream cars" of my childhood, so I am pretty excited. I was 10 years old when this car was built. The Spy Who Loved Me was the first Bond movie I saw in the theatre, and I clearly remember the Sunday afternoon my mom & dad took me to see it as a matinee. I still have the pictures I drew of the S1 when I was a kid. I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is sort of half way between South Bend and Toledo. I understand there may be some S1 guys up in Toledo. Nice to meet everyone. Feel free to contact me. PS, How do you post pictures? Charles
  5. Yes, please add me as well. New Esprit S1 owner. Car arrives any day now. Charles
  6. That car should be white. ... I'm kidding. Actually, I just bought my first Lotus, a white S1. Introduction coming soon, as soon as it arrives.
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