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  1. Driving to Legoland yesterday, spotted a blue Esprit S3 Turbo hammering around one of the roundabouts before the Great Park. Brought a smile to my face to hear the distinctive sound once again and certainly not idling!
  2. Found this this morning and thought it was beautiful, dare I say it sexy!
  3. Thought I'd update this with some positive progress. Yesterday I got the car back from Downton Engineering (Mini specialist, but love a challenge) and the work they've done is amazing. I can't tell you how much it cost but they completely stripped out the front loom, renewed the earth bolts, replaced all the relays, serviced the headlight motors, front fans, thermostat etc. Traced the fault back to a couple of places, including the motor brushes dropping out of one of the motors setting the whole housing live, burnt out stalk, dead and fused relays. Turns out my car has the same wiring as a late S2/S3 federal version, very odd but I can only recommend them highly. Great family run team and would happily solve any electrical problems for another Esprit owner. If you need them, get in touch as they have little need to have a presence online as they're mostly through recommendation and word of mouth. Well chuffed, the wiring has never looked neater - the headlights popping up and down has never been more reliable (if at all) and I know the fans now work properly ever time!
  4. Aaah bugger, indeedy I should have done!
  5. It's possible this has already been discussed but I couldn't find it. Whilst the inevitable controversy over the number plate for Clarkson's Porsche, I was more interested to see James May is driving a red Lotus Esprit...
  6. Thanks guys, if I had more time I'm sure I'd figure it out but I'm flat out with work at the moment. Technically I've sold the car but need this fixed before it can continue and I'm in a massive catch-22 where I can't find the right person to work on it! Hopefully I'll find a few minutes of the weekend to sanity check everything.
  7. I've got nothing, I haven't had a huge amount of time to diagnose the fault but there's no movement in the motors at all - although they can be manually turned. I know on the S1 they have quite different setup for the headlamps. I have taken the motors out and checked their internals, both looked almost mint. So it's in the loom somewhere between all four relays and the earth. Perhaps it's the switch, I've replaced the headlights stalk twice now, once due to it burning through and the second the indicator wire snapped! Anyway to cut a long story short, I literally don't have the time to look at it and really would like to pay someone to get it sorted for me!
  8. Hi guys, Reaching out for some help here. Every since my S2 rebuild the headlamp pods haven't worked properly and I don't get up/down/flash. I've had an electrical engineer visit twice and a local garage take a look and they can't diagnose the fault. I've finally got it booked into a specialist but they can't see the car until Thurs 9th Oct at the earliest. Is there anyone local to Reading who'd be happy to take a look, if they know what they are doing? I'm more than happy to pay for their time but this something I need to get sorted asap. I've done just about everything on the car myself (apart from paint) but I just don't have the time to pour over the wiring diagrams, and someone with better knowledge will find the fault quicker. It's probably just an earthing issue. Thanks in advance! Chris
  9. Excellent thanks chaps, mine was attached to the carbs above rather than across and under the airbox. Very strange and hadn't noticed it before but it was sticking partly open after doing 70(+) for 50 odd miles on Sunday. When the new spring arrives I'll get it attached properly!
  10. Thanks Neil, I'd really appreciate that. I'm afraid she sold over the weekend at the festival and I've got a couple of bits to do and it's pending a test drive. Other than that, it's no longer mine!
  11. Hi guys, so big drive down to the Lotus Festival yesterday and I had an issue with the throttle sticking open at roughly 50%. On closer inspection from some of the experts onsite at the festival I've not got the right part fitted. So... I've ordered a new correct spring but could anyone show me a diagram/photo of how it's supposed to be fitted to the throttle linkage. Mine wasn't fitted to the airbox as it's supposed to be, so I'm a little in the dark. Would be much appreciated
  12. Tickets arrived yesterday thanks Bibs. I'm still getting up to speed - what are the timings on Sunday for arrival (and departure)? Just thinking ahead, might have to buy some spare candles for the headlights if I'm leaving when it's dark
  13. They saw my white S2 as well, guess it was too Bond for them. Paid for it to be trailered into London and viewed in the same place as the ad!
  14. S1 S2 - Chris Southam S2 JPS S2.2 S3 NA Turbo Esprit - Robingdon Essex X180 Turbo - Mike 6 X180 NA - mdw SE High Wing S4 - Rizla603104 S4s Sport 300 GT3 - Whirlybird V8 V8-GT - esprit17 V8-SE Sport 350 - MartinL V8 Final Edition
  15. Ha, yep I emailed when I saw that. Wondered who'd be the first to notice!
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