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  2. Hi Rick, Live in sunny Wembury just outside of Plymouth...... seems a long time since I last laid eyes on an Esprit in these parts too!!.... although I believe a few make it to Lifton occasionally? It's quite a tough decision for me at the moment on exactly what to get, the balance between newer/older, what I can afford with or without a trade in etc., especially with the way things are at the moment with the economy. However I'm almost certain that I'm looking for something post 93' as I do like a certain amount of reliabilty and fuel injection is a big plus to my mind. I would find it very hard to resist an S4s at the right price/mileage/colour/correct wheels and I'm a little miffed I missed the Mica Yellow one that Dulford sold recently too, although that would have been over the budget that I told the wife I would ever spend!! I do know of a "barn find" Red S3 Turbo locally (I think an 1985 model, been sat there at least 6 years unused) but attempts to contact the London based owner have failed so far, that would give me a totally different sort of project to consider! Any idea on what to offer for something like this?.... pretty certain it would not have been properley serviced for at least 12 years, nothing else known about it but I suspect very low mileage.
  3. I'm amazed at all the feedback here, does give me a lot of confidence with such an enthusiastic community around. I understand Chris's point too..... it is only a car and as we all know if it can be built in the first place then it can be fixed.... although the story I found on the net of someone spending £8k+ on a 4 pot rebuild did make me twitch just a little Although I trained as a mechanic for 4 years and worked as one for a further 4 years I moved into the marine industry 24+ years ago and haven't really touched cars much since, doesn't scare me though I still use spanners (or is that a wrench to the US members here? :-) and test meters regularly. And as far as I can tell the Esprit is not riddled with unfathomable specialist electronics? Just remains to be seen if I can find a suitable car for my budget in the coming months. Big thank you to you all for responding to this. P.
  4. Thanks for all the input guys: 1. What are cambelt change recommendations on these units?, I'm thinking about the GT3 2 litre at the moment. 2. Any thoughts on the gearbox?..... do they have a tendency to wear out or simply break when you over do it? :-) BTW Alan is that a yellow S4s in your profile?..... very very nice!!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm currently going through the "I'm getting older and about time I realised the dream" stage of my life..... i.e own an Esprit. I have come to the conclusion that I would like to get my hands on a low mileage S4s or maybe 2002 V8 although funds would be very stretched to realise either of those right now. I have considered Graham Pilkingtons GT3 and am still thinking about it. I have a "how long is a piece of string" question, I do know and understand engines (I am on paper at least a fully qualified mechanic, but I've not used that particular skill set for 25 years!) but I know nothing about Lotus engines. My question really is about what life can be expected from a 4 pot turbo Lotus engine and box without a major overhaul being required?..... Grahams GT3 has done 70k+ and can't help think that a highly tuned turbo 2litre would be coming up for a rebuild soon. Is this a fair assumption for me to make?.....I understand the whole how well it's been serviced argument etc. but there must be a general feeling amongst Lotus people about what would be reasonable to expect. I'm not naive about the potential running costs of expensive cars, had M3's for years and currently running a BMW 335d and Range Rover 4.2 SC which have all been main dealer maintained but I'm trying to understand what to expect from an Esprit and what to avoid. Thanks Paul
  6. I don't think this one has any service history at all, the guy selling doesn't answer questions on Ebay. Anyone know this car/owner well?
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